Report: Authorities in North Carolina Will Not Charge Trump With ‘Inciting a Riot’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will not be charged with “inciting a riot,” authorities in North Carolina announced Monday.

The decision comes after the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office earlier announced that they were investigating the billionaire and his campaign for potentially inciting a disturbance during a rally in the county Wednesday, according to Reuters.

Donald Trump speaks to supporters at Youngstown Airport on Monday. (Getty Images/Angelo Merendino)
Donald Trump speaks to supporters at Youngstown Airport in Ohio Monday. (Getty Images/Angelo Merendino)

“The Sheriff’s Office legal counsel advised, and the Sheriff concurred, that the evidence does not meet the requisites of the law as established under the relevant North Carolina statute and case law to support a conviction of the crime of inciting a riot,” a county spokesman said in a statement released late Monday. “Accordingly, we will not be seeking a warrant or indictment against Mr. Trump or his campaign for these offenses.”

The investigation was announced following the arrest of John McGraw, a 78-year-old Trump supporter who was arrested last week after he was caught on video sucker-punching a protester at a Trump rally.

In the Tar Heel State, “inciting a riot” is a legal charge that can apply to a wide range of public disturbances, including those not necessarily related to a full-scale riot.

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