See the Note This Tennessee Lawmaker Left for Her Waitress That Has Turned Social Media Against Her

A Tennessee state representative has come under fire on social media for her refusal to tip a Hooters waitress last week after the representative simply wrote “sorry” on the bill’s tip line.

State Rep. Mary Littleton, a Republican, was served by waitress Amanda Anderson while dining at a Nashville Hooters restaurant March 7, according to the Nashville Scene. But after Littleton left the restaurant while paying the $36.36 price of her meal with no tip included, Anderson took to social media to post a picture of Littleton’s receipt and complain about the state representative’s treatment of her.

“State representatives are supposed to exhibit class and integrity … this one acted like a child,” Anderson said after Littleton skipped leaving a tip and wrote “sorry” instead on the bill’s tip line, according to the Nashville Scene.

When the Nashville Scene reached out to Littleton for comment, the state representative responded via email, defending her actions and claiming that she refused to tip Anderson because her service was sub-par.

“Everyone has had a bad experience with service at some point when dining out at a restaurant. It is unfortunate that my private note to the server regarding the quality of service in this instance was made public,” Littleton wrote in her email. “Due to the overall experience that evening, I decided not to provide a tip. In hindsight, rather than writing a note on the receipt, I should have asked for the manager so that I could register my concerns with the quality and promptness of service.”

Littleton also added that she, as someone who was a mother to a child who had worked as a server, understood the difficulties that severs face, adding that “as such, it is has always been especially important to me that I make sure to tip generously when I receive good service.”

Littleton was reported to have been dining alongside fellow GOP state Rep. Tilman Goins, who also abstained from leaving a tip, the Nashville Scene noted.

But many Twitter users posted their displeasure concerning Littleton’s refusal to tip Anderson.


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