Super Tuesday 3: Who Won What

Super Tuesday 3: Who Won What

Voters casts their ballots at ChiArts High School on March 15, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. Voters in Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio vote in primary elections today. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Sen. Marco Rubio dropped out of the 2016 race Tuesday night, Gov. John Kasich won his home state — and Donald Trump won everything else on Super Tuesday 3.

“While we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side,” Rubio said when suspending his campaign following a painful loss to businessman and front-runner Trump in his home state of Florida.

Trump was projected to win Missouri, Illinois and North Carolina as well as Florida.

In his speech Tuesday night, Sen. Ted Cruz said that the fight for the nomination was down to two men, himself and Trump. Cruz didn’t win any states Tuesday, but he’s coming off a victory in Texas on Super Tuesday and is the only candidate with a delegate path to defeat Trump.

Kasich won Ohio and its 66 winner-take-all delegates on Tuesday, but his current path to the nomination depends on the potential of a brokered or contested convention barring a sweep of many of the remaining states.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won all of the states up for grabs.

How Super Tuesday 3 unfolded live:

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