‘The View’ Co-Host on Caitlyn Jenner’s Support for Cruz: ‘Transgenders for Cruz Is Like Jews for Hitler’

During a segment on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday discussing Caitlyn Jenner’s conservative political views, co-host Joy Behar claimed that “transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler.”

“That’s right,” co-host Sunny Hostin agreed.

Image source: ABC
Image source: ABC

Jenner, formerly Bruce, has expressed support for Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Jenner defended this position in the face of criticism on a recent episode of the show “I Am Cait,” arguing, “Just because I’m a woman now doesn’t make me all of a sudden liberal.”

“What would make her be a Cruz fan?” Behar asked. “He’s against everything the transgender group stands for.”

Hostin said that Jenner “lived the majority of her life as a white male athlete star” and is therefore “privileged” due to “60 years of that indoctrination.”

“She was living in this white male privilege, and she still has those thoughts,” Hostin said. “She’s still living in a sense in that bubble. Now, all of a sudden, she is going to be facing discrimination. She’s part of sort of the minority, and I think it’s fascinating to watch her struggle with those issues. She is experiencing things that people of color, that women experience all the time, and it’s a social experiment.”

Behar interjected that Jenner “needs to read.”

“Excuse the fact that she’s not paying attention, that she is transgender, and she should be reading about it and understanding politics or watching and thinking,” Behar said.

Co-host Michelle Collins criticized Jenner for posting a picture with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on social media.

“Part of me feels like posting a picture with Hillary, you know, I don’t know if she really believes like if she really is open,” Collins said. “I hope she is, but I wonder if part of it is to kind of put that fire out a little bit with the community because they are very upset.”

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