UK Teen Bleeds From Eyes, Ears, Nose Up to Five Times a Day, and Doctors Have No Clue Why

UK Teen Bleeds From Eyes, Ears, Nose Up to Five Times a Day, and Doctors Have No Clue Why

Marnie-Rae Harvey (Image via Instagram/marnieraex)

Doctors are baffled by a teenage girl whose bizarre condition causes random and profuse bleeding from her face.

Marnie-Rae Harvey, 17, will bleed from her eyes, ears, tongue, scalp, nose, gums and fingernails, and doctors say there’s no clear indication as to what causes her symptoms. Photos of Harvey’s condition, an otherwise pretty and healthy-looking young woman, are similar to something one would see in a horror movie.

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Harvey, a U.K. native, told Cosmopolitan U.K. that she first started experiencing the “frightening” symptoms in 2013.

“It all started when I was getting headaches and coughing up blood in 2013,” explained. She recalled one incident that occurred in 2015, when she went to sleep one afternoon with a headache. When she awoke, she noticed that one side of her face was completely covered in blood.

Image via Twitter/@CosmopolitanUK
Image via Twitter @CosmopolitanUK

“It was frightening to see — I didn’t know what was happening,” she told Cosmo U.K. “All the doctors I have been to have never seen it before.”

And from what it sounds like, the problem has only gotten worse with time. Harvey claimed that she now bleeds from her eyes and ears up to five times per day, which has completely robbed her from living a normal life.

Doctors have run the gamut of possible diagnoses, but so far, tests have been fruitless.

“I’m clear of blood disorders, blood cancers, brain tumors and AVMs (arteriovenous malformations),” Harvey told the magazine. “My womb, uterus, ovaries, chest scans were all clear too.”

Harvey told Cosmo that nothing in particular triggers the bleeding, but she does suffer from painful migraines and nausea. And, as one may imagine, the loss of blood drains her of energy.

“I’m just sick of it,” she told Cosmo. “I wish someone knew what it was so I could get my life back to normal.”

(H/T: Cosmopolitan U.K.)