After Creep Pulls Down Her Underwear on Mexico City Street, Victim Posts Video to Help Find Culprit — and Receives the Most Vile Messages Imaginable

On International Woman’s Day, an American freelance journalist wearing a skirt was walking along a Mexico City street in broad daylight when a man ran up behind her, pulled down her underwear and ran off.

After three years of abuse from Mexican muggers — including a slashed chin, a broken nose and a scarred forehead — Andrea Noel wasn’t about to let this one go.

Andrea Noel (Image source: Facebook)
Andrea Noel (Image source: Facebook)

So after reporting the March 8 incident to police, she posted surveillance video of the attack on social media in the hopes that someone could help identify the culprit.

But what the 27-year-old got instead has left her “terrified” and in hiding.

Noel, from Los Angeles, said she’s been receiving a deluge of messages that not only blame her for the attack but also threaten to rape and kill her:

● “Don’t tempt me anymore, I dropped your skirt you filthy bitch, now I’m going to drop you six feet underground.”
● “I hope they rape you dyke.”
● “I wish they had raped you, you f***ing blonde bitch.”
● “F***ing bitch, women should be in their houses, looking after their children. If this guy did anything, it’s because you provoked it by wearing a short skirt. It’s your fault, and I hope the next time they rape you so you know your place. Bitch.”
● “Watch yourself, because we’re going to rape you for walking around with your ass out in beautiful Mexico, bitch.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Noel said the ordeal has been “absolutely terrifying, not only because thousands of people have threatened to kill me, but also because the authorities haven’t taken it seriously.”

“People began sending me pictures of them holding guns and informing me they were coming to kill me,” she added.

“The boss has given the order, and unfortunately you die today. I’m going to put you down like the bitch you are,” one Twitter user wrote; another posted a photo of machine gun-wielding gangster along with a caption: “I’M COMING FOR YOU.”

Believe it or not, a male newspaper columnist called her a “dyke feminazi” — which got him fired, the Daily Mail reported.

She added that she’s been “doxed” — i.e., her personal information, such as address, phone number and location revealed online. “I was eating breakfast in a cafe one morning when I suddenly started receiving Twitter messages showing my exact location,” Noel told the outlet.

Indeed the newest threats are men she doesn’t know loitering outside her front door and lasers pointed at her head while she’s in her living room.

Andrea Noel (Image source: Facebook)
Andrea Noel (Image source: Facebook)

“I had a laser beam pointed at my head while I was sitting in my own apartment last night, and the police have still done nothing,” Noel told the Daily Mail. “I feel completely vulnerable. I immediately checked into a hotel; I’m terrified even to be in my own house.”

Noel said she’s planning to leave Mexico, a country she said is infected by a “disgusting machismo culture.”

“Mexico presents itself to the outside world as a progressive and forward-looking country, but scratch the surface and you see how ugly it really is,” she told the outlet. “A week before this incident a man followed me home while masturbating inside his trousers. When I got home the man shouted at me that I was a bitch, and strolled off.”

Noel said at the very least her efforts have brought awareness to “a serious cultural and systematic problem in Mexico.”

“I’ve had rape victims, women in abuse relationships, sex trafficking victims all get in touch with me pleading for me to help them,” she told the Daily Mail.

“It’s not something that’s going to change,” she added, “but at least people will know.”

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