Life Hacks for Better Sleep From Founder of an American-Made Mattress Company

With the daylight savings time switch just behind us, Luke Sherwin, co-founder of the America-made mattress company Casper offered TheBlaze four life hacks on how to capture the perfect, nights sleep.

“Sleep, like exercise or organic food or meditation, its the next great lifestyle frontier,” Sherwin said. “We need to invest in it and think about it more holistically as it relates to our 77 and a half years as Americans.”

The steps, explained by Sherwin:

1.) Dim your electronics. Technology is messing with our sleep like never before. Luckily technology has a solution for that.

2.)  Make your sleep environment breathable. Our bodies are our best temperature regulators. Surround yourself in natural materials that breathe.

3. ) Don’t buy the hype. There is a lot of noise in the sleep business. Stick to the basics.

4.)  Create a silent sleep zone. Noise could be ruining your sleep and you don’t even know it.

Sherwin spoke with TheBlaze at Casper’s nap room in New York City on Thursday.

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