Prominent Rabbi Demands Clinton Repudiate ‘Anti-Israel Advisors’

Well-known Rabbi Shmuley Boteach said he approved of the pro-Israel stances of the remaining Republicans candidates, but suggested Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton must repudiate “anti-Israel advisors” Sidney and Max Blumenthal in order for him to fully trust her as a pro-Israel candidate.

“Hillary says she is good for Israel,” Boteach told TheBlaze late last week. “I believe her if she repudiates people like Sidney Blumenthal Max Blumenthal, her close Middle Eastern advisors… who …were writing to her constant negativity about Israel.”

“Max Blumenthal, whose reports she was reading, openly calls Israel a Nazi state,” he said. “That’s troubling.”

“Hillary says she is pro-Israel,” he added. “I believe her. She has to repudiate the anti-Israel advisors that surround her.”

Boteach pointed out that Clinton’s sole remaining rival for the Democrat nomination, Bernie Sanders, is Jewish, but said he has question mark when it came to his support for Israel.

“I think he seems a little ambivalent on Israel,” he said.

Boteach, an American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, author, TV host and public speaker, spoke with TheBlaze at the annual Friends of the IDF gala in New York City.

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