Counterterrorism Expert on Brussels Attacks: ‘This is In-Your-Face from ISIS’

Speaking on CNN early Tuesday morning, the network’s counterterrorism analyst, Phil Mudd characterized the Brussels bombings as having the “hallmarks” of other ISIS attacks, with one significant difference.

According to Mudd, “This is ‘in-your-face’ from ISIS.” Adding, “This is saying, ‘you followed us around for months and you still couldn’t stop us,'” he said.

Asked if the Brussels bombings were similar to the recent attacks in Paris, Mudd commented, “I think this is, in some ways, different than Paris, because ISIS and presumably their followers in Brussels are saying, ‘you can never stop us.’

Mudd continued, “It’s also a message to the community and the government of Brussels, ‘you better figure out a way to accommodate us.'”

Watch the clip.

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