Morphing Image Shows How the Oval Office Has Evolved Under Each President Since the 1930s

The presidential race is hotter and more contentious than ever, with key sociopolitical issues sparking furor and debate — but one issue that’s likely not getting much attention of late is the way in which America’s next president is likely to transform current White House decor.

Regardless of who wins the election in November, history tells us that there’s a fair chance that the Oval Office will be getting a makeover.

After all, presidents have been adding their own personal touches to their space in the West Wing for eons. Just consider a new compilation produced by Next Day Blinds that shows the ever-evolving decor in the Oval Office since the 1930s (after the room was rebuilt following a 1929 fire).

“With the presidential race heating up, we started thinking about how the next American leader would decorate his or her office,” a spokesperson for Next Day Blinds told TheBlaze. “The Obamas originally went with a very neutral color palate and only recently refreshed the space with brighter curtains.”

While much of the office has remained unchanged over the years, the company said that it created this GIF to “get people thinking about how the next president will decorate the space,” wondering whether “gaudy golds, simple beiges” or “patriotic red, white, and blues” will be used.

Check out the changing face of the Oval Office below:

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