Black ‘Stump for Trump’ Backers: Media ‘Doesn’t Want to Cover’ the Billionaire’s Black Supporters

Diamond and Silk, the now-famous black YouTube supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump who believe the GOP candidate “will fix this country,” told Blaze TV contributor Lawrence Jones that they “don’t condone violence” — but rallygoers “need to behave” at Trump events.

Silk, whose real name is Rochelle Richardson, said Thursday night on The Dana Show that the media “doesn’t want to cover” the front-runner’s black supporters, but “had to show it the other day when that black supporter got up and bust that boy, beat him down,” referring to an incident at a Trump rally last week in which a black Trump supporter and U.S. airman sucker-punched a white protester.

When pressed by Jones, who asked if they are “supporting him committing assault,” Silk said they “don’t condone violence, but said “no agitator has the right to come in and incite a riot.”

“That is wrong at the highest level and if it was happening anywhere else, everyone would be outraged by it,” Silk told Lawrence. “If you wanna speak your speech, do it in the street – not inside of his rallies.”

“We do not condone violence, but you cannot come up in there with a KKK suit on and then black people ain’t gonna act up,” she later added. “You need to behave like you’re at a rally.”

Of Trump’s support, the YouTube stars said he the billionaire businessman draws a diverse crowd.

“Donald Trump has all kinds of black supporters, Hispanic supporters, white supporters, Asian supporters — they are out there,” Silk said.

The pair went on to say they don’t believe people need to be at the billionaire’s rallies if “you can’t sit down, be quiet and pay attention.”

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