Speaker Stands Up Against Hisses and Boos to Speak His Mind at Sharpton-Led Convention: ‘Everything in America Is Not Always About Race’

Armstrong William, longtime business manager for former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, attended the National Action Network Convention Wednesday, where he participated in a panel moderated by the head of the organization, the Rev. Al Sharpton.

But the crowd was not open to hearing what Williams had to say about the 2016 election and race politics in America.

“We sit here, you hear the race speeches, because they feel that’s what you want to hear today. Everything in America is not always about race,” Williams said, immediately garnering loud boos from those in attendance.

Later in the panel, the audience hissed in disapproval as Williams criticized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (before she was scheduled to speak there), but Williams was not deterred.

“Do not allow the Clintons and the establishment to waltz in here and waive their hand and everything is OK! Let them earn your vote!” he cried, adding, “I don’t mind the hisses, ’cause you know the truth when you hear it.”

“This is a business!” he continued. “They’ll say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected!”

After Wednesday’s panel, which also included John Podesta, Omarosa, Lawrence O’Donnell, Bill de Blasio and others, Williams reasserted his previous statements on Twitter: