Voter Asks Gary Johnson About His Faith — See How the Libertarian Candidate Answers

During a CNN town hall with Gary Johnson Wednesday night, one voter asked the Libertarian presidential nominee about his faith — something the former New Mexico governor rarely addresses publicly.

“I have to admit to praying once in a while, and, yes, I do believe in God,” he said.

At that, forum moderator Chris Cuomo pressed Johnson for more details, asking the candidate what he would want people to know about him as it relates to religion and his activity in the faith community.

“I mean, is the answer it’s none of your business? Or do you go to church? Do you ascribe to a particular religious philosophy?” the CNN anchor asked.

Johnson said he was raised Christian, but is not an active churchgoer.

“If there’s one thing that I’ve taken away from Christianity,” Johnson said, “[it’s] do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

As for why he choses not to attend church, Johnson said he doesn’t “speak” to a God who adheres to any one particular faith.

“I’m one of those that just — the God that I speak to is not — doesn’t have a particular religion,” he said.

Also during the town hall, Johnson told voters he and his running mate Bill Weld, a former Massachusetts governor who once worked in Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department, would not run a negative campaign.

“I don’t think either of us are going to engage in any sort of name-calling,” Johnson said, distancing himself from criticisms levied against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “We’re going to keep this to the issues, and the issues are plenty.”

But it was the presumptive GOP nominee alone with whom the men seemed to have the biggest issue.

“Starting with immigration, starting with free trade, going on and on and on, killing the families of Muslim terrorists,” Johnson remarked. “Really, it’s what’s coming out of his mouth that I really have issues with.”

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