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  • April 7, 2014 at 6:19pm

    We need to install a few “Rev Limiters” on him and his ilk.

  • April 7, 2014 at 6:11pm

    “Whack an Al” being reported real soon.

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  • April 7, 2014 at 6:08pm

    But the Enquirer said he was an alien dung beetle….look…its right on the front page!

  • April 4, 2014 at 4:36pm

    I whacked a NCDOT barrel the other day on I-40. Truck went by it and sucked it out in front of me. THUMP! At least it went right not up. Lucky no airbags deployed.

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  • April 4, 2014 at 4:21pm

    Muy bonita senoritas!

  • April 4, 2014 at 4:20pm

    Homeland Security Interdiction???

  • April 4, 2014 at 4:17pm

    Seal the border…..
    oh yea its a tunnel….

    “Build a fence…..”
    ummm, its a tunnel..

    “Build nothing within 500 feet of the border….”
    That might help…

    Seismic sensors???

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  • April 1, 2014 at 7:59pm



  • April 1, 2014 at 7:50pm

    Oh wait…in Commie Core its 567 as long as he shows his work and feels good about the answer.
    or if 666 is the mark of Satan then .001501502 is the mark of God….

    Pardon my geekness…

  • April 1, 2014 at 7:42pm


  • April 1, 2014 at 7:40pm

    Hoplophobia in the city’s statutes.

  • April 1, 2014 at 7:36pm

    A group of 3,,,sounds all to familiar….
    We are at the crisis tipping point.
    Pray hard and prepare…

  • April 1, 2014 at 7:29pm

    Hit him with their car….
    Hit his car or hit him?
    Hit his car, exchange info, be done with it.
    Hit him? Call the cops.
    Tempers probably flaired, words exchanged, fingers extended.
    But he went back to his car and was shot…
    for words and maybe a digital expression…
    Fine upstanding law abiding citizens…

    THUG Tribunal, Summary Execution…
    Color, Race doesn’t matter.

    Very surprised SEAL wasn’t carrying…but if it says on the door you can’t, you can’t.

  • March 28, 2014 at 11:52pm

    My Dad just went from a 89 year old with no major issues to gone in 90 days.
    He always said “just another day above the dirt!”
    Live long and prosper friend!
    Your words have frequently made me laugh.
    You conscience is now immortal!

  • March 28, 2014 at 11:30pm

    Has anyone heard the spoutings of the idiot William Barber in NC?
    Says hes a “reverend”..
    He and his group NC NAACP are the most racist people I have ever seen!
    He’s practicing to replace ol’ Sharpton..
    And then there is Sharpton…..
    Tawana Brawley anyone?????

  • March 10, 2014 at 7:38am

    Beautiful and moving.
    I stood on a beach on Gulf Coast of Florida and watched a horrible storm roll in. The air and the visuals made me feel alive in a way I never felt before.

    The power of God !

  • February 15, 2014 at 6:47pm

    There is hope!

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  • February 8, 2014 at 7:11pm

    Launch 3 “ORCA’s”….
    Drone sub with prop fouler made of Kevlar.
    About the size of a SeaDoo 4 seater.
    Steerable ascent module that releases the foulers. Made to stop a battleship.
    Deploys at 1000 feet down.

    Then “RESCUE” them.

  • February 8, 2014 at 7:02pm

    Hypersonic impact projectile launched from geosynchronous orbit.
    17,770 mph on impact.
    Tungsten Carbide impact surface.
    No explosives.
    272 lbs.
    7 meter impact accuracy.

    Total annihilation…Think about a steerable comet….

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  • February 6, 2014 at 9:14pm

    Waiting for punk thugs lawyers to sue him for “injuries on these fine young men” and the moms saying “My babies are good boys!!”

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