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  • September 9, 2014 at 11:40am


    My computer is in the shop and the reason for no response, using one elsewhere to post this. Boy, do you got a bunch of figuring wrong. I might take a moment, and I might not waste my time … I see you have a fan …!
    Peace …

  • [-1] August 30, 2014 at 2:54am

    Concerning you seed comment …it shows part of your problem here.
    I am on a mission to find truth you got some great …
    I was talking before the Lord one day, and I said that truth was my God. I thought to myself that that statement might be blasphemous. As soon as I thought this the Lord brought to my mind the scripture … “I am the way and the truth” … basically oking my thinking … I hope I do not cast my pearls before swine …?
    I am compromised in everyway
    I will at least have that
    I will die sola scriptura
    and yes you are correct in your statement of weeds, it is because of me and others that believe as I do that problems arise, THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME WRONG.
    I do believe I have overstayed my visit and I am done here. I do wish we could speak face to face I am much better in person at explaining.
    Peace …

  • [-1] August 30, 2014 at 2:41am

    Jesus is the “chief cornerstone”
    He is “the head of the body”
    the rest of the foundation is built off of the cornerstone
    all above is from scripture …
    I have been in construction for 30 years, Own my own business
    I know the truth of these words PERSONALLY
    Ever do a floor …?
    Let’s use a floor as an example
    the first tile the “cornerstone” must be square if it is off the floor will be out of square. If the first tile is 1/8 out of square in a room 20′ by 20′; how far off square will it be at 20 feet ??? Please figure … you would rightfully want your money back!
    Matthew 16 is the revealing of TRUTH from the Father and that truth is who Jesus is, Jesus IS the WORD (bible). Jesus said I am the way the TRUTH and
    the life …
    You CAN NOT lay down a square floor if the first tile is out of square/IMPERFECT … Peter is NOT perfect NO man its perfect.
    So, Peter by the truth of scripture CAN NOT be what the church is built on.
    SCRIPTURE SAYS OTHERWISE! Simple math simple truth …!
    The catholic church …
    Kept the truth of scripture from the common man
    the church leaders lorded over the people. This is what the Pharisees did and to whom Jesus NEVER spoke kindly.
    they murdered people in the thousands/millions and this is from the Popes.
    Present day … the scandals of rampant homosexuality in church leadership ( does the Pope appoint these ?) This is known to the non-believing world and gives God a bad name, and this is the ROCK !

  • [-1] August 30, 2014 at 2:09am

    IN 1976 John Robinson a widely recognized first class LIBERAL NT scholar published “Redating the NT” set out in a joking manner but came to the conclusion that the books of the NT were written by 70 AD. His reasoning was that there is NO mention in ANY of them concerning the fall of Jerusalem.

    New Testament
    Irenaeus of Lyons who sat under Polycarp who sat under the Apostle John
    stated in AD 180: ” The church having received this preaching and this faith although scattered throughout the whole world, yet, as if occupying but one house carefully preserves it” …” not teaching doctrines other then these” … I could continue but you should get the point.
    He quotes in his writings most of the NT. He did not quote some, that does not mean that they were not part of what he followed.
    He also wrote the 5 volume book “Against Heresies”
    AD 150 Muratorian Canon – 24 of 27
    AD 180 Irenaus of Lyons – 23 of 27
    AD 240 Origen of Alexandria – 27
    AD 325 Eusebius of Caesarea – 22+5
    AD 367 Athanasius of Alexandria – 27 (This is the first list identical to our present day bible) Please recall his words above. The scriptures were all there prior … this is just the first recorded entire list.
    IT was NOT a list compiled by a church council in Carthage in AD397
    (2Timothy 3:16)
    “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take
    refuge in him. Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and
    prove you a liar.”
    Proverbs 30:5-6

  • [-1] August 30, 2014 at 1:18am

    Really Snooop1e ?

    I am fully aware that the WORD trinity is not found in the bible.
    Yes, I make mistakes, and I have no problem admitting when I am wrong… the bible says to walk humbly before Him , so I try to do that.
    Do you ever misunderstand another …? Then in all respect don’t talk so stupid or arrogantly. They usually go hand in hand. I have already explained how I feel about the present day bible ~~~ do you read the bible the way you read my posts …?
    I believe that the bible is
    a collection of books that are
    * fixed in there number
    * divine in there origin
    * universal in their authority
    What EXACTLY do you believe … answer me that!
    New Testament … of course the OT does not mention them they were not written until about 450 years later.
    Know this one … “ALL SCRIPTURE IS GOD BREATHED, and is useful for teaching ….

    Athanasius … followed the books of the NT in the 4th century … the same as today
    He stated: “These are the fountains of salvation that whoever thirsts, may be satisfied by the eloquence which is in them. In them alone is set fourth the doctrine of piety. Let no one add to them nor take anything from them.”
    The Apocrypha:
    * Never used by the Jews as scripture.
    * Never used by Josephus as scripture.
    * Never used by Jesus and the apostles.
    Scripture as a revelation from God through the speaking of the prophets ended around 450 BC with the close of Malachi.
    This was the Canon of Jesus …

  • [-1] August 29, 2014 at 12:18pm

    Scripture explains scripture … I don’t mean to be rude, but what you said was nonsense. John1 …” In the beginning was the Word” …the bible are the words of God. Of course Jesus had to explain them and we have those teaching in the BIBLE. The church is supposed to adhere to the WORD !!! GEE …

  • [-1] August 29, 2014 at 12:05pm


    You have lost me … you said you are Catholic … but you say the Catholic church “invented” the Trinity … you oppose the Trinity … What am I missing ???
    The Catholic church DID NOT add the NT … where do you get that from?
    Just because I do not mention your name does not mean that you don’t exist !
    Answer my question about who the “US” is in Genesis. ___________________ . Scripture is full of the three persons of the Godhead.

    What is your point of 2 Corinthians3:6 …? I’m missing that to

    Sola scriptura … you could not be more wrong …I do not come to that conclusion based on MY wisdom … it is the wisdom of the Spirit … the Spirit is my councilor.
    NEVER do I want to function in my own spirit.
    another favorite verse … “deep calls to deep”…
    Never does that wisdom contradict scripture if it does … then it is mine! So, do not thank me for something I did not give you.
    Division in the church is because we do NOT do sola scriptura. If we did that and allowed scripture to interpret scripture we would be unified/ “one body” and a power to be reckoned with … this is why, at present the church is weak!!!

    Were the 12 disciples the catholic church …? NO
    The writings we now have were known prior to another group God used to assemble them into the “bible” putting them in one “book.” They were just another group of men God used … nothing more. AGAIN YOU ADD

  • [-1] August 29, 2014 at 7:17am

    Concerning Mary … I did not mean that she was not “highly favored” … it is kind of obvious that she was chosen for a special task. Maybe I should have made that clearer.

    And again the scripture … I KNOW THEM ALL (you speak at me)…. and I believe I have already responded to that … did I not?

    I am aware of the “paradoxes” in scripture and my WHOLE point has been BOTH. Playing see-saw with an elephant is no fun.
    The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is clear in scripture … and I am not going to argue with you.
    “get wisdom for it (she) is supreme.”
    Sorry we could not agree … I do not follow a “church” or Peter. I try to be a follower of Christ and Christ gave me/us His Word as the manual and guide and the cornerstone is Christ.
    God gives everybody in the “FAMILY” a key to the house …KINGDOM !
    Peace …

  • [-1] August 29, 2014 at 6:50am

    Yo Snooop1e:

    What did you do … sell the kids and write a book …?

    Respond as I can and time to move on …
    Genesis … did not say it was a matter of salvation. The manner in which she stated her change of mind was concerniong. She believed the teachings of men that contradict the teachings of scripture.
    The verses in Peter speak to God being outside of time NOT CREATION.
    The verses in Genesis ARE as they are written.
    Jesus says; “let the children come to me.” Genesis is written for a child to understand.
    Jesus is creating the measurement of time in Genesis … seconds, minutes, hours, DAYS in which His creation will live. A study of the word for day ( yom) clearly points to it being a 24 hour period of time.
    Also, satan attacks the TRUTH of ALL of scripture in Genesis, Causing some to lose their salvation … it divides the church. It shows a lack of faith. I could post a ton of scripture that would indicate that this issue is VERY important. And there is MUCH science to back scriptures 7 days!
    I don’t know about no floating theory thing … and I could care less about it. I do scripture and IT tells me … seemsto me that it is you who is doing this … because after all … Genesis is not a matter of salvation is it ?

    I read the entirety of your posts and you are only repeating yourself and have “heard” NOTHING I have said to you. I have used the whole council of God and because you do not, we do not and will never agree!

  • August 26, 2014 at 9:36pm

    I was just watching one of the conversion videos … the girl in the non-denominational. I was bothered a bit ( actually a bunch) by her questioning of Genesis and the election of God … how does this lead to truth and the whole council of God …?
    I did not watch the entire video … though I will
    And … I am not a Calvinist

  • August 26, 2014 at 9:07pm

    I did not wish to get in to a discussion of the church and I judge no one’s soul.
    I still struggle with anger. In fact I was just angered by some brothers. One has apologized (he is a Pastor and a friend) the others should apologize, don’t know if they will. I am certainly not perfect and I don’t want to seem arrogant here, nor am I going to go into details. But, I still get angry on occasion … am I disqualified because I still struggle with sin …? Oh, and by the way a saved person is not a sinner … they are a SAINT that sins…!
    I do not choose verses that suit me .. I despise that way of thinking or lack of it.
    JGrahamIII mentioned that this format makes it difficult to have this type of discussion, and I certainly agree.
    I have enjoyed the conversation and plan on checking out some of the links you provided and a review of some of the questions above and would encourage you to continue to seek the truth in considering the whole council OF GOD.
    I do NOT follow my Pastor I search for the truth on his words.
    Peace to you and the little ones …

  • [-1] August 26, 2014 at 8:43pm


    Isaiah 22:22 is about Jesus
    I have laid out verses here before and I believe you may have been part of that discussion, concerning the “rock” and I believe that the scriptures clearly point to Christ. Christ is the “head” of the church … not Peter or the Pope … sorry I do not follow “a church” nor am I looking for the perfect one. I repeat, the history of the catholic church is in some ways worse then awful. They murdered people in the thousands if not the millions, and you talk of the verses you do, then it applies to church leadership also … in fact more so as scripture tells us. I don’t want to speak against the church you belong to … but I find almost a gang mentality in some of it.
    Matthew 16:19 … is the revealing, the revelation of truth … and that truth is that Jesus is the Christ … that church was 11 of the 12 disciples and continues on till this day and until His return, neither do I doubt this.
    Colossians 1:18 … He is the head of the body, the church …
    As far as Peter being sifted … this is an interesting verse and I must confess even though I have often wondered about a number of things in it I have never worked it through … I think the Lord would have me do this now.
    You seem to be repeating some of what I have said back to me … one of my favorite verses is the one considering the whole council of God and I believe that my words are indicative of doing this … so on much we agree.

  • [-1] August 26, 2014 at 6:13am

    Yo Snooop1e:

    You seem to have not considered ALL that I said. I am not having a problem with God’s Word or the blunt truth of it, and that it is meant to convict.
    A salad it not just lettuce, and I gave you scripture that I believe backs my point.
    Concerning your questions …sorry, not quite sure what position you are taking. I will consider them further though, and attempt to reply to you … so check back if you wish … I’m glad you did this time.
    Concerning the trinity… not sure why you went there and I have no intentions of getting into that here at this time.
    I will say … In Genesis … where it says “let us” … who is us/ the other …?
    peace …

  • [63] August 25, 2014 at 3:11pm

    Have I missed something …
    The death of this young man is sad,
    but was he not the cause of his own death.
    Sharpton’s message was cunning …

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  • [-1] August 24, 2014 at 9:23am

    A done deal:

    Job tells us to “look to the animals for they will teach you.”
    Does a mother Grizzly allow her cubs to just walk away…? … NO
    Is any man with only his “bear” hands able to snatch them away …? good luck if you want to try.
    How much greater is the Lord !!!
    He IS FAITHFUL !!! … when we are not :(

    *Unbalanced … As I said, I would come back to this .
    Your verses did not speak of the grace, mercy and love of Christ
    1 Corinthians 13:8 … LOVE NEVER FAILS
    We are “God’s workmanship” as stated in Ephesians 2:8-10
    God’s love does not fail to accomplish what He has chosen/started … IT IS NOT POSSIBLE !!!
    The cinderblock verses are fine …don’t forget the pillows …
    *Adam & Eve … I do not disagree with the disobedience of them. However, there is more to it then that. Besides it was only ONE act of disobedience … have you had one act of disobedience since you became saved …? If so, you be outta here.
    *Believing … does not equate to following, following does not equate to perfection … it is repenting and changing direction, not walking past and saying hello.
    *In conclusion* … I whole heartedly agree that it is extremely important and necessary for salvation that Jesus is LORD and SAVIOUR. If He is not Lord, He is not savior. Can He be savior and not Lord. I do not think so. The Lord part is what makes a follower and not a hello person.
    *Final* … Grace does not make it OK to sin , grace is what God gives to stop it.
    Blessings & peace …

  • [-1] August 24, 2014 at 8:30am

    * Bible cont.
    Ephesians 2:8-10
    For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this not of yourselves, for it is the GIFT of God — NOT BY WORKS, so that any man can BOAST. For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus TO DO GOOD WORKS, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

    The Ten Commandments were there to show us that we CANNOT gain entrance into The Kingdom by KEEPING the Law. AND THIS IS THE WHOLE REASON FOR THE CROSS.
    We are to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling” and there should and MUST be fruit/ evidence — obedience/works of that salvation.
    One tree might have ONE apple … that is enough to save that tree from the fire. Another trees branches may bend from the fruit.
    WE ARE NOT SAVED BY OBEDIENCE we are saved because of God’s mercy and grace.
    *Fruit … a person that sins and is remorseful, confesses that sin, hates that sin is showing signs of “working things out.”
    One who claims salvation but does not have ANY of these signs is lying to themselves 1John 3
    *A done deal … Jesus said that He LOST NO ONE who the Father gave to Him except Judas who was of the devil (never was a true disciple).
    If God chooses you … He does not change His mind, He will discipline, not disown.
    John 10:28 ” I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, NO ONE CAN SNATCH THEM OUT OF MY HAND.”
    I believe in Hebrews it expands on this issue.


  • [-1] August 24, 2014 at 7:47am

    Bible alone … it does in one way say that in that it says to NOT ADD or SUBTRACT from it. One could say that I take that out of context … I can say they do. So ok, I have NEVER heard of ANYONE writing a biography and saying, ” go ahead and add or take from this as you see fit. If God can create billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each I trust that He can write a book and say,” this is done.” Not only that but scripture tells us not to give the devil a foothold, and I’ll assume you understand why. So, where does the adding and subtracting end and who says yes or no to it. I have a fair understanding of how the scriptures we have today where comprised, and as stated, if scripture says all scripture is God breathed I trust that HE oversaw that entire process. I will go outside of scripture to get more knowledge and thus increase my understanding, but not to say that God left something out.
    Scripture explains scripture … scripture confirms scripture!
    *Once saved always saved … Suggestion ~~~ read Romans 9 it is pretty clear that it is up to the LORD
    Verse 16 … It does not, therefore, depend on man’s DESIRE or EFFORT, but on God’s mercy.
    Many say we are saved BY faith … speaking of incorrect teaching this is an example of that. We are saved BY GRACE …through faith. Grace is what God does, not men. The faith is not even ours for God give us the faith to accept His grace !!!


  • [-1] August 24, 2014 at 7:10am

    Hey Snooop1e:

    My apologies for misspelling your name, just noticed that.
    I am not going to attempt to address all of what you posted but I do have a few things, and will attempt to keep that simple.
    In the posts above that went to another thread you had quite a number of verses. As I stated, I am familiar with them and in no way go against what they say. However, in reading some and skimming the rest I was left feeling pulverized to dust. They are hard, heavy and sharp. There is no roundness or softness. They leave one off balance. We must “consider the whole council of God. I will come back to that.
    What is an evangelical to you …?
    I am not quite sure how you believe the Catholic church is the true church based on the awful history of it.
    *Keys to the Kingdom … Jesus is the “gate by which the sheep enter.” ANY saved person has the “keys” = the spirit = saved by the blood of Jesus, otherwise one CANNOT open the gate.
    Mary … is nobody special above others … she was CHOOSEN for a special and specific task … that is all. We worship The Lord and only Him … scripture is clear on this.
    *The Bible alone … We are told to get wisdom, knowledge and understanding., and to be discerning. You have done much in your searching and this is admirable, and I appreciate the posts. I realize that the bible does not say the bible alone … wisdom tells me the bible alone. God says to Job, ” who are you to council me?”


  • August 22, 2014 at 9:18am

    Thank you Snoopie:

    For your reply I do appreciate that. Your computer might be playing hide and seek again because I did not see the continued post.
    I would like to respond to you, however I do not have time at present. So check back
    peace …

  • [3] August 21, 2014 at 7:27am

    Really JRooK:

    Looks to me like this officer was tried and convicted already … the crowd of lawless weasels says so … and what about the interview of the one girl on TV that said he had his hands up and wasn’t doing ANYTHING… ALL seem to be bs … at this point.
    IF we are going to wait for the evidence … then what do we have going on in Furgeson …?

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