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  • [2] May 24, 2016 at 3:54pm

    BS. Personal wealth is what makes people stand up and see the bigger picture of government corruption. Only when one has something worth protecting (personal wealth, health, constitutional rights, etc.), does one pay attention to the ramifications of an out of control government.
    In a poorer and less free country (yes those two go hand-in-hand), the majority of people would have no idea that there was an agency overseeing taxation, let alone care about what they are up to. They would be more inclined to care about where their next meal was coming from… that would be cause for a civil war. See: Venezuela.

  • [4] May 24, 2016 at 3:26pm

    Here’s my question: If these original 422 back-up tapes were “destroyed”, are they a part of the 744 back-up tapes found by the IG at the IRS facility? If not, how many IRS facilities are there that back-up the entirety of IRS emails, intra-office memos, messages, etc.? There must be more redundant back-ups done throughout the entirety of the IRS that are located throughout the US. When the commission realized who these emails were going to and coming from, did they order subpoenas for the emails of other IRS offices throughout the country? Just because Lerner’s hard drive was “destroyed”, doesn’t mean that any and all emails received from her, or replied to, were destroyed by any IRS official inside or outside of her office. Every hard drive is backed up. Everyone inside or outside of Learner’s office have backed up emails, messages, memos, etc… It seems to me that this committee hasn’t gone far enough.
    First, I’d love to see a lawsuit filed against the IRS for all monies spent in the fake pursuit for the truth… $18 million plus.
    Second, I want to know, in the age of computers, why there is only one IRS facility charged with the back-up of info for the most powerful arm of the government.
    Third, to believe that my last statement is true, is stupidity. Who in their right mind would ever believe that there aren’t redundant servers throughout the US? Nothing digital is ever gone. Period.

  • [1] May 18, 2016 at 9:23am

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  • [2] May 15, 2016 at 8:20pm

    I doubt it.

  • [78] May 15, 2016 at 8:17pm

    I’m going to take a stab in the dark here, and say that the people complaining weren’t your everyday American viewers. Yes, I’m a woman. Yes, I’m a conservative, Christian woman. No, it doesn’t send me into a frenzy when a woman wears a dress in public. Does it bother a certain demographic. Yes, it does. Can you guess what that demographic maybe? I’ll bet you can…

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  • [30] May 13, 2016 at 12:40am

    This is the skinny, no one but the Congress can deny federal fumding…period. There is no right given to the executive branch. Hence, 30-40 states will tell Obutthole to go eff himself, and walk away before the shiznit gets real. Period…

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  • [25] May 9, 2016 at 10:25pm

    Then you’ve never actually heard Trump speak.

  • [14] May 9, 2016 at 10:24pm

    Ms. Loesch could drop kick a linebacker through the goalposts, while smiling sweetly and kissing a baby. She’s THAT bad@$$. No sugar coating. I love her radio show!

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  • [8] May 8, 2016 at 5:04pm

    So true. I can’t remember the last time I coaxed my brother to run off a cliff and then handed him an anvil.

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  • [2] May 5, 2016 at 5:49pm

    It certainly feels like earthquake weather to me.

  • May 3, 2016 at 11:00pm

    So, I just saw a video of a woman slapping, numerous times, a man on a bus. Then, more women joining in… Not once did I see genitals. Not once did I see, or read, anything that indicated that this guy was being indecent. I went to YouTube to see if there was a video that indicated otherwise, but no…nothing. Unless I’m given proof to the contrary, this is a nonincident. Sad part…this is anything but a slow news day.

  • [15] May 2, 2016 at 12:20pm

    …and you’re a scuzzy little troll, so you can imagine how much your opinion means to anyone other than yourself.

  • [1] April 29, 2016 at 8:28am

    The laws have prevented, until now, teenage boys from showering and changing in the girls locker rooms.

    So, what happens when you put unclothed, hormone driven teenagers in the shower together with no supervision? By the way, the laws on allowing adult teachers in the showers to supervise have not changed.

    Here’s the thing, I actually do live in reality. I understand that there are nearly the same number of “registered” sex offenders in the US as there are transgendered people. I also understand that the 9 out of 10 rapes and sexual assaults are perpetrated by assailants who are NOT “registered” as sex offenders. 90+% of rapes and sexual assaults are not reported for fear of the stigma associated with going public, so the facts are skewed on the number of rapes and assaults, each year, putting them much higher.

    I wouldn’t invite a stranger into my home to share a shower or bathroom with myslef or my child, why would I allow that to happen in public? Opening showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms to the opposite gender will open the door to perverts (who are not transgendered), who would have stayed at home and watched child porn (which is disgustingly rampant in today’s society) into real life situations. It invites teens at school to be put into sexual and intimate situations with each other.

    So yes, I live in reality. This has never been about transgendered people. It’s about common sense.

  • [2] April 25, 2016 at 8:34pm

    By the way, it’s God, not god. If you were a true “nonoffending lover of everyone”, and saw both, believers and nonbelievers, in the same nonbigoted way, you wouldn’t go out of your way to offend one group over another. Hypocritical much?

  • [6] April 25, 2016 at 3:44pm

    So, if you go to church and talk to your neighbors about your sexual behavior or preferences, raise your hand.


    Why would the pastor of a church find it in anyway appropriate to discuss their sexual behavior in front of an entire congregation during a sermon?

    Imagine being at church. Joe Schmoe walks to the podium. Then Joe tells your family that he likes to have sex with women, “Hey, All. I just wanted to let you know that I prefer sex with women. OK, thanks. Just thought you and your families needed that piece of information. Now, go on and praise God like this weirdness didn’t just happen”.

    What is wrong with people, seriously?!

  • [2] April 20, 2016 at 5:06pm

    I live in the middle of a county park (not a national park), so the Rangers here could care less how close you get to the wildlife. Every morning, I have to run deer from my yard (they’ve eaten 199 of my 200 tulips…yes, I only had one flower this year, but it was beautiful. Besides, they kill all of the saplings in the area.), last week a rafter of wild turkeys tried to intimidate my Belgian Malinois, (oddly enough…they lost), and we (my kids and I) were run down the road by a gaggle of geese and bevy of swans (at the same time). I love my back to nature suburb, but sometimes I feel like I have to fight nature, in order to enjoy it.

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  • [1] April 20, 2016 at 4:46pm

    Hey, whatever… Bison are not domesticated animals, so if, or when, she’s mauled, no one will give a flying rat’s patootty (I’ve always wanted to use the word patootty in a sentence). Just like that crazy bear guy who thought that he was one with the bears, and they just let him live near them as preserved meat, until they ate him. Bison will maul you when they have young near, until then, they will pretend you don’t exist…as long as you don’t bother them. Dumb@$$.

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  • April 19, 2016 at 10:09pm

    Dang! That is obvious.

  • [1] April 17, 2016 at 7:52am

    Well, it’s a bit late for that, isn’t it. She didn’t stay out of the cage. If a farm dog, a domesticated animal, gets the taste for cows blood, by their own fault or not, you shoot that dog, because they will forever have a bloodlust, and any cow is no longer safe.

    Same goes for a wild animal. No person in the zoo, or even in its natural habitat is safe anymore.

  • [3] April 17, 2016 at 7:37am

    Tigers are oversized house cats. People tend to mix up the words “tame” and “domesticated”. Cats can act tame, but they are not domesticated, like dogs. All felines are still very much wild animals.

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