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  • [3] August 28, 2014 at 5:31pm

    WHY in the world would ANYONE want to listen to ANYTHING that Barack Obama says anymore?

    We KNOW that all we’re going to hear is a litany of lies, so why bother?

    The only POSSIBLE reason I can think of for ANYONE to watch one of his addresses is that they just might catch him on that one historic occasion where he’s been chooming a little too heartily just before stepping up to the podium and his remarks finally manifest the evidence of his chooming – and force his embarrassed handlers to actually have to rush up to the podium and whisk him away before he TOTALLY goes off the deep end right on camera.

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  • [1] August 28, 2014 at 5:24pm

    Given how wussified your typical liberal male is these days, don’t be surprised if HE changes HIS last name and is known henceforth as Sam Kass-Wagner.

  • [2] August 28, 2014 at 5:18pm

    Judging by BSLSD’s ratings, I’m betting that Alex Wagner will have more people at her WEDDING than she does in her VIEWING AUDIENCE!

    Then again, all she’d need is about eight people at her wedding to accomplish THAT feat!

    By the way, WHY are these two liberals getting MARRIED, anyway? Whey don’t they simply stick with what’s now become sacrosanct liberal practice and just shack up together without ever tying the knot?

  • August 28, 2014 at 5:10pm

    I TOTALLY agree with you that if Obama tries to remain in the White House beyond 1/20/2017 and thinks that he’s going to be able to get the military to support him in such an effort, he is REALLY chooming big-time!

    I think that the icy reception he got earlier this week when he addressed the American Legion’s annual convention gave him a pretty good idea, if he didn’t have one ALREADY, where he stands with our military. I have oft-posted on this site that I think that with the Taliban-Bergdahl exchange, Obama burned his last bridges with our military.

    And I also totally agree with you – as my 1:23pm post evidences – that ANY thought of U.N. troops coming here to try to establish and/or ensconce Obama in lieu of our military as a dictator is a non-starter.

    Of course, many people who post here and on other conservative websites will tell you that the bully boys Obama would turn to for such an effort is the civilian federal workforce, and they cite the enormous amount of ordnance that workforce, such as DHS, has acquired under Obama.

    But my oft-stated contention on this site is that the vast majority of the civilian federal workforce, if Obama tried to mobilize them to such activity, would prove to be just as much pantywaists as U.N. forces have shown THEMSELVES to be when the fat is in the fire. When scores of armed citizens came out to Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada this year, did the bravehearts of the federal government engage them? HELL NO!

  • [2] August 28, 2014 at 4:12pm

    @ THE-MONK

    You stated to me: “I thought the rest of the World wanted America to be smacked down. Since 0bama was able to do that he might get their vote”.

    I think a lot of the world that USED to think that a weakened America would be a good thing is discovering the hard way now that this ISN’T the godsend for the world that they had THOUGHT it would be.

    It looks like EUROPE is waking up to the painful reality of what a weakened America has brought: Putin is now running wild all throughout eastern Europe.

    And in the Middle East, ISIS has risen – and could soon do very bad things all around the world that even Al Qaeda only DREAMED of doing.

  • August 28, 2014 at 3:41pm

    If U.N. forces were actually fool enough to come to America at Obama’s behest to do to the people of this country what our own military and civilian law-enforcement WOULDN’T, we likely wouldn’t get much of a chance for such target practice.

    Because as I’ve oft-stated on this site about this, once the blue helmets got their first taste of the kind of reception they’d be getting as soon as they ventured outside our liberal-dominated big-city enclaves, I think that within very short order, they’d simply refuse to venture outside those enclaves (where the inhabitants except for the thugs and gangbangers are pretty well unarmed), where to pass their time, they’d engage in the proud tradition that U.N. peacekeepers have demonstrated in so many places around the world where they’ve been sent and start RAPING THE LOCAL WOMEN!

    Although even in our liberal-dominated big-city enclaves, there would STILL be many places they’d refuse to go. Think that when they got their first taste of the kind of reception they’d get if they tried to disarm the gang-banging denizens of, say, Compton or south Chicago or Oakland, they’d bravely still try to go forth with such an endeavor? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

  • [2] August 28, 2014 at 2:33pm

    @ lock_n_load

    10-4, GOOD BUDDY!

    A LOT of us are like that: I’M not claiming to be the quickest or most combat-ready guy out there EITHER, but once my country is invaded by a hostile invader , I TOO won’t take well to such a development.

    During the Civil War, the vast majority of the Confederate soldiers were not slave-owners themselves. But as one captured rebel who was not a slave-owner and probably didn’t even know what was in the Confederate constitution told his Union captors when they asked him what HE was fighting for: “I’m fighting because you’re down here.”

  • [3] August 28, 2014 at 2:27pm


    You posted:

    “I would think Obama see’s himself as president of UN.
    I think he is totally bored with the job of US president.”

    I have long argued on this site that Secretary-General of the U.N. is the PERFECT job for Obama.

    It’s a job that pays well (and in which you can supplement your OFFICIAL income with plenty of graft, as Kofi Annan did), requires no real work, and in which all you do is go around the world making speeches.

    Which means that the job PERFECTLY fits Obama’s skill set and dovetails quite nicely with his interests and work ethic.

    But of course, because of the issues I’ve laid out in prior posts that Obama has with the rules of the U.N.’s charter, he will all but certainly never become Secretary-General.

    I totally agree with you that Obama is totally bored in his current job. I think even HE realizes now that this is a job that he is WAY over his head in and that he has simply thrown in the towel on and just completely mentally checked out of.

    And this, I believe, is going to be a REAL problem for his party in the next two years (it could cost them dearly in just a couple of months): the more the problems of the country metastasize, the more that any Democrat candidates aspiring to succeed Obama in the White House are not going to have to merely DISTANCE themselves from him but outright REPUDIATE him. And Obama has shown with the dust-up over Hillary’s criticism of his Syrian policy that he’ll fight that.

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  • [2] August 28, 2014 at 2:17pm

    @ The-Monk

    A LOT of us here would HEARTILY support not only the U.S. no longer being a member of the U.N. Security Council but being no longer a member of the United Nations ALTOGETHER!

    But even if Hillary (assuming she was PRESIDENT Hillary) COULD get us kicked off the Security Council to pave the way for Obama’s ascension to Secretary-General, there’s still the OTHER hurdle I laid out that Obama would have to clear under the U.N.’s own rules: Obama as a Sec-Gen candidate could not get a no vote on his nomination from any OTHER permanent Security Council member. I’d like to see how she proposes to be able to stop RUSSIA from voting “nyet” on such a nomination.

    And even if Obama could miraculously clear THAT hurdle as well, since I believe that the General Assembly votes on a Sec-Gen, if Obama’s name were put to a vote in the General Assembly, I frankly doubt he’d get a majority in favor, because as I stated in a prior post, Obama has utterly ALIENATED the rest of the world by now. He has by now COMPLETELY squandered all the goodwill he had all around the rest of the world when he first entered the Oval Office.

  • [4] August 28, 2014 at 2:02pm

    For Obama to be able to become Secretary-General of the U.N., the U.N. would have to change its charter.

    The U.N. charter forbids a Sec-Gen from being a citizen of a permanent member of the Security Council. The U.N. would either have to change its charter, or else Obama would either have to renounce his U.S. citizenship (and if he did so, he can kiss his Secret Service protection bye-bye), or prove that he was NEVER a U.S. citizen in the FIRST place, which would become a NIGHTMARE for the Democrat Party if he DID.

    Also, I believe that under U.N. rules, no Sec-Gen candidate can receive a no vote from any permanent member of the Security Council. Given how much Obama has utterly alienated our European allies, do you really think Britain and France are going to vote to confirm him to that post? And RUSSIA is also a permanent member of the Security Council: yeah, I’m sure Obama can count on PUTIN’S vote for the job.

    Besides, where do YOU see ANY remaining affection for Obama ANYWHERE in the world anymore (outside America’s left-stream media, that is)? He’s absolutely DESPISED by now even by the ISLAMIC world. There is NO sentiment left ANYWHERE in the world anymore to make him Ruler of the World.

    I doubt any OTHER serious international body, like the IMF or WHO, would want a complete screw-up like Obama in charge of it.

  • [1] August 28, 2014 at 1:55pm

    If U.N. troops ever hit our shores to try to help establish and/or ensconce an Obama dictatorship, oh, we armed patriots will take them DEADLY seriously, all right: you can DEPEND on THAT.

    But WHEN have U.N. forces EVER shown the kind of mettle they would need in such an undertaking?

    All I’m saying is that the thought of U.N. pantywaists being able to successfully subjugate a country with as many gun owners as America to help make a Caesar out of a hated and bungling president just doesn’t pass my laugh test.

    There have probably never been in history those who were more gallant combatants than the American Indian – and yet for all their bravery, even THEY were ultimately unable to resist the U.S. Army that was sent against them.

    Well, U.N. forces won’t be making ANYONE recall the fighting spirit of the American Indian.

    Someone once posted on another Internet site a few years ago that if the U.N. TRIED to send peacekeepers from First World countries to America on such a mission, the only violence those peacekeepers would experience would be at the POINT OF EMBARKATION, since KNOWING that for many of them coming here would be a SUICIDE mission, the only way their officers could get them on the transports to America would be at the point of a gun.

    And if the U.N. sent Third World troops, I think it would soon experience MAJOR problems with DESERTION: after experiencing America, these forces would want to JOIN us and would apply for asylum.

  • [7] August 28, 2014 at 1:23pm

    I’ve seen so many people posting all over the Internet on conservative sites like this one in the last few years that Obama will use or gin up something as an excuse to make himself president-for-life and that since he will all but certainly not be able to get our military behind him in such an exercise, he will bring in U.N. troops to subdue this country and make his dictatorship a fait accompli.

    Well, for any of you who still believe, after reading this article, do THESE sound like the kind of troops who are even REMOTELY capable of such an undertaking – all the MORE so given the kind of reception they could expect to get in this country the moment they set foot on U.S. soil to attempt such an operation?

    If these U.N. peacekeepers can’t even stand up to Third World savages, the thought that they’re ready to take on TENS OF MILLIONS of armed Americans, which includes many hunters and military veterans and many others who KNOW how to use their weaponry, is too laughable to warrant any further consideration.

    To paraphrase Richard Crenna’s advice to Brian Dennehy in the original Rambo movie First Blood when Dennehy scoffed at Crenna’s warning that any of his deputies sent after Rambo would get killed, if the U.N. sends any forces to America to try to establish an Obama dictatorship, it better remember to send one MORE thing: a good supply of body bags.

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  • [3] August 28, 2014 at 12:22pm

    And Obama found out the hard way yesterday that those “hand picked adoring folks” are NOT found within the ranks of the American Legion!

    I wondered WHY Obama would even attend a gathering of such a group, given that he has nothing but the greatest contempt for our veterans, and he surely MUST know (and if he didn’t BEFORE, he found it out yesterday) that the feeling is mutual. After all, it didn’t bother Obama in the slightest to totally snub General Greene’s funeral, so why would it have bothered him in the least to totally snub the American Legion’s annual convention yesterday?

    MY takeaway as to why he was there yesterday is that Obama is getting downright SCARED of what is going to happen in the upcoming mid-terms and is so desperate for votes that he was even willing to make an appearance in the “enemy camp” in hopes of picking up a few there.

  • August 28, 2014 at 12:18pm


    You stated of Obama in your 11:07am reply to JRook’s 10:44am response to IndyGuy’s 10:17am post: “He tends to get stressed out and run away to do something else when it gets too stressful. This has been reported from several different sources within the white house.”

    If you wonder what accounts for my oft-stated skepticism on this site that Obama could successfully pull off a “Reichstag fire”-type totalitarian overthrow of our government and successfully make himself president-for-life, which so many OTHER posters on this site seem to believe he CAN and WILL do, your post practically puts my thesis in a nutshell.

    An attempted coup in this country would be the ULTIMATE stress test, and I have oft-argued on this site about it that it would require of its mongers the ability to think fast on their feet and to be able to keep a cool head under the greatest of pressure.

    Well, if as you stated Obama tends to get stressed and runs away to do something else when it gets too stressful (an assessment I have absolutely no reason to disbelieve), does THIS sound like someone who has the ability to become a Caesar?

    Your statement ALSO explains why I have oft-argued on this site that state governors should openly defy Obama unconstitutional diktats and in so doing force Obama to either have to back down or to have to escalate, and that Obama would all but certainly back down. To escalate would produce the type of stress he couldn’t handle.

  • [4] August 28, 2014 at 11:55am

    Technically, the violin didn’t even exist when Nero was alive (other versions of the story have Nero playing a lute or a lyre), but picky picky.

    But the biggest takeaway to the Nero analogy for Obama is: LOOK HOW NERO ENDED UP.

    As in, having to kill himself just a few years later, in 68 A.D., when his conduct in office grew too much even for his own Praetorian Guard, which deserted him, and Nero knew that he was facing certain arrest and execution, so rather than wait for THAT, he ended his own life.

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  • [10] August 28, 2014 at 11:00am

    Obama surely DOESN’T care if Americans get killed en masse in a terrorist attack on our own soil, even under his watch – but unless the Democrat Party wants to see Obama render its brand positively RADIOACTIVE, the Democrat Party will HAVE to care.

    I’ve oft-stated on this site that a massive terrorist attack on our soil sometime during the remainder of Obama’s presidency would likely even force DEMOCRATS to have to move against him (of course, a lot of people you see posting here and on other conservative Internet sites will tell you that Obama would use such an attack as his “Reichstag fire” trigger to impose a national state of martial law, suspend the Constitution and all future elections, and make himself president-for-life, but by now, I think you’ve seen enough from me on this site on this topic to know what I think about the likelihood of Obama successfully pulling all THAT off, so I won’t re-hash that here).

    If the Democrats absolutely get whacked on November 4 and lose control of both houses of Congress, and then sometime after that but before the next presidential election we have a massive terrorist attack on our soil, I think it will be the end of Obama, because I think that even his fellow Democrats will have no choice but to force his resignation (which they would do behind closed doors by threatening him with removal by conviction in an impeachment trial) in order to have any chance to save 2016 for their sainted Hillary.

  • [1] August 27, 2014 at 5:05pm

    What the Republicans should do seems pretty clear to me: don’t agree prior to the mid-terms to fund the government beyond, say, January or February of 2015, and just fund it up until that point with a Continuing Resolution.

    If the mid-terms produce an absolute bloodbath for the Democrats and result in the Democrats losing control of both houses of Congress (which I think is virtually certain if Obama goes ahead with issuing amnesty to illegal aliens by executive order prior to November 4), the Republicans will be in a MUCH stronger position come the new year to play hardball with Obama on the budget once that CR is set to expire.

    For starters, as I’ve oft-stated as of late on this point, if such a political drubbing occurs, the only thing the Democrats are going to be focused on the last two years of Obama’s term (if he even winds up serving them out, that is) is trying to save 2016 for their party, NOT trying to save Obama, so Obama will have FAR less political cover even from his own party than he has NOW, and he will also have FAR less political capital to be able to spend as well.

    If a partial shutdown occurs, so be it. At that point, it won’t have the same impact on the public as the partial shutdown last October. And with Obama in such disfavor by the American people by then, I feel confident that any partial shutdown will redound much more negatively on HIM than it will the Congressional Republicans.

  • [4] August 26, 2014 at 11:32pm

    He can TRY to hand over our government to the U.N., but if he attempted to do that, I think there are a WHOLE BUNCH of states that would immediately secede from the Union first before they will submit to being ruled by the U.N. – and I doubt very much the pantywaists (which include their so-called peacekeepers) of the U.N. would have the stomach for the kind of fight needed to bring those states back under their heel.

    But probably even before things got to that, I think we would see a real-life James Mattoon Scott rise up from within our military, only this real-life General Scott would accomplish what his movie counterpart played by Burt Lancaster in Seven Days in May was unable to: successfully deposing the president.

  • [6] August 26, 2014 at 11:00pm

    The very first thing that went through my mind when I first learned that Obama had spoken at this American Legion convention is:

    WHY would he even BOTHER to address a gathering of Americans he has nothing but the greatest contempt for, and that he surely MUST know feel the same way toward HIM? It didn’t bother him to snub General Greene’s funeral, so why would it bother Obama to snub THIS gathering as well?

    I’ll tell you what MY takeaway is from Obama’s appearance at this convention: that he is getting downright SCARED of what is likely to happen in the mid-terms and right now is DESPERATE for votes, from ANYWHERE, apparently even from the “enemy” camp. He has the demeanor of a man for whom things are closing in on him fast and is desperately looking for an escape hatch.

  • [2] August 26, 2014 at 5:59pm

    “He will not hesitate to take this nation down with him if he feels power and control, not to mention his pride, slipping away into the night.”

    He may TRY to, but I think that if he went this route, even his OWN party would rise up against him.

    If the Democrats suffer a bloodbath on November 4 and lose control of both houses of Congress and Obama in a fit of pique does as you’ve suggested, I think that there’s a good chance that his OWN party would force his resignation.

    Because if the Dems suffer such a bloodbath, come November 5, the ONLY thing that they’re going to be concerned with the last two years of Obama’s term (if he even finishes it out) is saving 2016 for their party, NOT saving Obama. And if they come to the conclusion that to have any chance to save 2016 for their sainted Hillary or WHOEVER they put up as their presidential candidate they have to throw Obama over the side, I think they’ll do it. Progs, after all, have been sacrificing their own for the sake of power for the last 100 years.

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