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  • November 18, 2014 at 5:45pm

    But you can be sure that once the rioting starts, those professional agitators are going to high-tail it right out of the area to ensure that THEY are far away from the flying bullets and thus don’t wind up becoming martyrs for their OWN “revolution”.

    These professional agitators ALWAYS operate in the REAR – where they’re the safest. They’re not ABOUT to become actual front-line “troops” for the war they are trying to foment once it begins in earnest, again because they came there hoping to get people killed, but definitely not THEMSELVES.

  • [1] November 18, 2014 at 5:41pm

    Let DHS just TRY to come down hard on local police if the riots turn violent and interfere with them doing what they’re called upon to do to maintain public safety, and DHS will find itself getting absolutely NO cooperation whatsoever from local authorities in MUCH of the United States.

    And if Obama’s supporters try to run rampant in the wake of the release of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision, and the cops are hamstrung by DHS, a LOT of ordinary citizens will be happy to defend THEMSELVES with the armament they have been acquiring during Obama’s presidency. And DHS does NOT have the numbers to be able to go door-to-door to try to forcibly disarm them all (in fact, if they even STARTED such an endeavor, the word would be out so quickly that soon DHS personnel knocking on doors would be greeted with blasts from 12-guage shotguns through those doors).

  • November 18, 2014 at 4:48pm

    I got a real kick out of the fact that the Ferguson protest group has released a list of potential targets in the St. Louis area if the grand jury’s verdict doesn’t go the way they like, especially such clearly-guilty enterprises as the Anheiser Busch brewery, the Boeing plant, the Emerson Electric company, and even the St. Louis airport.

    By the way, forget the “Reichstag fire” opportunity that any riots in the St. Louis area or even ones that spread all across the country might have provided Obama: THAT ship sailed two weeks ago today, if it can even be argued it was ever at the dock to begin with in the first place. The only benefit Obama may get from major race riots erupting in this nation over the grand jury’s verdict will be purely psychic, but he absolutely will NOT profit from them politically, not anymore.

    The only thing a massive chimp-out over Ferguson will accomplish is to produce yet ANOTHER substantial exodus of white voters from the Democrat Party right into the waiting arms of the Republican Party – and the Democrat Party learned two weeks ago what happens when their hemorrhage of white voters reaches critical mass.

    In fact, a massive chimp-out over Ferguson is likely to have the added salutary effect of effectively burying any chance Hillary Clinton might have to become president in 2016. Indeed, such riots may even convince her that a presidential run in 2016 is hopeless and thus she might well decide not to even try it.

  • November 18, 2014 at 4:41pm

    Now that Obama no longer has any elections he has to care about, and since by now the whole WORLD knows very well that two weeks ago his countrymen told Obama in no uncertain terms that they have rejected him and judged him a failure, Obama no longer needs to make any pretenses anymore that he DOESN’T hate Israel with every fiber of his being.

    And Obama knows very well that Netanyahu knows very well what the message of the mid-terms was regarding Obama.

    And while Netanyahu DEFINITELY now can’t expect any military assistance from the U.S. (other than sales of military hardware, especially regarding the Iron Dome system) as long as Obama is president, Netanyahu now should start ignoring any demands Obama makes on Israel not to take certain action that Obama doesn’t approve of – like retaliating against various targets for such outrages as this recent synagogue atrocity. Obama’s wings have now been clipped by his own electorate, and Netanyahu knows it.

    Obama COULD try to retaliate against Israel by unilaterally halt all shipments of military hardware from America to Israel even though Israel pays hard cash for all of it (he’s done it before, including earlier this year), but I strongly suspect that if Obama did THAT, he’d have hell to pay with his OWN caucus, and if he told them to get bent and that he’s not going to relent, I think there’s a good chance that before much longer, Netanyahu would have the chance to deal with PRESIDENT Joe Biden.

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  • [1] November 14, 2014 at 2:38pm

    @ stairgauge

    As I have oft-stated on this site, if Obama tries to turn the organs of the federal government violently on the American citizenry, I AM very confident that at least the vast majority of the military’s rank-and-file WILL be with us – or at the very least, they will give no help whatsoever to Obama. What happened last Tuesday has only greatly REINFORCED my belief in this realm.

    If the personnel of DHS, FBI, and other organs of the federal government start using the type of weaponry you’ve described against the American citizenry, before they set out, they’d better ask themselves if they REALLY want to put themselves in the same position as Hitler’s SS personnel. Meaning that if their Lord and Saviour Obama is driven from office by ordering such action (as I’m confident he WOULD be) and replaced by a MUCH different person in the White House, as I’m confident he WOULD be (it WON’T be Biden replacing him under such circumstances), his henchmen in these fed gov organs will be looking at either ending their lives at the end of a rope, long to life prison terms, or having to spend the rest of their lives in deep hiding in the Third World (and most WITHOUT their families) like the Nazi war criminals of old.

    And regarding your 1:07pm reply to stloocardsfan’s 11:44am post: who SAYS we haven’t done anything about it? A lot of us have armed ourselves. AND, last Tuesday, we got out and voted and kicked a lot of the leftists out of office.

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  • November 14, 2014 at 12:55pm

    @ Dgala

    Again, though, the issue with Obama trying to impose a national state of martial law is where he would get the necessary bully boys who will impose and enforce it.

    I oft-stated on this site well before the mid-terms my great skepticism that he could dragoon the necessary numbers to do the job, and in the wake of his massive rejection by the American people last Tuesday, that skepticism has only grown ENORMOUSLY.

    I’m not denying that he might try to gin up mass havoc, but my firm contention is that any realistic chance for him to be able to personally profit from it other than psychically came and went on November 4.

    If havoc DOES ensue from the Ferguson grand jury’s verdict, my belief is that the state governors (of which there will soon be more Republican ones than there are now) and local authorities (and residents of local communities) will do what needs to be done to keep and restore order and to protect their lives and properties – and that in the wake of his massive repudiation last week, Obama is NOT going to mobilize the feds to do anything about this or to openly abet the thugs.

    And as I stated to barber2, if Obama is perceived by much of the public to be encouraging/stoking this violence, I think it will only increase the chances that to save their political party from being burned to the ground as well in the process, his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill will move behind the scenes to force Obama out of the Oval Office.

  • November 14, 2014 at 11:11am

    @ barber2

    I fully agree with you that Obama would probably LOVE to cause mass chaos in this country and DOESN’T care what else happens.

    My argument is simply that ANY window Obama MAY still have had to PERSONALLY profit from such chaos by grabbing more power for himself – other than whatever psychic pleasure it might bring him – closed last Tuesday, if it can even be argued that it was EVER open in the first place.

    And the only thing that chaos all over the country brought about by rioting blacks will accomplish is to FURTHER exacerbate the hemorrhage of white voters from the Democrat Party (AND other groups as well, such as Asians) – a hemorrhage that more sober Democrat Party strategists have acknowledged since the mid-terms is a HUGE and GROWING problem for the party. As some commentators have observed, the Democrat Party is getting down now pretty much only to blacks and gentry liberals – and the Dems discovered the hard way last Tuesday that those groups by themselves AREN’T enough, especially since they’re concentrated in a fairly limited geographic area in this country.

    Obama clearly doesn’t care what such chaos will bring, but if his Democrat Party still wants to have a future after Obama is out of office, it HAS to care, and if it is seen by much of the public that Obama & Co. are only STOKING the violence, it only reinforces my oft-stated belief on this site that eventually, Dems on Capitol Hill will force Obama’s resignation.

  • November 14, 2014 at 10:44am

    @ macpappy

    Actually, I don’t DISAGREE with ANYTHING you’ve said.

    And in point of fact, I’m not worried about ANY foreign force of blue helmets disarming us AT ALL; I distinctly stated, in fact, to Baddoggy that I thought that any attempt to bring foreign forces to this country for such a purpose would quickly end Obama’s presidency and probably his LIFE as well, and whoever succeeded him in the Oval Office will certainly quickly rescind such an order.

    The only point I was trying to make about using U.N. forces from the Third World instead of the First World for such an attempt is that those from the First World would know BEFOREHAND it was suicide and would, as I’ve already indicated, quickly refuse to obey such orders, whereas Third World forces, being more ignorant of America, would be easier to con – at least initially, but the con would end once they made the discovery first-hand of what would be awaiting them that First World forces would ALREADY know awaits them.

    And I fully agree with your points about how before such a move could happen, the Constitution would indeed have to be trashed – and THAT would likely trigger a full-blown REVOLUTION.

    As far as WHICH local police forces might come after our guns, I spoke to that in my 9:47am post above.

    In fact, as I recall, after Colorado and New York passed their recent anti-2nd Amendment laws, many county sheriffs in those states openly stated that they would NOT obey orders to ENFORCE them.

  • [4] November 14, 2014 at 9:55am

    The correct term is MARTIAL law, and the short answer to your question is NO!

    As I stated in an earlier post on this thread, I think the martial-law ship sailed last Tuesday, if it can even be argued that it was ever at the dock in the first place.

    Last Tuesday, America OVERWHELMINGLY rejected this president – and even most of those that DIDN’T, by simply not showing up to vote, showed that by now they’re at best indifferent to Obama’s fate.

    And as I’ve oft-asked on this site in this realm, just WHERE is Obama going to be able to get the bully boys who will IMPOSE and ENFORCE a national state of martial law?

    I had ALREADY oft-stated on this site my EXTREME skepticism that Obama could get anything more than a very token share of those in the outfits with the guns – military/National Guard/civilian law-enforcement – behind him in such an endeavor, and this was BEFORE the mid-terms.

    It is my oft-stated belief, and remains so, that Obama is enormously DESPISED by those in these outfits, by those in our military for his constant insults and abuses he has subjected them to since Day 1 of his presidency, and certainly now by civilian law-enforcement throughout this country, who saw in the Obama administration’s shenanigans in Ferguson that Obama hates THEM, too.

    NOW, in the wake of the mid-terms, those in these bodies have seen that the REST of the country despises Obama as much as THEY do. NO ONE anymore is risking life and limb for THIS SCOAMF.

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  • [2] November 14, 2014 at 9:47am

    If Obama DID try to use this U.N. treaty (especially if it isn’t ratified by the Senate, which is CERTAIN now and will be for as long as Obama remains in office) as the basis for unconstitutional executive orders which strike at the 2nd Amendment, I’d like to know where he thinks he will be able to get the bully boys who would actually try to ENFORCE those EO’s.

    From our military? NOT BLOODY LIKELY! From the National Guard? Same response, at least not from any Guardsmen that DON’T have a death wish. From civilian law-enforcement? MAYBE in some of our liberal-dominated big-city enclaves their law-enforcement personnel would be willing to go full Gestapo (although it hardly seems necessary, in such enclaves, pretty much the only ones armed are the gangstas, and if the police forces of such enclaves put such a premium on disarming this element they’d be doing it already, which they AREN’T), but among local law-enforcement OUTSIDE those enclaves, I think it will be a MUCH different story.

    I’ve seen many people on this and other conservative sites postulate that Obama will use the civilian federal workforce for such dirty work, and they point to the amount of armament many civilian fed agencies like DHS have amassed under Obama, but let these people try becoming gun-grabbers, and they can expect massive resistance from tens of millions enraged and ARMED citizens who WILL shoot at them – and I think that such resistance would completely unnerve them.

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  • November 14, 2014 at 9:39am

    My bet is that even the blue helmets are smart enough to know not to try THAT.

    Actually, let me re-phrase that: blue helmets from FIRST WORLD countries are smart enough to know that such an attempt would be for many of them a suicide mission. Undoubtedly, for such an endeavor, Obama and/or the U.N. would try to use forces drawn from Third World countries, who would be MUCH easier to deceive.

    As I’ve oft-stated on this site about this, if Obama WERE foolish enough to try to bring U.N. forces to this country to do what our OWN forces WON’T, disarm the American populace (personally, I think that such an attempt would quickly end Obama’s presidency and probably also his very LIFE as well, but that’s another discussion), I think that it wouldn’t take very long at all, once the blue helmets discovered the kind of reception they will be getting in much of the country, before the blue helmets would refuse to leave the safety of our liberal-dominated (and for the most part, DISARMED by choice, except for the gangstas, who the blue helmets WOULDN’T try to disarm) big-city enclaves, where to pass their time, they would start engaging in what has become an honored tradition of the blue helmets wherever they’ve been sent in the world and start RAPING THE LOCAL WOMEN!

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  • [12] November 14, 2014 at 9:31am

    “or the people would rise up and revolt (which would probably make Obama ecstatic).”

    Are you implying that this would give Obama his “Reichstag fire” trigger to impose a national state of martial law, suspend all future elections, and make himself president-for-life?

    As I posted on this site earlier this week, I think the martial-law ship sailed last Tuesday – if it was ever even at the dock in the first place.

    If Obama precipitates a full-blown revolution over something like this, do you REALLY think that those in the outfits with the guns – military/National Guard/civilian law-enforcement – will be on Obama’s side? I think the numbers he would get from those in these outfits to put down such a revolution would be quite MINIMAL.

    And like you said, which I fully agree with, such an action on Obama’s part will mean that in many parts of the country, Democrats won’t ever be able to even get elected as dog catcher for a LONG time.

    The mid-terms rendered ANY notion of gun-control dead and gone for quite some time: if Obama tries to ramrod this down the throats of the American people by executive fiat, the ONLY question I will have at that point in time is what the over/under will be in terms of number of days that Obama is still president of the United States or even still in in the land of the living – and I would not make that number a large one.

  • [4] November 13, 2014 at 11:15pm

    I think what happened on November 4 has put the brakes on any notion of the government being able to disarm the American people for quite some time, what with soon-to-be Republican majorities in both the House and Senate and with only 7 states next year having both a Democrat governor and Democrat-controlled houses in their legislatures.

  • [4] November 12, 2014 at 5:56pm

    From now until the day of the runoff, Bill Cassidy’s campaign ads on TV should put on VERY prominent – and PROFUSE – display the video footage that’s been airing on Fox News in the last 24 hours from one of the chief architects of ObamaCare admitting at some conference he attended last year that ObamaCare was passed by lack of transparency in the process and because of the stupidity of the American people.

    Since Landrieu VOTED for ObamaCare, Cassidy should make her have to defend that vote in the wake of that video footage.

  • [6] November 12, 2014 at 5:52pm

    By the way, I just read on another website that if Landrieu goes down to defeat in the runoff election, as I think is virtually CERTAIN, when the new Congress is seated in January, there won’t be even ONE Southern white Democrat left in either the House of Representatives OR the U.S. Senate.

    Your Lord and Saviour Barack Obama has made the red-state Democrat (and not JUST in the South) almost EXTINCT by now. How do you like THAT “Hope & Change”?

  • [5] November 12, 2014 at 5:42pm

    I’m very confident that Louisiana voters will NOT be fooled.

    I’m sure the voters of Louisiana know that if they want a Senator who will vote yes on Keystone, they’ll get that ANYWAY in Bill Cassidy – WITHOUT all the OTHER baggage they’d get from Landrieu, not the least of which is her being a reliable vote for anything Obama wants to do his last two years in office (that is, if he even LASTS that long in office, and I think there’s a growing chance he WON’T).

    My bet is that with or without the Keystone vote, many of those who turned out for Landrieu last week, now that they KNOW that the Dems have ALREADY lost the Senate, won’t bother to turn out for her in the runoff – while those that voted for Cassidy or Maness on November 4 are STILL going to be eager to vote in the runoff election to send her home to complete their revenge on her for the misery she has brought Louisiana thanks to her being a reliable vote for Obamunism.

    By the way, I fully agree with you that I think that in the remainder of Obama term, there WILL be plenty enough Democrat Senators, fearful for their OWN political survival and now with Reid or WHOEVER becomes Senate Minority Leader next year (maybe Schumer or Durbin) lacking leverage to keep them in line anymore, who will join with the Republicans to be able to send bills to Obama’s desk that Harry Reid has kept bottled up (Keystone pipeline, repeal of ObamaCare’s medical devices tax, etc.).

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  • [1] November 11, 2014 at 10:57pm

    @ ChiefGeorge

    Maybe the civilian federal employees won’t INITIALLY be told what they’re going to be ordered to do, but once they escalate to attempting to become gun grabbers, THAT’S when the citizenry will escalate to shooting back at them.

    And THEN we’ll see how long the civilian federal employees will CONTINUE to obey such orders. Frankly, at that point in time, I think their superiors are going to be combatting an EPIDEMIC of their “grunts” going AWOL from their posts or calling in “sick” every day, or facing a TSUNAMI of “retirements”.

    You’re also forgetting something ELSE:

    civilian federal employees DON’T live with their families in super-secret government compounds where the only people they ever see or associate with are OTHER civilian federal employees and THEIR families, they live in ordinary neighborhoods where their neighbors know who they are and what they do for a living.

    Let them turn full-blown Gestapo, and some are going to find their OWN homes and families becoming targets.

    In fact, as I have stated before on this site, if they’re ordered to turn violent on the American citizenry, it won’t take very long at all before many civilian federal employees are forced to send their families far away for their own safety, which will immediately and dramatically lower THEIR quality of life, as they return every night from a day of jackbooting (IF they return at night from a day of jackbooting) to an empty and lonely home.

  • [3] November 11, 2014 at 10:49pm

    If Governor Nixon gave such an order, I think he’ll VERY quickly be looking at an impeachment trial.

    I don’t know if you’re aware of the numbers in the Missouri legislature.

    Well, here they are:

    come the new session of the legislature next year, Republicans will hold 25 of the 34 seats in the state senate and 117 out of the 163 seats in the state assembly (actually, it will soon become 118, as one Democrat assemblywoman is about to switch over to the Republicans).

    Let Governor Nixon issue such an order, and the Democrat Party in Missouri will be FINISHED.

    If the Guard starts going around door to door confiscating weapons, word about that will be spread VERY quickly, and people will simply start HIDING their weapons.

  • [8] November 11, 2014 at 7:04pm

    If violence explodes all over Ferguson and elsewhere, like in the wider St. Louis area as a whole and maybe to other parts of Missouri as well (like the Kansas City area), and Nixon does NOTHING about it, he will hand the governorship in 2016 to whoever the Republican candidate is for governor that year on a silver platter, maybe for MANY years to come.

  • [3] November 11, 2014 at 5:51pm

    @ TrickyDick

    Regarding Obama using the alphabet-soup civilian federal agencies like DHS et al as his bully boys to help impose a national state of martial law:

    let’s see, are these the same bravehearts who, armed with all those rounds of hollow-point ammo, fearlessly shot it out with the armed citizens who flocked to the Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy early this year to stand in solidarity with the rancher and dispersed all those hundreds of protesters in Murrietta, CA in July who prevented DHS from unloading busloads of child illegals there? Wait a minute, what’s that you say, they DIDN’T shoot it out with those armed citizens in Nevada or disperse those citizens in Murrietta but BACKED DOWN INSTEAD? Gee, fancy that!

    As I’ve oft-stated on this site, there’s one HUGE difference (among others) between those in our military and those in the civilian federal workforce (excluding any of the latter who had prior military/civilian law-enforcement experience, and I’m VERY confident that VERY few, at best, would take part in any attempt to impose martial law): the former have been trained to operate in an environment where people are shooting back at and trying to kill THEM, the latter HAVEN’T.

    Let civilian fed employees TRY to go full Gestapo on the American citizenry, and they WILL face return fire from millions of enraged armed citizens determined to resist tyranny. Once THAT happens, the vast majority will run away quicker than a French Army soldier!

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