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  • [27] February 20, 2015 at 12:11pm

    In one word, David Corn is nothing but a SLEAZEBAG
    and his crappy venue, “Mother Jones” has never been anything other than a rag-
    the company he keeps including loudmouth liberal morons
    like Bill Press, Ed Schultz & all the other dopes at MSNBC proves it.

    What a small, little maggot of a man to go after
    a big ratings kingmaker like O’Reilly…
    too bad he didn’t zero in on all of the “Royal Nincompooper’s” scandals
    with the same feverish pitchfork for undisputed “truth”…
    maybe then & ONLY then-
    could he be a contender…
    TOO damn ignorant, arrogant & stupid to recognize reality.

  • [8] February 10, 2015 at 1:13pm

    “Scratch my itch”-
    that’s what Oblameo & Sharpton use each other for…
    it’s impossible for narcissists to respect anyone or anything
    that don’t mirror their personal image or agenda.

    Regarding Rev. Wright-
    even Oprey-Doprey quit warming his pews
    with her big, fat phony azz
    when she realized his vile sermons could effect her holier-than-thou image.

    Think of it-
    the “Royal Nincompooper” didn’t respect eighty-yesr-old veterans enough
    to not barricde them from their own memorial
    but somehow can scavenge up enough “respect”
    to allow a divisive, criminal, shakedown slug like Sharpton
    to share 7 kinds of pie at the White House any time he pleases.

    Someone needs to give them both a day pass to Gettysburg-
    I bet neither have EVER “wasted” their time or curiosity on that
    “small” American event….
    Please, confront them with that question, “Billy-Blue Eyes”…
    a real lesson in RESPECT for history !

  • [4] February 10, 2015 at 8:40am

    This quote coming from the “Royal Nincompooper”-
    “But we also have to attend to a lot of other issues…”

    A lot of OTHER issues ?
    Coming from a radical weasel who refuses to admit to the
    slaughtering truth about radical Islam…REALLY ?

    A LOT of issues ?
    How about starting with YOUR anti-American, anti-Israel rage ?
    This isn’t as complicated as Sophie’s Choice
    You’ve scolded, manipulated & forsaken the good, decent & CIVILIZED
    for beasts in a modern world
    who fuel their brutal hearts by putting heads on pikes
    & burning bodies alive
    and yet, your immediate response always comes back to OTHER issues ?

    Your took a presidential oath to “serve & protect” the American citizen
    and since that very day, in one form of another, you’ve done EVERYTHING but THAT !

    THAT’s the ISSUE, buddy…
    DO your job or remove yourself from it.
    Your personal rage will never allow for any light of wisdom.–
    you & your entire rat-infested administration
    are dark, devious, tyrannical souls in a country born to be rid of them.
    Shove all your other issues up your manipulative, menacing azz !

  • [5] February 7, 2015 at 5:27pm

    The sheer, laughable irony of it all is that Brian Williams fancied himself as some gallant
    & guilt-free, “serious” news person when he was nothing more than a square-chin, lying dork.

    Just think about it-
    a cad who so desperately ‘inserts” himself into danger zones,
    using our stellar military as his backdrop
    writing “composite” scenarios of HIS own valor.

    His untouchable, praised “Dope-in-Chief” also has a history of composite bull & blarney.
    Williams, like Oblameo…so, SO full of their self-righteous importance! !

    The fact that Williams went out of his way to insert himself in shameful deceit
    and yet, FAILED to diligently cover all of Obama’s scandals is reason to banish him from any
    source of “news”.
    Remember, he & NBC ignored the truth on Benghazi
    where an Ambassador & patriotic Americans, REAL heroes who were
    TRULY in danger lost their lives.

    he shoved that under the rug for stories of self-serving glory….PITIFUL soul !

    There was always a kid in every neighborhood
    who boasted that HIS father “invented” M&M’s
    even though his last name wasn’t “Mars” & he never had any to share-
    Williams is THAT brat…
    now, on a larger CREEP scale…a universal slug !

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  • [1] January 21, 2015 at 6:00pm

    Remember, Schumer waved political candy in
    Rubio’s ambitious face to lure him onto his “Gang of Eight” chuck wagon
    and then announced these exact words,
    “I think the world of him”…
    THAT perpetual smell will emanate from back-stabbing Rubio’s stinky hind for eternity & a day.

    He’ll end up with the liberals…right where he belongs…
    untrustworthy & self-serving-
    just like Schumer, just like McCain, just like Oblameo.

    Truly, who is going to buy his book…he’s neither relevant, wise nor amusing ?

    Look to Ted Cruz for real leadership !

  • [25] January 21, 2015 at 8:28am

    Instead, of Al Qaeda,t he pivoted & went after his REAL nemesis-
    didn’t you catch his dig at “cable stations” ?

    Surely, he wasn’t referring to MSNBC-
    we all know his hatred for exposed truth and Fox news.

    What a SMALL, insecure,pompous Boy King !

    The Repubs clap at his own confirmation of his last term
    and this classless, repugnant, thin-skin punk
    feels compelled to remind everyone” he won election twice”…
    and HE wonders why nothing gets done in Washington.

    Oblameo’s ONLY promise is to Frank Marshall Davis.

    His “legacy” has already hit a sour note
    and yet this nasty creep still feels the need to invoke “Trayvon Martin’s name
    into a SOTU address.

    He still manages to mention the military after HE barricaded eighty-year-old
    veterans from their memorial.

    The stern faces of all the Generals, the few that are left
    say MORE about this lying, bully Cad-in-Chief than he can say for himself.

    Someone should have sent James Taylor in to sing “Mockingbird”.

    His legacy has already hit an excoriating sour note.

    Get it together America-
    we DON’T need any retreads, reboots or rinos-
    we don’t need Jeb, Mitt nor back-peddling Rubio
    we need a fearless guy in boots,
    a Texan who walks tall,
    a leader of people & principle,
    a warrior for our Constitutional freedom…
    a decent, diplomatic, embracing, wise LEADER
    America NEEDS Ted CRUZ !

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  • [6] January 20, 2015 at 11:49pm

    Fact check:

    Obama: “Redistribute, redistribute, redistribute…blah, blah, blah !”

    Fact: Scratch “Robin Hood” for ‘Robbin’ Hoodlum”.

  • [13] January 13, 2015 at 9:23am

    Oblameo is nothing more than a disturbingly dangerous dictator.
    It is ALL about him & his radical transformation of the greatest nation on earth.
    Hope & change ?
    From the get-go, THAT “hopeful” agenda was to erase American history
    & “change” the color of America.
    Americans crave character & content…not color
    but the liberals have done everything in their power, most illegally
    to grant visas & citizenship to any & all of color
    while the white Canadian, Brit or like are left waiting their turn.
    THAT power is what they covet to rule with selfish, despicable souls.
    THAT power has dragged America into their sewer of racist rage.
    THAT power has dictated their inexcusable scandals
    costing lives & liberty of ambassadors, military, counter-terrorism agents, police & the innocent citizens.
    Don’t look to the self-proclaimed “HEALER”, Obama
    for class & comfort-
    he has NO medication for leadership, no love for history,
    no measure of blood shed for a nation he deems to transform-
    on taxpayers’ money to boot.
    For “healing”-
    America & lucid citizens only need to look to the founding documents…
    they were brilliantly written to birth, heal & hold together a nation
    in all diversity & struggle.
    Obama has dissed, shredded & ignored that brilliancy
    because his smarmy soul knows better than any & all founders.
    Surprised this Serpent-in-Chief
    didn’t send his high-paid mime Susan Rice to France in his place ?

  • [68] January 12, 2015 at 10:48pm

    His liberal bird brain defies logic…
    with that ignorant mentality,
    the blob Beckel would have to concede that this administration’s organized
    liberal marches on Ferguson, during the Trayvon debacle & on & on
    would draw the same conclusion
    and were detrimentally fruitless in purpose.

    This big-mash-potato-mouth moron
    is making empty & inept excuses for the inexcusable…
    big, dumb, arrogant, rude, lazy liberal
    making inane excuses for his disturbingly dangerous Boy King-
    the self-proclaimed “healer”
    who has proven to be nothing but an idiotic hellion.

  • [2] January 12, 2015 at 12:56pm

    Watching football and wiping 7 kinds of White House Pie
    off his thin-skin chinny chin-chin
    while doodling his smug mug
    on vouchers for community college.

  • [129] January 12, 2015 at 9:09am

    The “Gutless Wonder Boy” is pure disgrace.

    This is the same snot who dissed Thatcher’s funeral,
    dissed Gettysburg’s 150th commemoration,
    dissed & barricaded senior veterans from their memorial,
    dissed the hard work of law enforcement & the military
    but managed to send 3 of his White House henchmen to the Ferguson funeral.

    The ONLY absolute he garners is embarrassment.

    Now, he & his self-serving radical wonks
    are going to conduct a summit on “extremism”…
    amazingly but not surprisingly, he can still not say the word “Islamic” extremism.
    All the other TRUE leaders should ignore HIM & not show up.

    EXTREME FAILURE is all he will ever be…
    conveniently, he’s the last to recognize & admit it.

    What a despicable fool !

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  • [19] December 29, 2014 at 6:02pm

    Most admired by WHOM ?

    Considering Clinton & Obama’s “deniable” role in the Benghazi brutality-
    this group of Gallup pollsters
    must be in a Commie-Zombie state of mind…
    and one wonders why the world has lost all contact with reality
    & insanely spinning out of control.

  • [62] December 24, 2014 at 9:08am

    They don’t want an “honest conversation”-
    when all they ever serve up is “enraged confrontation” !

    To have an “honest” conversation, one must deal with truth & facts-
    those are not inclusive or indicative of their agenda.

    Look at the smug attitude on her face, lobbing racial grenades,
    belittling & taunting the host
    and specifically NOT answering his question
    and this dingbat wants to have an honest conversation ?

    For all the times she’s injected the word “honest” into her rant,
    she obviously has NO respect for its true definition.
    “Oh, YOU know what I mean, Eric”…
    unfortunately, the nation knows EXACTLY what she & shakedown artists
    like Sharpton mean-
    believe & act upon what THEY say & do
    and the hell with the dignified truth.
    This bombastic bimbo needs to go
    walk the grounds of Gettysburg & shakedown all those compassionate souls.
    Has she ANY shame or sense of history
    besides her selfishly misguided one ?

    Go watch Ken Burns “Civil War” series before shooting your big, snarling mouth off-
    then come back & answer Eric’s question
    before taunting & accusing Fox News or a nation whose ancestors died for your freedom
    & men & women who continue to do so
    of “dishonest” intent.
    Eric should book Col. Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson to contest & quell her
    bulldozing rage & show her what a steam shovel full of truthful reality
    & honest dignity truly look like.

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  • [5] December 23, 2014 at 9:38am

    The police authority, military and educated, legal, hard-working citizens
    have ALL turned their backs
    on de Blasio, Holder and Oblameo-
    the 3 Impotent Stooges who have selfishly screwed up the greatest nation on earth,
    deliberately, maliciously & illegally abused power, the Constitution & the peoples’ will.

    Those derailing authority are the first to call them when their precious rear ends
    are in danger, SCREAMING racial injustice when police don’t arrive within 10 seconds
    to protect them from the likes of their own.

    The common unspoken denominator of all this ugliness
    that deBlasio, Holder , Oblameo, Shakedown Scharpton
    & the imbecilic protesters of ALL colors
    so conveniently forget-
    STILL remains the same no matter how you slice & dice it…
    BOTH Brown & Garner committed crimes, RESISTED arrest
    & have lengthier police records than Scharpton has drummed-up, compiled grievances.

    BOTH were victims of their OWN doing-
    that’s where it started, that’s where it ends.
    Anyone who can’t ascertain THAT fact & proceeds to recklessly milk & split the truth
    for their own political purpose deserves to be ignored & have the country turn their backs on them.

    Reprehensible de Blasio should resign,
    Holder & Oblameo need to be held accountable
    for glorifying misguided rage,
    the black community needs to excoriate those glorifying crime
    including Shakedown Sharpton-
    he needs to find another gig before God does it for him.

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  • [20] December 22, 2014 at 6:32pm

    Sharpton & the Muslim Brotherhood
    courting & sparking all of “The Royal Nincompooper’s” time at the White House-
    that is, whenever they can tear him away from ESPN.

    how The Boy King opens the gate to the Oval Office to welcome scum bags
    with one hand
    while unlocking the gates of Gitmo with the other to set them free.

    Sharpton doesn’t want a “conversation”, he wants 7-11 confrontation.

    Boo-Hoo, the little ogre is getting threatening phone calls,
    so at his press conference he beams them up on his Obama phone
    for playback
    and then, like a scared mouse announces “he’s getting the FBI involved.”

    IT is ALWAYS about him-
    something he has in common with The Royal Nincompooper.

    Whadda’ smarmy lizard !

    Hey dope, thanks to rotten, racist rabble-rousers like you,
    the police, FBI & military have their hands full.

    REAL, exhausting terror threats are breaking daily
    and YOU want protection for your slimy, sweaty azz ?

    Imagine that ?
    The same creep who hates police authority,
    the same liar who cried wolf with the Tawana Brawley fiasco,
    the same race pimp calling for dead cops-
    GO get YOUR own freakin’ security, ya’ thorny, little monster
    and get OFF the decent, hard-working, RESPONSIBLE
    taxpayers’ back…
    wicked, racist WART !
    How the HELL do YOU sleep at night ?
    Your mercy card has long expired-
    GET out off our faces…CREEP !

  • [133] December 9, 2014 at 10:19pm

    Just like ‘Hands up, Don’t shoot” was a lie-
    so were those so-called “racial slurs”
    as “Snaggle Puss Pelosi” ascended the Capitol steps
    to shove her gavel & Boy King’s wretched Obamacare down a nation’s throat-
    already gagging on & reeling from his hope & change.

    It’s ALL theatrics !

    Meanwhile, Cry Baby “Where’s my binky-Boehner”
    is draggin’ his wet, steamy diapers all through Capitol Hill
    saying one thing & doing the exact opposite-
    OVER & OVER again…theatrics tenfold.

    Gruber said Americans were stupid-
    it’s obvious Binky Boehner believes the same.

    WHY, oh why are we even still dealing with these RePub Repukes ?
    We are allowing them to abuse our patriotic hearts & minds
    just like the Royal Nincompooper in the Oval Office.

    If the NEED for an umbrella grassroots party isn’t CLEARLY evident by now-
    you’re living in perpetual political fog.
    It IS time to pull the plug on the RNC
    & establish our own identity, power & strength
    which was exactly what the Founders did unflinchingly.

    THEY want you to believe it would spark but then sputter.
    STOP listening to THEM-
    THEY’VE stopped listening to us !
    Time is a’ wasting-
    Binky Boehner & Co. have not only back-peddled,
    they have back-stabbed…REPEATEDLY.
    America must prove to them that we are NOT stupid
    by building our own fort & securing our own future.

    Do it with a Grassroots Party-
    counter their sorry theatrics with true patriots on centerstage…
    Cruz, Palin, Lee, Paul, Gowdy & a diehard American cast.
    NOW !

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  • [4] December 8, 2014 at 10:43pm

    Compton is as gross in thought process
    as her liberal, lying schmedia sister, Candy Crowley.

    Imagine her deliberate post press squawk-
    AFTER the bloody Obama fox got into the Constitutional chicken coop
    and sunk his rabid fangs into all that has made our Nation great,
    this dumb frump NOW feels the need to set the record straight.

    She’s spilling the “baste-me-a bestseller” beans-
    “Obama’s not apologetic”…
    too little, TOO late, Blubberbrain…
    you & you’re disgusting, unprofessional, liberal low-life press pugs
    owe America an apology for not doing your job.

    This is all surely Compton fodder for her soon to be released tell-all book
    expounding on her frustration with a Boy King
    who threatened America with HIS pen & phone
    while Compton & all the other liberal media chumps
    deliberately refused to use THEIRS to keep HIM in line & America safe & sound.

    Nobody cares what “Cry-Me-A-River Compton” has to say now-
    thanks to media rot like her
    the damage is done !

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  • [11] December 5, 2014 at 9:09am

    Gowdy-the-Cleaner Upper…
    simply put-
    the epitome of a public servant.

  • [25] December 3, 2014 at 10:15pm

    Tavis Smiley said,
    “There is no respect for the humanity and the dignity for black life in this country.”
    He should apply that quote directly to his cause-
    until THEY respect humanity & savor self-dignity,
    they will NEVER rise above their own misguided, organized rage.

    How many police officers have been killed by blacks ?
    if it had happened to be Darren Wilson who was killed,
    the media would have never covered it…
    Ferguson would have been a blip on the map.

    If you are breaking the law. roughing up store clerks, stealing & wreaking havoc,
    don’t be surprised when police authority intervene.
    THAT is their job !
    Do what you are told, don’t resist arrest
    and avoid repercussion.
    What part of that do they NOT understand ?

    Breaking the law and goading the police will get you nowhere.
    Be a criminal or a creampuff
    but be RESPONSIBLE for YOUR actions !

  • [104] December 3, 2014 at 8:46am

    Barkley or Racist-Al-Opportunist-Sharpton…
    Which one do you want your children-
    of ANY color
    to admire, respect and emulate ?

    Which one conducts his life
    with basic common sense, basic human kindness,
    the naked truth and undeniable logic ?

    Which one BEST represents America ?

    Barkley, Dr. Ben Carson, Col. Allen West, Condoleeza Rice
    and all the others-
    known & unknown
    are proof that as hard as the race-baiting rabble-rousers try,
    they can never justify their selfish lies, whining greed and divisive cry
    when people of all colors,
    some overcoming great obstacles
    have managed to make something out of their lives
    and also managed to give back tenfold to a country
    full of opportunity.

    It’s time Sharpton, Holder & Oblameo
    teach responsibility & respect-
    NOT wicked racism & rage.

    Oblameo should be “meeting” with Barkley & Co.
    instead of scheming with “Stay-the-Course” Sharpton…
    but then, of course,
    unlike Barkley-
    he’s NOT man enough to deal with the truth.

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