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  • April 19, 2014 at 8:12am

    There should be American Flags flying everywhere out there-
    constantly reminding Reid & his lobbyist sons what country this is.

    Didn’t smart-azz Rory Reid run for governor of Nevada, only to lose ?
    This family of hoodlum cronies need to be stripped of ALL power.

    Domestic terrorist card throwing ?
    WE’VE got a card to throw too
    and it’s called the ANTI-American Legal Taxpaying Citizen Card…
    it is time to start playing it nonstop.

    Fossil-face Harry Reid trying to strong arm rugged Cliven Bundy
    is like Barney Fife trying to manhandle Braveheart.

    Now, we’ve got the other phoney, liberal looney-tune, NitWitch Pelosi
    washing the feet of immigrants-
    this must be another her “Mother Teresa” media moments.

    Why isn’t she washing the feet of all those immigrants
    who tirelessly but LEGALLY stood in line
    and passed their test to become citizens of our country ?

    She is such a pretentious witch !

    Reid & Pelosi, like their tyrant boss are enemies of the USA-
    if they are ultimately judged by their record & words,
    they will have to answer to a higher power.
    We’ve all heard this story before-
    unfortunately moneychangers like Reid & the “saintly” Pelosi
    missed THAT memo.

    Go Cliven….BundySTRONG !

  • April 18, 2014 at 8:24am

    This coming from the same turdball
    who said he was always nauseated by the ripe stench
    of the warm weather visitors to the Capitol…

    Hey, Crotch Rot-
    The Capitol & the Country belongs to its people…..not YOU, alone !

    To compare the Bundy family to terrorists is a downright insult
    to all the victims & families of real terrorism.

    This self-righteous pig,
    just like his “boss” are the highest insult to basic humanity !

    He wants to pick a fight with legal American citizens who love this country
    and open his arms to all those who take advantage of her.

    Cliven Bundy needs to hot-iron brand this pig’s azz
    for Dirty Lying Liberal
    and helicopter-drop him in an alligator-infested swamp.

    Who the hell does he think he is ?

  • April 15, 2014 at 9:10am

    One of the biggest DIRTBAGS on earth-
    Hang Dog Harry Reid & all his lobbyist sons are the biggest violators
    of this nation.

    Of course, HE has other “business arrangements”
    for this land, a business that would pad his pockets.

    The media needs to quit referring to this land as useless & obsolete.
    Have they never heard of the term. “Dirt Poor” ?

    “Dirt Poor” generally turns into “Dirt Rich”-
    Dirty Harry has his fingerprints all over this dirt.

    Of course, HE is behind this whole mess
    and he has the unmitigated gall to publicly voice that
    it’s not over & demand that legal American citizens
    be punished for “violating HIS rules”….
    all in the crony name
    of the Harry Reid’s personal foundation of self-wealth.

    Ironically, he is the same POS who wanted to secure taxpayer funds
    for “Cowboy Poetry”
    and yet, he has the flaccid balls
    to take on a REAL rugged rancher & his herd of cattle.

    Someone needs to do a REAL investigation on this serial ‘effer.
    Expose his wrinkled little willy for what it’s worth.

    Send in Sharyl Attkisson !

  • April 14, 2014 at 8:32am

    If there are ANY journalistic awards left that are truly based
    on the highest, utmost integrity of a
    professional journalist,
    Attkisson deserves them all.

    What a journalist, what a trooper, what a woman !

    The lesson here is choose your field-
    any field,
    be it journalist or janitor
    and do the damn BEST job you can do
    without ever being disrespected or selling your soul.

    Think of Onlameo’s “War on Women”,
    then try to reconcile all his bull crap
    with what he, Holder & their rat-infested administration
    has done to Ms. Attkisson ?

    The miracle that she’s still standing & speaking out loud & clear-
    not merely against this administration
    but against ALL political thugs & ObamaMedia
    trying to keep her from doing her professional job.

    Had Susan Rice & all the other “women” kowtowing,
    coerced & being played for fools done the same thing-
    chosen DIGNITY over duress & phony “promotions,
    THEY would’ve been lauded, not laughed at, dismissed & demeaned
    by a truthful nation of ordinary, decent citizens.

    Oblameo’s “women” ALL allowed themselves to be degraded & used-
    they lied for the “Liar-in-Chief”-
    the same cad who claims to be concerned about “fairness”
    in the work force for women.
    He abused their dignity & value
    with sugar daddy promises of Tiffany-wrapped government titles-
    paid for by the taxpayer dollar.

    THEY allowed it !
    HE’S a disgusting POS !

    We want all OUR daughters to be respected & honorable like Attkisson !

  • April 12, 2014 at 5:13pm

    Bundy & outraged Americans stood their ground-
    O’Butterballs & loathsome Crook Reid blinked !

    Next ?

    There was no reason for this,
    just like there was no reason for them to barricade the Veterans Memorial.

    Want an investigation ?
    Somebody needs to go back & “investigate” Crooked Harry’s
    last election.

    Think about it ?

    Sharon Angle was giving him a real tough run for his dirty money,
    right up to election day,
    the slime bag was sweating bullets.

    Mid-day in Nevada, there was an “accident” just outside
    a very big voting venue,
    supposedly, it blew out a transformer
    disrupting & forcing havoc on the voting machines in this particular polling place.

    When all was finally “rectified” & up & running,
    those votes seemed to go Crook Harry’s way.
    I’m no conspiracy hound
    but gut reaction says Harry found a way to swing more than a few votes.

    This creep has NO business in government.
    He is totally unscrupulous & unsavory,
    tries to come off as “Grandpa Walton”
    when he’s really “Grandpa Payback”.

    Every time I see his rotten face, I am reminded of the dirt bag
    standing there with that hang dog face
    begging Ted Cruz
    during the last minutes of his filibuster
    to let Johnny Boy McCain
    say a few words…

    Ted refused & we all know what McCain’s few words turned out to be-
    a blustering, blistering backlash.

    Reid is a crook & an ingrate-
    I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past him-
    be assured, he’s behind this whole cattle ranching mes

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  • April 12, 2014 at 1:52pm

    This S.O.B. will fly from one issue to another to avoid the ones that are on his heel-
    he thinks the less he talks about ObamaCare, the sooner the nightmare will lose fright.

    I am so sick of Putin this, Raz-Putin that,
    yes, the guy’s a thug with an over reach of power
    but while ObamaMedia is tsk-tsking Putin,
    6 years in, they still choose to ignore this abusive regime-
    an unlawful Punk who has backhanded
    every hard-working, legal American citizen,
    redistributed THEIR wealth,
    stolen their simple peace of mind & constitutional freedoms
    to reward cronies & waywardness as HE deems fit.

    Presidente’ TurdBall is flying non-stop on the taxpayers dime
    fund raising & refueling his marxist tank to remain in demolition mode.

    This slime bag
    & taken more dumps 50,000 miles in the sky
    than he ever has on the ground in D.C.

    While whizzing & shizzing by
    like Super-Fly,
    he has fickle-fingered our Founders’ original intent
    & has shat on the heartland of America.

    Don’t look up
    & don’t look down, America-
    there’s something on your shoe.
    For 6 years, this monster has been crapping all over us,
    getting perverse pleasure
    watching us wade through & drown in it.

    There aren’t enough Fanny Wipes in the world
    to clean up after this filthy slob.

    Hold your nose & scrape your shoes-
    vote OUT every pig who pushed ObamaCare on America,
    vote for EVERYONE who has the chutzpah to repeal it.
    THAT will finally break this rat’s free fall.

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  • April 11, 2014 at 10:04am

    Who had the stronger arm ?

    This woman who threw the shoe & unbelievably managed to miss
    Hil-LIAR-y’s big, fat doughy azz
    Hil-LIAR-y…when she threw that lamp at the White House
    narrowly missing Bubba’s bloated head
    & the poor Secret Service guy who witnessed it ?

    The woman should have scrawled the names of the
    Benghazi victims all over the shoe
    along with Sean Smith’s mother’s phone number…
    as to this day, I believe she is STILL waiting for Hil-LIAR-y’s
    return phone call.

    Listen to her trying to be funny & that hideous, phony laugh-
    surprised she didn’t blame the “right wing conspiracy”
    and Monica Lewinsky for the embarrassment ?

  • April 10, 2014 at 3:06pm

    The ONLY ones
    have been victims of ‘Unprecedented, Unwarranted, Ugly and Divisive Adversity’
    are the LEGAL American citizens !

    Wa-WAH Derelict Holder needs a BINKY & a shrink !

    This drip is an insult to his race & all of humanity.

    Race cards don’t hold any leverage anymore-
    been there, done that…
    he & his Regime Wimp have overplayed them.

    War on race, war on women, war on WHATEVER-
    what about THEIR War on the “LEGAL American Citizen” ?

    It’s time to boldly address THAT issue !

    Country FIRST, Citizens FIRST !

  • April 10, 2014 at 2:50pm

    I really admire smart, clever comedy minds
    but I will never understand the popularity of Colbert.

    He’s not funny, not endearing, not infectious-
    he always seems like he tries too hard
    and that’s not funny,
    but rather insulting to any sense of humor.

    The moment he shows up on something-
    the first reaction & definitive action is to go elsewhere.

    If CBS really wanted to dance on the edge,
    poke them in the eye,
    they should have thrown everything at Jay Leno
    to get him on board-
    the country would have cheered.

    Yeah, I know-
    Leno said he wasn’t interested in doing another show,
    his allegiance would always be with NBC…
    even after THEY mistreated him & his audience.

    Amazingly, this could have been CBS’s big get-
    if Leno truly loved his staff & audience which we have NO doubt,
    he would lose his NBC “loyalty”
    and moved on to another network.

    It would have been a ratings win for CBS, Leno & America-
    hooking a deflated nation up with their favorite funny guy…
    still reason to laugh despite all the malaise
    brought on by a corrupt administration
    clowns like Colbert still defend.

    Letterman was over long ago,
    the followup show with Greg Ferguson is a whole lot more entertaining-
    instead of moving him to Letterman’s slot,
    they drag over the annoying Colbert.

    Nobody listens to America anymore-
    not this radical administration
    nor its mindless network chumps.

  • April 7, 2014 at 6:20pm

    Cruz just isn’t “smart”,
    he is disarmingly smart…
    that trait goes a long ways in a nation & world
    full of political vipers.

    He has the wit of Will Rogers,
    the resonance of Reagan.
    the twinkling eye of John Wayne.

    His allegiance is to the citizen, country & Constitution.
    He serves them first & foremost.
    He has the integrity to stand his ground, never to break that trust.

    THAT America, is the mark of a rising & recognizable leader !

    We need hundreds more like him.

  • April 4, 2014 at 2:10pm

    How about, as a woman, apologizing to
    a young woman named Monica Lewinsky
    who was disparaged & destroyed by both you and your lecherous husband…
    let’s start THERE Hag !

    We see how this is all playing out-
    as race was to Obama,
    gender is to Hil-LIAR-y…
    she so badly wants to make the history books
    by becoming the 1st female president
    and her pervert husband, Bubba’ Hefner
    wants to crash the White House again
    so he can use it as his power bunny mansion…
    “Goober Gone Wild” !

    The Clintons have left ENOUGH dirt & dead behind-
    they should NEVER be allowed back
    under ANY circumstances !

  • April 4, 2014 at 1:55pm

    WGAC !

    Who gives a crap !

    “MY dog’s bigger than your dog”…
    and his dog’s mother probably wears army boots !

    Oh, that razzle-dazzle Raz-Putin-
    how he loves to mess with the American presidents,
    his statement to George Bush about Barney WAS true-
    his dog is bigger, faster, stronger
    so ya’ cant call him a liar on that one-
    unless Barney had super powers the public was not aware of ?

    Take O’Butterballs’ dog Bo-
    technically, even he will tell you, Bo is MaMichelle’s dog.

    People at the White House are amazed how the “Cad-in-Chief”
    totally ignores the dog,
    never gives him any affection,
    never tosses him a ball or bone….

    Barney was the twinkle in President Bush’s eye-
    he could always count on his unconditional love.

    The ole’ saying,
    “You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals”
    still runs true.

    Quite the opposite with the obsessive O’Butterballs-
    HE demands unconditional love even after he has shat on
    every freedom & liberty
    American citizens work & fight hard to preserve.

    Remember that tantrum he threw,
    when he whined that “THEY treated him like a dog” ?

    He should only wish it was true.

  • March 29, 2014 at 8:57am

    So “Cannonballs Putin” rings up Butterballs Obama”-
    kinda’ like Gen. George Patton checking in on Gomer Pyle ?

    Greetings from one thug to another-
    Hard-azz Putin is de-boning O’ Butterballs day by day.

    Say what you want about Nationalist Thug Putin-
    there is no doubt that this guy loves his country…
    the same can’t be said about our Wimp-in-Chief”.

    Putin KNOWS real Americana have no appetite for O’ Butterballs.
    He took the well-loved ingredients out of our melting pot
    & replaced it with his own brand of socialist sauce…
    a CROCK pot full of “Redistribution Ratatouille”.

    So in Putin’s mind, the Wimp should stay out of his kitchen
    and mind the mess in his own.

    The world & all its leaders are laughing at O’Butterballs-
    He has NO record abroad nor at home….
    NO recipe except FAILURE.

    They don’t give a flying bowl of Pasta Fazoo what he thinks !

  • March 27, 2014 at 9:00am

    The Pope should have opened up the chest & dumped
    the sacred seeds all over O’Butterball’s head.

    Can you imagine, seeds from MaMichelle’s garden-
    I wonder which one of her high paid staff members
    drew the short straw
    & ended up picking & sorting out seeds ?

    Most likely, the First Fraud Family
    ordered them from a Burpee Seed catalog
    & dumped them into White House Stationary envelopes,
    labeled by one of Queenie’s staff calligraphers.

    I guess the Pope should be pleased-
    O’Butterballs could have presented him the same gift he gave Queen Elizabeth-
    that repulsive iPod filled with “ALL” his historical words & speeches…

    Garden seeds or an iPod full of Commie Crapperoni
    DO have something in common-
    both are swaddled in shhhhhhh… for growth
    and require a shovel to dig & remove.

    Look at those pretentious photos-
    he looks like he’s got a wafflemaker up his WaZoo…
    O’Butterballs is in complete denial that
    the Pope & Putin are more popular than he.

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  • March 26, 2014 at 6:30pm

    I’m so sick of this untouchable, smug grump-
    he is an INSULT to all decent American legal citizens…
    the same fool who said,
    he could smell the “ripe stench” of the tourists visiting the Capitol.

    The dirty, lying liberal stench is vaporizing our nation
    & this dirt bag, along with Pelosi, Obama & Co. is responsible.

    Stick your out-of-joint nose in your stinky armpit Scary Harry,
    if you ever find a way to get it out of Oblameo’s crotch !

    Once & for all…MAN UP…
    ObamaCare is a disaster, always was, ALWAYS will be.
    There’s always an excuse,
    now, you’re blaming people for being internet dummies.

    Blame the source, itself…THAT is where it belongs.

    After millions, more like billions of taxpayer dollars
    funding a disastrous mistake,
    setting all the failures up with personal, lifetime wealth,
    almost $700 million
    to Michelle’s college friend, hired to originally set up the website-
    she failed big time but still managed to walk away all the richer.

    All Oblameo’s costly campaign to save a clunker
    with no road map, no engine & NO gas…
    GIVE it UP, Grumpster-
    GET it OFF the ROAD
    TOW it to the big, liberal salvage yard in the sky.

    Quit INSULTING America with your moronic mentality !

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  • March 26, 2014 at 5:22pm

    Presidente O. Butterballs & First Lady Bertha Butt…
    what a revolting, classless pair of repugnant losers !

    I tell ya’ Ma & Pa Kettle’s ole’ jalopy has MORE class-
    as a matter of fact THEY would be a better First Couple.

    The pastry chef who was hired by Laura Bush just recently up & left-
    said he was tired of hearing the Butt Queen squawk
    about creating all desserts sugar free with guava & crapola.

    He’s a freaken’ PASTRY chef-
    he was destined to deal with sugar, butter & cream
    & Queenie was stifling his creative joy…
    good for him !

    Let her wimp husband, Presidente O’Butterballs
    whip up his own Sweet Potato Pie….
    and SHOVE it in her scowling face.

    America needed a real Leader with a classy wife-
    we needed Allen West & his lovely wife
    and look what we got…
    they can’t be gone SOON enough.

    Pass the creampuffs !

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  • March 22, 2014 at 12:48pm

    She took a party of 70-
    subtract 4 for the Queen , the Ma & the 2 rugrats
    & that’s still 66 left unaccounted for…
    did anybody catch Beyonce’ & her entourage jumping on board ?

    How ’bout that fat pig, Harvey Weinstein ?

    What about Ellen DeGeneres-
    did her recent plug for the failed ObamaCare
    get her a free pass to tag along ?

    Who are all of these “other” people ?
    They are ALL scarfing off the taxpayers-
    the only winner is the “Wimp-in-Chief”…
    he gets to stay behind & plow down 7 kinds of White House Pie
    without his ole’ hag giving him the stink eye.

  • March 22, 2014 at 9:37am

    She said if they won reelection, they were going to party like there was no end.

    Couple that with the embarrassment her hubby caused at the Mandela memorial
    with that “selfie” & the hot, blonde Dane-
    Michelle “extended” her vacay with her posse,
    supposedly inked a 15 million book deal
    & squeezed the hubster’s balls by forcing him into some kind of deal
    where she’d return to the White House, carry on her chosen duties,
    push ObamaCare til’ it crippled the country
    & never, outside of the public limelight,
    give her disgusting husband the time of day.

    She wins all the way around,
    will travel & party her behind off-
    jet set memories to bank for her book.

    Forget about her upper arms, now she has the upper hand
    to milk her husband, title & the taxpayer for all she can.

    The Obama’s are phonier than the Clintons-
    he & she will grab whatever they can while the getting is good
    they have destroyed the middle class
    while elevating their own agendas.

    You never see them interact with senior citizens-
    the ones whose MediCare was gutted & whose health care plans & prescriptions
    have skyrocketed
    forcing them to choose between medication or a healthy bag of groceries.

    You never see them interact with older Veterans-
    the ones they barricaded from the memorial.

    They hang with dumb, liberal, hip-hoppers. & Chicago slugde.

    Michelle’s trying to upstage Princess Diana-
    who was more empathic & classy than she will ever be.

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  • March 21, 2014 at 12:41pm

    Walker is proof that the effort & outcome is not lost.

    He’s completely changed the dirty,lying liberals agenda 360 degrees…
    of course, nobody in ObamaMedia wants to acknowledge or report it.

    The filthy, biased, liberal NY Times did it scarcely & unwillingly
    because not to would be committing complete journalistic suicide-
    don’t expect much more from them.

    Gingrich said months ago not to overlook a Governor such as Walker
    boarding the presidential bandwagon-
    he’s got a proven record, no one can dispute.

    The bloody media already put him through him through their smear campaign
    when he ran for that office, so let’s just say, he would already be
    pretty much immune to their poisonous pitchforks.

    He has been invaluable in restoring common sense & logic to the state of Wisconsin,
    against all odds-
    every state should be so lucky to have such a public servant.

    Not every public servant is a leader
    but Scott Walker proved he is both-
    a man of his word & conviction…
    America recognizes that no matter how much the liberal press ignores it.

  • March 19, 2014 at 8:15am

    This CREEP is an anti-American monster.

    Country & Citizens FIRST, blowhard…
    THAT’S how it’s suppose to work in America.
    He wants to wipe out the heart of the nation,
    the hard-working, law-abiding citizen to reinstate his version of utopia
    at the costs of those very citizens he takes immense pleasure crapping on.

    It’s ALWAYS been his plan…redistribute & redesign.
    He’s an evil S.O.B. & yet, he wonders why sane America despises him.

    Oblameo, Pelosi, Reid are all deliberal-ate liars.

    Someone needs to remind them of their bogus “concern” for all the
    grannies & elderly. Why has the liberal press NOT asked any of them
    about the following lie taken directly from his SOTU address ?

    He stated:
    “Already, because of the Affordable Care Act…
    More than 9 million Americans have signed up for private health insurance or Medicaid coverage…
    And we did all this while adding years to Medicare’s finances, KEEPING Medicare premiums flat, and LOWERING prescription costs for millions of seniors.”

    Excuse America, ya’ lying creep-
    seniors saw their premiums & prescription prices SKYROCKET-
    by $1000.00 & more.
    To add insult to injury-
    the dirty, lying liberals
    gutted hard-earned MediCARE recipients to pay for socialist MediCAID slobs
    & then slapped seniors with the excess tab…just as predicted.

    Their livelihood & resources have been rattled & robbed
    with Oblameo’s snake oil lies.
    Where is Pelosi & Reid’s outrage NOW ?

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