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  • November 26, 2014 at 12:09pm

    I don’t care what color he is
    this guy has a beautiful heart & mind-
    comforting shades of Dr. Ben Carson…
    securely in control of his own sensibilities & capabilities,
    unwilling to wallow & be swallowed up by organized imbeciles.

    The world has plenty of wise men & women like Watson
    in ALL colors, all ages-
    their thoughtful voices NEED to drown out the calculating & manipulative.

  • [28] November 21, 2014 at 8:45am

    THAT is the Royal Nincompooper’s reason to rule.
    His bogus-driven “Audacity of Hope” has propelled into the Audacity of HELL.
    He’s done everything in his power to eschew decent citizens
    & our Constitution,
    forsaken America’s love & respect for REAL leadership
    to seduce illegals & sympathize with terrorists…
    the quintessential progressive-pimpled CAD
    “looking for love in ALL the wrong places”
    at the COST of a beloved nation.

    This tyrannical turdball knows NOT how to calm & cure a crisis-
    he’s only capable of causing and creating them…
    from the U.S.A. to the Middle East & everywhere in between.

    The self-proclaimed healer is merely a mad socialist scientist
    concocting acidic formulas
    to throw in the face of America, Israel & all we, the sane hold sacred
    while writing 3rd grade pen pal letters to Iranian monsters…
    one obsessed radical to another.

    His abuse of power has no limit
    without border, free-range radical wrangling-
    b!tch-slapping & strangling all & any law that gets in his face.
    NOW, he MUST be stopped…
    Boehner needs to do his job or allow & support Cruz, Lee, Sessions,
    the handful of other wise patriots to take the reins.
    America has had enough !
    Abuse is ugly & it comes in ALL forms…
    it’s TIME to set this arrogant out-of-control, lawless POS straight !
    COUNT on CRUZ & Co. & Mark Levin to “educate” him
    once & for all !

  • [7] November 15, 2014 at 10:39am

    Frankly, America is sick of this Royal Nincompooper
    protecting the interests and bank accounts of egotistical chumps
    like Mark Zuckerberg, Harvey Weinstein & Warren Buffet-
    all four & more who assume THEY know what’s best for America
    when it’s pure selfish greed & hack politics on their part.

    Read this:

    Not only does Buffet own the railway hauling oil from Canada to the Gulf-
    tankards are in such demand that he now owns the companies the make them…
    yup, it’s all about the money-
    in this case Buffet’s money
    and Berkshire Hathaway stock that
    has probably somehow found its way into this punk president’s portfolio…
    and these know-it-all wonderboys
    wonder why
    America finds them absolutely repulsive ?

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  • [10] November 13, 2014 at 6:19pm

    She’s a lying old hag-
    she’s an INSULT to women and America…
    the same ole’ SnagglePuss who claimed “racist slurs”
    on the Capitol steps when she paraded her big phony azz
    up to carry out one of the greatest snow jobs on the nation & decent American citizens,
    the same faux Catholic who donned a Gina Lolabrigida headscarf
    while seeking a personal meeting with Pope John
    only to be told he wasn’t interested in her or her ungodly charade.

    Somewhere along the way
    someone forgot to explain to this witch
    the true definition
    of an honorable public service.

    Another presumptuous hag…without honor-
    that’s all she is and will ever be
    and she can’t throw the “sexist” card
    because good, decent men AND women DESPISE her !

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  • [41] November 12, 2014 at 9:33pm

    Why did she allow herself to cave into the bullies & say “sorry” ?

    It sort of defeats her whole purpose for speaking the truth-
    that is part of the problem-
    apologizing to quench the liberal blood thirst
    and hand them the truth baton to beat you with incessantly.

    Everyone knows Charter schools are what schools used to be
    years ago. there are waiting lists for concerned parents to get their kids into them-
    the only alternative is home schooling which continues to grow.

    Public schools have become all about the unions-
    using the battle cry, “it’s all about the children” for their own mercy.
    Charter schools have forced the public school system
    to reconcile with their own
    selfishness & constant whining for more funds, less accountability
    and dismal results…
    is it any wonder they disparage the Charter school system ?

    I have heard more parents who send their children to Charter schools
    say that when school is out on Friday-
    the kids spend all weekend waiting for Monday to roll round
    because they can’t wait to get back to school…imagine THAT !

  • [8] November 11, 2014 at 6:31pm

    Robot-Obama doing his thing with the teleprompter-
    nobody believes this fool, nobody trusts him.

    All one has to do is remember
    that his disgusting POS barricaded eighty-year-old Veterans from their monument
    when Cruz held his feet to the fire over a shutdown-
    only to learn that Oblameo had already made that decision weeks before,,,
    against America’s beloved Veterans.

    I don’t believe one word that comes out of his nasty, little pie hole.

    I still want to know if he’s ever been to Gettysburg or Mt. Vernon ?
    Someone in the press needs to ask him, point blank.

    We know, just recently as President, he skirted the opportunity to honor
    Gettysburg’s 150th historical commemoration.
    We know, he never mentions George Washington unless he “uses” him
    to satisfy his own superiority.

    Whenever it comes to the military, George Bush is clearly & visibly moved.
    I can guarantee, barricading eighty-year-old vets from monument
    would never EVER enter his mind…
    THAT’s the difference
    and we ALL know it.

    Happy Day to OUR beloved Vets !

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  • [4] November 8, 2014 at 5:46pm

    Ugh !
    Pardon me while I puke…again !
    The president of the U.S.A. is a freaken’ idiot
    and total embarrassment.

    While singing with Willie-
    the Outlaw-in-Chief looks like he’s pretending to ride a horse.
    “Little Joe-Obama” does the Ponderosa !
    Giddy-Up, Gumby !

    Spare us all-
    Don’t ever let him stray too far from Al Green or Jay Z.

    Truly. think of all the awards & honors he’s given out to musicians-
    does anyone think the Royal Nincompooper
    EVER actually listened to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Dylan or Willie ?

    You can tell a lot about a person from his record collection
    or bookshelves-
    trust your gut
    that NONE of these legendary musicians were in HIS collection
    we all KNOW what kind of radical crap
    was collecting pixie dust on his bookshelf.

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  • [43] November 7, 2014 at 6:50pm

    The ONLY action America wants to see is
    BUILD the Fence…SECURE the Border !

    NOTHING else gets “REFORMED” until THAT is accomplished.

    Of all the evil & corrupt mess this lying monster has put us through
    on every scale-
    the one that stings is his premeditated move
    to barricade eighty-year-old veterans from their monument.
    REMEMBER that every day,
    especially on Veterans Day come Tuesday.

    This turdball can’t find it in himself to barricade illegals, thugs & terrorists
    from our border
    but went out of his way to barricade our finest from a memorial to their
    service & honor…
    forever unforgivable.

    Let the radical ROT & squirm in his own evil !

  • [21] November 2, 2014 at 8:17am

    Does anyone teach their rugrats to respect the elderly anymore…
    how about the “Golden Rule” ?

    Simple teaching-
    those words separate the Good Samaritans like Taylor
    from the heartless goons like this creepy, little coward
    and anyone else abusive of all people & power…
    including political punks.

    Get your act together, LOSERS-
    join the human race of goodness & kindness
    or in return, prepare yourself for neither.

  • [68] November 1, 2014 at 5:35pm

    The race baiters
    are purposely selfish & dutifully ignorant
    to the universal code of conduct-
    3 SIMPLE words…
    “Character NOT color”
    THAT is the American way, THAT is the Christian way.

    THOSE words are NOT in their playbook-
    because they don’t temper their fury or feed their frenzy.

    It’s like cryin’ wolf-
    NOBODY with ANY dignity hears them anymore
    & nobody cares…
    let them spit, sputter, threaten to shakedown
    stew & spew amongst themselves.

    Takers vs. the Givers-
    Come Tuesday…
    America is moving on & ahead…righteously WITHOUT them !

  • [1] October 31, 2014 at 6:41pm

    She’s nothing but a selfish, purposeful ignoramus-
    the same imbecile who was bribed up to her lying Landrieu gills
    to push & pass Obamacare.

    Now, this corrupt twit is forced to take a page
    from Valerie Jarret’s “Paypack” program…
    isn’t it amazing to see such a government sloth
    spitting, kicking and diggin’ in her heels
    like the hoofs of the Democratic Donkey
    to hold onto power….power that she so freely abuses.

    THAT thought is scary-
    but not apparently as scary
    as Landrieu’s realization that she will soon NO longer
    be able to ride the political gravy train
    and abuse her power to belittle country & legal citizens
    the way her divisive boy king has done…
    the democratic dominoes are falling
    and this filthy drip is STILL oblivious to it all.

    Remove & REPENT…ya’ big effin’ LOSER !

    America DESERVES better !

  • [2] October 29, 2014 at 10:25pm

    Forget chickensh!t-
    Oblameo is in way over his crown
    his henchmen, like their boy king
    are in a constant, rolling bubble stage of bullsh!t 24-7
    with insipid responses like this…

    “I’m not sure there is a proper context for those comments because they are in such direct opposition to the administration’s policy,” Earnest said.

    “Direct opposition” ?
    More like EXACTLY in line…with this sewage regime !

    Just whose leadership does America crave-
    Netanyahu’s loyal leadership to his country & people
    or the Royal Nincompooper’s
    failed, disgraceful leadership to all but his own deranged ego ?

  • [46] October 17, 2014 at 9:40am

    As quoted…
    “Brand finally leaves the building, ending his video by accusing Fox News of manipulating statistics to support an agenda.”

    he had the right motivation but the WRONG venue…
    this grizzled crapster’s should have been OUTSIDE the White House
    which has manipulated, maligned & muddied
    decent American citizens
    and Constitution
    from day one.

    This Brit wiseguy, radical Islamist sympathizer
    needs to go take proper tea with Jihad Johnny
    and let us know if he gets a chance to ever do the same again…
    in his homeland.

  • [6] October 15, 2014 at 7:54pm

    She’s a weirdo-
    just like her husband…
    trying so hard to be cool
    that they forsake any ounce of class.

  • October 15, 2014 at 9:37am

    if only their fight against ISIS and radical Islam
    was as forceful & strong
    as their fight against climate change…
    and these radical Royal Nincompoopers in the White House
    wonder WHY they get no respect ?
    ISIS is decapitating western civilization
    while political cronies & hacks are capitalizing on climate change…
    within the law of survival,
    which is the bigger threat ?
    These idiotic turdballs would have the world believe it’s climate change-
    truly, it’s NOT even a factor
    if the good are wiped off the face of earth by swords of evil.
    Racism, women & climate change-
    the only cards left in their dirty, liberal stacked deck-
    each & every one has fumed, faltered & failed…
    America is SO much brighter than these stupid card sharks
    PURPOSELY fail to realize.
    We saw what the Dope-in-Chief did with the Gulf Oil Spill,
    his first crisis-
    he ran & hid,
    admitted that he never called the BP CEO until 60 says aftermath.
    Even before, even then,
    the writing was on the wall-
    he’s out to steamroll America & the Constitution
    to browbeat & force his own radical agenda…
    leave it to someone else to “plug the holes”
    while barbarians are having their way with the rest of the world,
    this FAILED leader
    is worried about climate change ?
    God knows, the good earth will survive ALL progressive, scientific pomposity-
    but “what the hell difference does it make”
    if its gentle people fall under the cruelty of the ISIS axis of evil ?

  • [19] October 10, 2014 at 8:45am

    Paltrow is JUST like her Boy King-
    SO righteously impressed with herself, so full of herself.
    Her reason for being is to tell everyone else how to live.

    What has she in common with any working mother
    who desperately tries to siphon her paychecks to save an odd dollar or two
    in a knee sock-
    to splurge on her kids’ birthday gifts
    or to sock away for for their college eduction ?

    ANYONE who can still defend the “Royal Nincompooper”
    after what he’s done to our country
    and gush like an untamed juvenile
    certainly does not have any deep-rooted allegiance
    to a country which gives her a license to show her stupidity.

    Listen to what these people say-
    as with drips like Paltrow,
    even Tom Hanks said, “Obama is a GREAT president”…
    with statements like that, they deserve to be ignored & ridiculed.

    Oh, it’s fine & dandy,
    personally, to declare him to be a great friend or a great guy
    but DON”T claim he’s a great president
    & then expect anyone with half a brain & half a patriotic heartbeat
    to respect your inflated, infantile opinion
    & still pay to see one of your horrid “working mother/father” films
    of which you are paid more than the commoner
    working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet…
    outside of Brentwood & Malibu.

    Earth to Paltrow…grow up or shut up…..preferably BOTH !

  • [35] October 9, 2014 at 9:03am

    This is ABSOLUTELY sickening !

    Anyone working under this incredibly corrupt & incorrigible administration
    has NO problem finding the “contact” number for “patriotic” Tea Party/Conservative
    members & groups when they want to whack their knees with the IRS baton.

    Nor, do they have any problem finding the “contact” number
    when they illicit fundraisers to feed their liberal, radical coffers.

    The “Rpyal Nincompoopers” edict-
    “Do it my way or feel my wrath while I remove you from “MY” government”
    has purged Generals, Commanders & many of the amazing, diligent, career agents
    in the FBI, State Dept. & Counter-Terrorism.

    The ones Oblameo has not yet purged
    have left on their own accord-
    sickened & disgusted by the shifty charade in D.C.

    Ask any of them personally,
    as I have in my own family & they will tell you, adamantly
    that they respect the fortitude of Bill O’Reilly & Greta
    over ANY imbecile in this administration
    wiping the facts & the fanny of the Boy King.

    For all those talking heads who warn people to
    “shrink & shrug”-
    SHAME on you…
    this is NO time to silence up !
    THAT silence & mindset has gone on for TOO long,
    finally, causing the citizenry uprising of the TEA Party.

    Thank God for Mrs. Doherty’s fearless voice,
    thank God for Greta, O’Reilly & Fox News.

    No wonder the “Gutless Wonder” in the White House
    is obsessed with Fox News-
    even in the Oval Office, they keep him CORNERED like a mad, rabid rat.

  • [7] October 2, 2014 at 9:22pm

    The ONLY ” fanged threat to the freedom of the American people”
    is coming from this vulgar “Viper-in-Chief”.

    Ask anyone who works at the White House
    and they will tell you Fox News is on nonstop 24-7.
    In fact, for an administration which seems to be totally obsessed with Fox News
    and yet, TOO damn stupid to take a clue from any of them
    is beyond moronic.

    Fox News has been telling the
    “Royal Nincompooper” in the White House what he must do,
    schooling him on how to be a LEADER…for FREE
    and the haughty dope is still too dumb to comprehend.

    The “BRILLIANT” Obama ?
    He is either brilliantly mindless or mindlessly brilliant
    because EVERYTHING he has done
    has been been nothing but a resounding F-A-I-L-U-R-E !

    Fox News assumes MORE of a LEADERSHIP role for our nation
    than the fanged flubberbutt in the White House.

  • [16] September 19, 2014 at 9:14am

    It’s what lunatics & liberals do-
    they project their own most despicable characteristics on others
    to lighten THEIR load & relieve their deviant culpability…
    a coward’s masquerade,
    deflecting & denying their sour & scum within.

    Who gives a flying skywriter’s crap
    what a sleazeball like Ayers has to say….about ANYTHING ?

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  • [5] September 16, 2014 at 6:49pm

    Constant like the North Star-
    Cruz puts America & her citizens first.
    Unlike all the other conflicted idiots, he’s concerned & comforting.

    Conflicted Rand Paul is trying to appease everyone in every situation.
    Dope Rubio sent a letter to the Boy King telling him it was just fine with him
    if he “acted” without the support of Congress.

    Look & listen to Cruz-
    he along with Sen. Sessions, Lee & Gowdy are formidable LEADERS…
    they have looked & listened to America.

    They have battled the IRS, Illegal immigration, Obamacare and now, the ISIS crisis
    on behalf of the citizens & nation…
    the mark of REAL public servants, statesmen & leaders !
    Cruz IS the shining star…constant, steady & true…ready to LEAD !

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