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  • [4] August 20, 2014 at 9:44pm

    Maybe Holder, Obama & Spike Lee should trade their day jobs for a 3 month
    stint on a police force…
    let’s see how quickly they change their tune
    when these paper pushing punks
    deal with soulless street punks.

    After that, they can sign up for boot camp
    to gain respect for the military whom they abhor just as much as the police.

    Apparently, they are the entitled authoritty,,,and NO one else.

    Talk about restraint-
    let us not forget that it was Holder & his boss Janet Reno
    who set Waco afire by sending in tanks…
    oh, guess that was “different”,
    they were all white children & women.

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  • [1] August 20, 2014 at 9:27pm

    R-E-A-L-L-Y !
    How many times does one need to use “really” in a sentence
    to really get his point across ?
    Beck has turned into a Valley Girl.

    Case point #1
    “We are going to be doing some shows in the next 18 months
    that I think you will really, really, really enjoy,” he told the audience.

    Case Point #2
    It gave me an idea,” Beck said. “As an ode to him, we’re going to shoot a short, probably six or eight minute film on Jesus that is very different,
    that I think you will really, really like. And we’re going to film it on Orson Welles’ personal camera.”

    “Really, really, really”
    is about as fruitless & redundant as
    a thousand exclamation points or question marks
    used at the end of the sentence.
    1 “really” & ! punctuation mark is meant to hold its own,
    1000 of them dilute their singular strength.

    The only worse thing is hearing some grown adult
    constantly using the phrase “Yummy, yummy, YUMMY”…
    like nails on a chalkboard.

    This statement was “really, really, REALLY” the kicker-
    “And we’re going to film it on Orson Welles’ personal camera.”
    Beck likes to buy things & instead of being quietly, personally gratified,
    he feels the need to blab about them…so juvenile !

    How’s this for “reaL” ?
    If Beck ‘really, really, really” wants to WoW us-
    shoot a short, probably six or eight minute film of Orson Bean
    playing the multi-roles of Jesus, Joseph & Mary-
    then film it on Orson Welles’ personal camera.
    Say cheese !

  • [12] August 20, 2014 at 9:10am

    If Glenn is still taking questions…here is mine.

    How can a man so intuitive, so cognizant of history,
    a soldier of truth & facts be so small-minded ?

    Skip the “Teddy Bear Border Brigade”
    & all the other major stuff-
    if you really want to know what deflated the Beck balloon.
    it was his picky, scab-infested whining about other things.

    Beck turns into Marcia Brady-
    with his juvenile approach to that whole debacle about the
    rare, collectible George Washington book he sent to Romney
    of whom he used his airwaves & blog to excoriate
    for never following up with a “Thank You” note.

    I don’t care if it involved Mitt Romney or Mittens-the-Kitten,
    to do that on his public forums & not quietly personally inquire
    about it was NOT classy-
    bitter shades of a shakedown artist-
    very small, very petty, extremely disappointing !

    Worse than all was his dispirited view & account of this past 4th of July-
    claiming the nation no longer has reason to celebrate
    the holiday, the fireworks, the spirit of America.
    Even though Beck was speaking from his own frame of mind-
    the FRAMERS, he has magnificently portrayed in past work
    must have been writhing in the Independence Hall of Heaven…
    it was TOTALLY a downer, TOTALLY devastating
    to hear such dour & doom
    about America’s #1 day of glory & celebration…
    like dumping the sweet, shiny baby out with the stinky bathwater.

    Beck IS only human-
    we respect the grit & dread the drama.

  • [112] August 19, 2014 at 9:23am

    These are the same moronic imbeciles
    that have taken this event to protest & raise the Palestinian flag
    across U.S.A. cities & tie it in with their anti-semite rage.

    The ONLY common cause is their stupidity & their repugnant arrogance
    to separate the truth from their skewered sense of justice.

    Their reprehensible rehearsed lies-
    Brown was shot in the back,
    the world now knows he was shot from the front.
    The “No hands, don’t shoot ” stance & cry-
    if this happened & all witnessed it,
    where were their ObamaPhones to capture the photo ?

    Organized chaos, Obama’s forte’-
    just like the incident on Capitol Hill when Pelosi
    & her ilk claimed racial slurs…NEVER verified.

    They consider the video of the thug smacking around the shop clerk
    moot, an assassination of character-
    Brown assassinated his OWN character by his actions & rap sheet
    of previous deviant crime while his “loved ones” continue to allow him
    to carry on.
    Apparently, they never taught him the Golden Rule !

    The video & his record show a pattern of disrespect for the rule of law
    & basic humanity,
    it’s all part of what eventually led to his own demise.

    Funny, how it’s fine for libs to pull the “Video Card” when it came to
    Benghazi Spin-ghazi but shun it in this case ?
    They live by their own rules & unfortunately die by them.

    In the meantime, the young officer-
    who had ONLY records of achievement
    is being framed & lynched by a mad dog media.
    God knows !

  • [12] August 16, 2014 at 4:49pm

    To quote Dorothy,
    “We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto !”

    Decent, decent, decent…
    in a culture of out-of-whack indecency,
    void of morals & BHK-
    “Basic Human Kindness”,
    should all the decent folks sit back, tight-lipped
    & let the repugnant thugs & media
    rip, narrate & control the situation & lives of men doing their duty,
    forced to deal with unruly, vapid souls
    in the best possible way so THEY too
    can get home safely to spend 1 more night with their loved ones ?

    The video shows the 6′ 4″- 294 pound derelict stealing
    & then slapping that brave, little clerk
    who tried to make it clear that he was committing a crime
    by helping himself to whatever he damn well wanted.

    It’s hard to hush when you’ve got Sharpton, Holder, O’Butterballs
    & the Black Panthers dominating the media-
    & THESE are the ones who constantly cry that America needs to
    “have a conversation” ?

    That video is as clear as can be
    & yet the racial screamers are now denying the thug is the same as the victim
    & claiming it was “doctored” to tarnish their big delinquent.

    This is self-inflicted craziness on their part
    & tainted by professional race bait.

    Vice versa,
    if that precious convenient store clerk would have been killed
    by their “gentle gian’t-
    NO one would have even heard about it.

    At least the guy was working, making a living,
    doing his job, just like the cop.
    next time tip them & thank them for serving you-
    decency & respect for tough jobs !

  • [38] August 15, 2014 at 3:12pm

    A 6 foot 4inch, 292 pound thief terrorizing a tiny store clerk…
    the same way he reached into the cop car,
    grabbing him. terrorizing him
    and yet his family, the press, the president and shakedown black activists
    can’t resist obstructing justice & obliterating the facts.

    Their lies, blind justice & appetite to convict are reprehensible.

  • [1] August 15, 2014 at 9:44am

    Ugh !

    Unlike Tim Russert who was always in search of the truth & facts
    without political spin & spumoni,
    the detestable, twisted, sweaty Todd
    is missing the 2 key factors that warm the American public to any host-
    the likability & respectability factor.

    There are others out there that could reboot the show
    but ironically,
    the suited progs are not clever nor desperate enough to
    look outside their own biased ring of fire.

    NBC doesn’t give a crap about America’s appetite for the truth
    they keep spoon feeding us gaseous crap-
    why should America care about them…
    NOBODY’s going to be watching Meet the Press.

    Let it wither away with all the other liberal network bull crap…
    a ratings loser for sure !

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  • [1] August 14, 2014 at 6:04pm

    “The tale of Two Obamas”…
    the babbling, diapered devil
    is the first to call for “transparency”
    & demand that the press be allowed to do their job
    and the least one to ever follow through-
    not one SMIDGEN
    on his own barking edicts.

    Messy pants stink to high heaven
    and this racist rugrat never changes them.

  • [22] August 7, 2014 at 8:29pm

    “When a country is so mishandled and mis-run that they have to build walls — be it virtual or literal walls to keep not people from coming in, but people from going out — that is a sign a country is about to go very dark,” Beck said.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…
    walls, walls, walls-
    just think of the ludicrous irony of it all/

    The tyrannical turd
    will build every kind of divisive, anti-American wall,
    “Barrycade” eighty-year-old veterans from their monument
    and yet,
    can still find NO reason to build a wall to secure our nation’s borders ?

    For all his “monumental brilliancy”
    proclaimed by Hollywood dunderheads,
    King George “O-ba-ba-be-bop” is arrogantly stupid or stupidly arrogant
    and usually both…
    NEVER to be more than a 2-bit shakedown community organizer.

  • [15] August 7, 2014 at 8:39am

    Really moderators ?

    Since when can you not say “B-u-t-t-h-e-a-d” ?

    On the barometric juvenile scale,
    who is more ridiculous-
    Beavis & B-u-t-t-h-e-a-d….or The Blaze ?

    One more stupid ruling like this on anyones’ post
    and I’m outta’ here !

    Muzzling & beatings with your Pathetic PC baton
    over such harmless words
    is quite frankly the antithesis of freedom & speech
    & what The Blaze claimed to be all about…
    “TRUTHfully” ingenious !

  • [49] August 7, 2014 at 8:16am

    HA !

    O’Butterballs has a pen & a phone,,,,and NOW,,,a BANANA !

    Looks like something straight out of “Beavis & Butthead”…
    as a matter of fact,
    out of Beavis, Butthead or O’Bammy-
    the first two would be more competent LEADERS.

    Thanks for the laugh Russia-
    now, get your azz OUT of the Ukraine !

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  • [58] August 6, 2014 at 9:12am

    Stay the course, Ben Shapiro…what a dynamo !
    He could be the love child of Sarah Palin & Mark Levin.

    Rula-what’s-her-name is all over the place with idiotic analogies-
    she’s insultingly stupid,
    calling Shapiro is a “facist”
    why ….because he deals in truth & “facts”.
    this lipstick dipstick needs to buy a dictionary.

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  • [3] August 6, 2014 at 8:13am

    Cranky & unhappy ?

    Wonder why ?
    Just take a look at the “leadership” CRANKS…

    O’Butterballs must have lent his girly wheels to Keystone Cop Kerry !

  • [26] August 2, 2014 at 5:44pm

    Why doesn’t Snaggle Puss tell us how many ILLegals
    she is swaddling & sheltering at her California vineyard ?

    Not a one !

    This stupid broad is an insult to women & America !

  • [18] July 28, 2014 at 9:56am

    Was there ever any doubt that Sarah Palin wouldn’t command her own network ?

    Eat your rotten hearts out…Jugs Behar & Tina Fey !

    Disrupting Mainstream media & leaving them in the dust:

    The only thing that would be sweeter
    is if this company ever went public-
    it would be an unprecedented smashing success
    because every Conservative In America would become a stockholder
    AND every greedy liberal loon like Pelosi & Reid
    would be begging for their chance to “buy in”.

    Everything Sarah touches is golden with artful, spirited love of country
    and NOBODY can deny that…
    NOW, TAPP needs to sign up Mark Levin !

  • [24] July 27, 2014 at 8:07am

    Judging by that photograph,
    it’s absolutely clear that Netanyahu has a firm grip on the situation
    & isn’t caving in on his strategy & objective one single bit.

    Netanyahu must have cracked every bone in Kerry’s hand & limp wrist-
    the whole Middle East vibrated.
    That smarmy look on Kerry’s face trying to hide the pain is SO precious.

    Standing next to & “dealing” with a genuine LEADER like Netanyahu
    only makes Kerry & Obama look more like the feckless wimps they truly are-
    perhaps that’s why they despise him so much.

    If one heard the just headlines with NO identifying countries,
    one who has spent millions, most likely U.S. aid to dig terror tunnels,
    plant weapons in schools & hospitals, kidnap innocent teenagers & civilians
    while the other just wanted to be left alone to reap a peaceful existence-
    NOBODY, no politician no media source would EVEN question
    which one was the devious aggressor.

    Netanyahu had the courage, grace & decency to phone the family
    of the Palestinian boy who was murdered-
    on the other hand, it never would occur to Hamas & the Palestinian Authority
    to do the same with the brutal abduction & murder of the three Jewish teenagers
    which purposely ignited their own doom.

    Netanyahu & Israel know that the very same good & decent Americans who
    value their country & Constitution are on his side
    despite what this rotten regime, the sordid media & planned protesters say & do-
    we CAN shake on that !

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  • [60] July 25, 2014 at 8:31pm

    One only has to look to ignorant, corrupt spitballs
    like Homes Norton & Cummings as reasons this great nation
    is in downward spin.

    They are pitifully stupid and despicably shameful !

  • [43] July 25, 2014 at 8:26am

    “NO taxation WITHOUT representation” !

    Except for true public servants like Sen. Sessions,
    who is such a superb, spirited statesman & Cruz-
    we are just not being misrepresented,
    we AREN’T being represented at all !

    This tyrannical turd is “representing” everybody
    BUT legal, hard-working, taxpaying American citizens,
    unlawfully & arrogantly doing it with OUR money.

    ALL of America needs to be actively kicking & screaming,
    not sitting back & waiting for the skies of doom to clear.

    Like a maniacal, manipulative, evil wizard-
    he’s turned American dreams into nightmares & illegal nightmares into dreams.

    Cruz said that the “Gang of Eight ” bill
    encouraged the surge pf illegals along with all side dish benefits
    because it promised them amnesty.

    Now, out of eight chumps,
    we have McCain, Graham & Rubio
    editing their very words.
    Rubip is the worse-
    this creep, after working hand in hand with La Raza
    is so effin’ selfishly ambitious that he will say & do anything to
    make you believe he sheepishly never “willingly” joined the “Gang of Eight”
    & thereafter never agreed to their bill-
    the same lying twerp who Schumer said, “he thought the world of”,
    I wonder why ?

    Now, Romney’s telling Hannity he’s not going to run but suggested
    Ryan, Jeb Bush & Rubio as viable candidates-
    funny, how they’re all Repukes & RINOs ?

    He never mentioned Tea Party contenders-
    Cruz, Paul, Lee, Gowdy & Sean let him slide.
    The RNC smells & rots !

  • [16] July 23, 2014 at 8:56pm

    Who would you hire to represent you & your business-
    “Captain Gavin McLeod Koskinen” or “Triple Threat Trey Gowdy” ?

  • [17] July 23, 2014 at 8:36pm

    “It’s insulting to America”-
    this coming from an insulting twerp who tried to dictate
    what size Gulp cup & how much salt is adequate for the peasants & peons ?

    Masters of the fine art of food redistribution & restriction-
    MaMichelle & Michael Bloomberg take the cake…
    right out of American mouths.

    Who cares what he says ?

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