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  • February 20, 2013 at 10:35am

    Mexican gov’t is basically owned lock, stock and barrel by the cartels. Do we really want _them_ knowing our personal info? I sure as heck don’t. Something needs to be done about this random sharing of Americans’ registration information.

  • February 20, 2013 at 10:33am

    Maybe they should get patriotic and take their own country back rather than simply abandoning it? Just saying….

  • January 30, 2013 at 7:49am

    Ruby Ridge happened under George HW Bush, Mr. New World Order himself (remember that speech he gave?); and Waco happened under Clinton. We have one-party government, with two factions – Socialist and Socialist Lite. Beck has even said so himself. Quit thinking this is about Republican VS Democrat — it’s corrupt gov’t VS the People. We haven’t had an honest administration in office since Abraham Lincoln.

  • January 24, 2013 at 12:34am

    It’s one thing if the The Blaze TV (of which I am a longtime subscriber, dating back to the Insider Extreme days) wants to attempt to debunk the Sandy Hook conspiracy, but it’s quite another to lump everyone questioning the incident into one giant pile and labeling them “Sandy Hook Truthers.” Either you are or you aren’t for “questioning” things that are confusing or otherwise make no sense, like Sandy Hook. There is is too much going on there, the gov’t being too secretive about this particular incident – much more so than the other ones, including Columbine. Some of us question whether it happened at all, while others (like me) don’t doubt that the event happened, but are convinced that a cover-up is happening in order to capitalize on this to create a public sentiment for disarming the country. Glenn himself said many times that a Reichstag event of some kind was bound to happen. When one does (and this is exactly what it is, whether it was staged or not), and people question it, they’re laughed-at on Glenn’s radio show and then we find out that Blaze researchers used Snopes (of all places) to debunk a majority of the points they brought up about the conspiracy itself. All conspiracies are just theories until they’re proven, and when the Blaze (which I supported wholeheartedly from the beginning) tries to pass this off as “debunking” is just amazing to me. What happened to the genuine curiosity and zest for “real” journalism? I doubt that I will renew my su

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  • January 23, 2013 at 7:51pm

    #1 — Using Snopes as a “go-to” for all your debunk sources is not debunking anything – here’s a breakdown of why Snopes isn’t the end-all/be-all in verifying sources — it consists of a man and a woman who use Google, and apparently they think that if it doesn’t show up on Google then it doesn’t exist. I’ve physically seen pages disappear after being scrubbed by Google. Read this
    #2 – You didn’t debunk Robbie Parker’s unusual laughter prior to his interview, you simply stated that he “composed himself” before going on. While I can’t say the man didn’t have any feelings for his now-deceased child, all I’m saying is that he reminds me of Scott Peterson, in the first first days after his wife’s disappearance. While Peterson sounded upset, he didn’t look like he’d ever shed a tear. We all know how that turned out. You didn’t debunk the guns Lanza carried, either, as NBC reported a couple of days ago that Lanza had 4 handguns, not an AR-15 and two handguns as you reported.
    #3 – You say “Truther” like it’s a bad thing to want to know the truth. The reason he media can’t get its story straight is because there was some kind of cover-up and a lie to start with. Did children really die? I believe that they did. However, I don’t buy for a moment that Lanza acted alone. If wanting to know the truth about a confusing incident like Sandy Hook makes me a truther, then I’ll get the T-shirt made

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  • December 24, 2012 at 2:33pm

    Libs are idiots in thinking that criminals register their guns. All they’re doing with this article is singling out legal gun owners. This convenient map is published for two reasons — 1. to turn neighbors against each other, and 2., to tell anti-gun protesters where to picket/protest (especially if some of these owners seem to be in the “1%”). I hope these gun owners sue that newspaper out of existence. Public information is legal to have, and the newspaper isn’t technically breaking the law, but it’s pushing the boundaries of it. This article treats gun owners like sex offenders. Boycott Gannett.

  • November 18, 2012 at 12:46am

    Maybe the GOP needs to read Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2&3 of the Constitution. If they don’t send enough Electoral College voters to quorum, guess what? Congress has to pick the president. If the GOP had any intestinal fortitude, they’d do whatever it took to turn this around. I think they’re mostly Progressive and if the states decided to not send electoral voters, it would expose the Progressive Republicans once and for all.

  • November 14, 2012 at 7:52pm

    Mr. Beck, I’m a big fan of yours & continue to be. However, when it comes to these petitions, I thought about the same things you mentioned – giving our real names to the WH, and so on. I came to two conclusions: 1., if you’ve ever posted *anything* negative on FB about this administration, they already know who you are – they’re in with Zuckerberg, everyone knows it. #2., Mr. Beck, you told us, your viewers, to “take a stand” — in other words, don’t be afraid to use our real names and protest what was going on. Your comments now go against that. We can’t just be “sunshine patriots,” we have to deal with the potential for bad things as well. That’s what being a patriot is all about. I didn’t sign the petitions only because I don’t think the WH will take them seriously. There’s some petitions on there asking humbly to legalize crystal meth, for example. I’ve already been vigorously throwing my real name out there for months on facebook, criticizing the current regime. so yeah, I fully expect a knock at my door one fine day. Until then, I’ll keep shouting as loudly as I can. ‘Nuff said.

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  • November 11, 2012 at 5:20pm

    Oh stop with the NDAA comments about Allen West. That’s more ‘Paulie Propaganda.’ They (Congress) were all sold a bill of goods, so to speak, as the NDAA was a larger package of stuff they renew every year. West questioned it, and was “misinformed” by the people selling him this bill (as were a large number of other Republicans) and they were also lied to about what “Indefinite detention” meant. I’m sure that knowing what he knows now, he’d take that vote back. Besides, Romney said he would have voted for it, too. Google it. Allen West is a good man and I’d trust him a LOT more than 99.9% of all the other jokers in the government,

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  • November 10, 2012 at 11:38pm

    Apparently 1 out 5 voters in Ohio are bogus – gee, that’s just enough to put Obama over the top in Ohio.

  • November 10, 2012 at 7:23pm

    You can prove it very easily – count & verify. What’s the matter, afraid the truth will come out? If Obama legitimately won, why not do so? Indulge us “racists.” It couldn’t hurt. Afraid people will find out that the Dems pulled off the greatest fraud in American history ? Oh, and those 54 people arrested (so far) for voter fraud have nothing to do with it. Nothing to see here, move on.

  • November 10, 2012 at 7:18pm

    Everyone I know online was saying on the morning of November 7th that we had just witnessed a Marxist takeover of our nation. It’s voter fraud. To question it is to be a “loser” or a “racist.” But this is our last fundamental right — to vote. Why do people think Dems wanted the voter ID laws tossed or defeated? Provisional ballot flooding and voter ID fraud. Kruschev once stated that America would be taken without firing a shot. Well, if we don’t at least LOOK at these irregularities and call for a second look, this is exactly what will have happened.

  • November 10, 2012 at 7:14pm

    Sure, some people stayed home rather than vote for either candidate, but 14 million Christians/Catholics/etc *knew* what was at stake here, yet they mysteriously stayed home or voted for Obama. After this president’s policies birthed multiple Tea parties and grass-roots activism never before seen in the GOP, do you really, truly believe that the American people voted to double down on failure? Really???? Don’t you find swing states’ voter turnout at 130% or greater very strange? This “let’s deal with it and move on” attitude is what got us into this mess. There’s a petition at calling for a recount of swing states. Maybe people should go there and sign it. 2 or 3 million signatures ought to do it. If people let this go, they’re opening the door wide open for yet more fraud and national malaise when it comes to voting.

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  • November 10, 2012 at 7:01pm

    Of course no one wants anyone to question these election results. The facts in the coming days will show that thousands of precincts all over the country were flooded with provisional ballots that would be thrown out if recounted and verified. If we can’t trust our own votes, we’re done. No one will show up to vote. It’s the last stop before we’ve totally become a banana republic. Doesn’t Glenn Beck say to “question everything”??? Well, lots of people are questioning _this_ turnout, and they have every right to. Our votes are the only thing keeping us “free.” If you’re ready to give that up, then go ahead and let Obama turn us into Haiti.

  • November 10, 2012 at 6:56pm

    Check this out – from St. Lucie County — 141% voter turnout. Local News channel reports lots of blatant irregularites here.

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  • November 10, 2012 at 6:51pm

    No, they need to do a recount. Many counties all over the place are reporting Obama winning in counties where voter tunrout is 110% to 141% of registered voters. Check out the Allen West recount – see for yourself. Problems in Ohio and Colorado, too. Amazing that even The Blaze isn’t talking about this.

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  • November 7, 2012 at 5:56am

    This is electronic machine tampering and voter fraud. Isn’t it convenient how virtually everyone that the Dems wanted out has lost by a handful of votes – including Mia Love and Allen West, both of whom were popular in the districts they were running for, with Mia Love a conservative in a conservative state. Sorry, I don’t think that Many Democrats turned up out of the woodwork in Utah. In Florida, maybe, but not in Utah. The razor thin margins are too consistent, even in red states. Something is really wrong here. Trump’s right – this election is a sham. Give Dems electronic voting machines, and they will make whatever result they want happen,

  • November 7, 2012 at 5:48am

    Yeah – a great day for voter fraud by the Chicago thugs.

  • November 7, 2012 at 5:30am

    Aren’t these razor-thin losses in so many states just amazing? It appears that both Mia Love AND Allen West have magically lost their congressional bids, despite the fact that they were *both* ahead in polling in their respective states. These candidates were popular, so how did BOTH of them lose? All the states Romney needed, he lost by a thin margin. I know the GOP base turned out in record numbers – long lines on TV & reported by friends across the country on Facebook. Mia Love – a conservative in a conservative state – has lost by a thin margin as well. There’s something really wrong here! I think it’s electronic voting machine tampering or some kind of fraud. It really looks like everyone whom the Democrats hated & reviled conveniently lost in a squeaker, doesn’t it?

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  • September 23, 2012 at 11:47pm

    After watching “2016,” it’s become clear to me that there’s a big problem in the White House, and BO’s latest inaction only serves to further prove D’Souza correct, IMO. So, knowing that this president is totally going against the grain and creating all this havoc in our country, alienating our allies and comforting our enemies, why is he still in office? Why haven’t more prominent people pushed for impeachment or bring charges of treason? Maybe Rev. Wright was right and America’s chickens have not only come home to roost, but there’s a fox waiting in the henhouse as well…?

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