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  • January 29, 2013 at 5:45am

    I watched the raw footage of the video several times and a wild guess might be that they’ve got an informer in some militia groups that leaked something about taking military-like actions against a government facility with a large number of trained men (maybe 50+) and the government is planning to counter it “OR” They could be planning a raid on a large militia group in the South that controls several buildings near a large metropolitan area.

    They’re having joint agency mock battles to see how they can make it more palatable to the Ameican media once it all goes down and to make sure they can control the media that gets wind of anything. I noticed a camera crew in the orange vests doing some PR shots of the spec ops in the Kiowas and several men dressed up like militia (I swear I saw several “militia” men with a palestinian scarfs) inside the school grounds. I also saw something that looked like an ATF uniform and the whole thing sort of reminded me of Waco.

  • January 25, 2013 at 8:30pm

    Could the Obama Administration be preparing the military for a European-like retructuring by getting rid of all the old guard patriotic military leaders. I wonder how enlistment rates are going to be effected by the openly serving gay issue and women in combat roles. If force levels fall accordingly, Obama might be using that as justification to set up a new program similar to Germany’s Wehrpflicht conscription and llabel it the new Civilian Conservation Corps in the spirit of FDR!.

    I heard Obama’s old communist green jobs czar talking on CNN about the need for a public service route for allowing illegals a new route to citizenship. With a new CCC, Obama could include control of all illegals, then indoctrinate all of America’s youth, maintain the welfare state over the 47% with Obamacare, and enlarge the Government even more. Could such a program be the beginning of Obama’s Brave New World!

    The purge is definitely continuing!

  • January 25, 2013 at 8:03pm

    By getting rid of all the old guard patriotic Generals, could the Obama administration be restructuring the Military to become more European? I believe that the issue of gays openly serving and women in combat roles could reduce voluntary military enlistments and cause Force levels to drop below acceptable limits. Could the president be preparing the country for a new program, one reminiscent of the old Civilian Conservation Corps and similar to Germany’s Wehrpflicht conscription.

    I can imagine Obama’s take on a new CCC… enlarging the size of the existing government even more and then advertised it as creating a new pathway to earn citizenship for illegals while purportedly repairing the aging infrastructure in America. Heck, he could even make it a part of ObamaCare and take more resources away from social security to placate the 47%+ so that he can maintain a dominating liberal voting bloc for the next socialist leader (assuming that he’s not made Dictator for Life…LOL!).