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  • October 18, 2011 at 3:43am

    Yes, most Mexicans are in love with their own country. Not a big secret. But what is a big secret is that there are a few of us of latin descent (notice I didn’t say I was Mexican because I was not born there thank God) that have to fight with our own extented families about how great this country is and how I am an American, born and raised. They hate the fact that my dad taught me how to be a patriotic American and a conservative. They hate the fact that I do not call myself a Mexican American or a chicana or even hispanic. They hate the fact that my father is from Puerto Rico and not from Mexico like my mother. They hate the fact that I completely assimilated from the day I was born. They hate the fact that I will never say I’m Mexican. They hate the fact that I love Elvis instead of Mariachi music. They really hate that I listen to country music and rock and roll. They say I sold out. They say I am not one of them. They back up their political beliefs with no facts just what they saw on CNN or Spanish news channels. We end up in real arguments during family gatherings. But thank God my dad had the foresight to move to a small town in Riverside California because he saw the Whites moving out and the Mexicans moving in not to mention the gang writings on the walls of local shops. Crime was moving in and he fled. But I was stupid I stayed behind, stayed in L.A. to finish college. A year later I was carjacked, robbed, and raped by a Mexican illegal. Close the border