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  • May 15, 2012 at 10:18pm

    Very blessed with the movie Courageous & Fireproof, God is really good..thanks for sharing and blessing my life with those movies. I can relate to both as I live my life a born again christian, I’ve already mentioned on my last comment to the Kendrick’s brother’s about hoping to be on the next project movie to reach out to the lost…my true life story of a troubled kid with a single mom that never stopped giving up on her troubled son…”prayer was the answer” for her and that comforted her by going to God all the way…then when she passed away, the troubled son turned his life around and went to bible school and moved forward with God…it took for God to take her for her son to see the light, but the fact that she never gave up “praying”…that was her key!…Praise God for praying Mom’s & Dad’s out there, despite the negative vibe’s from everybody…your labor was never in vain Mom..and I Thank God for you constantly…God bless everyone!..hoping to hear from you my Kendrick’s brother soon & God bless the Ministry! Faleu Barnabas Pule of American Samoa

  • May 15, 2012 at 10:00pm

    I’m a happily married man to my beautiful wife and wonderful gorgeous 4 kids, and I have to say that I cried through out the whole “Courageous” movie and it really touched my heart as a person whom grew up “without” a father. My biological father left me and my Mom when I was born, so it was my Mom whom raised me all my life. I Praise God for my lovely Mother for she did the best she could as a single parent, but there was something missing and of course it was a father figure. But it didn’t stop me from doing my best in life as well, when Mom passed away and gone to be with the Lord, I went to Bible school and moved on and got married and I now have my beautiful little family that I do my best as a “watchman” (Ezekiel 33) to guide them in Godly values the best way possible, I’m not perfect but I always seek God’s guidance daily…It’s my prayer request to my Kendrick Brother’s in Christ that one day very, very soon God-Willing that I would like to be in on the next project Christian movie that we’re “Praying” for Next. I really have the heart in “Reaching” the lost one’s out there and if anything to bring More Souls to the Kingdom of God, I would love to be there and be part of it. Praise God for what you continue to do for His Glory and touching the Lives of all of our brother’s and sister’s out there in Salvation and the ones still Lost out there that needs to be brought in. My Godly idea of a true story of a never give-up praying Mom for her trou