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  • April 15, 2012 at 12:10am

    Jesse Jackson is a token errand ‘person’ for the plantation whom has been his master since he changed his pro-life stand to a pro-kill pre-born black babies stand, calling it choice and freedom. He sold his soul and his fellow black brethren for a token place of power around the Democratic table of Statism. Look up the word Uncle Tom in the dictionary and it will refer you to two examples; Rev Jesse Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton, also excellent examples of the type of black ministers Margaret Sanger was looking for and illustrating when she began her genocidal plan of birth control of the unwanted, misfits,immigrants and negos, her words not mine, a plan better known as the “negro project”.
    Back to the point, the elitists of the plantation want to take the right to bear arms from the middle and working classes, for it is really important to them to disarm the lower classes, especially minorities, for that is who they fear the most, and they attempt to do this by saying they are protecting us… of course the elites have their own paid arm protection, protection not afforded to the poorer amoung of us.
    To repeal Jesse is to expose him for what he is, one of Black America’s worst enemies, he would sell his son for ten minutes on CNN, oh, that’s right he did… Jesse Jr….a sorry excuse for a congressman who also is busy selling his soul for his own 15 minutes of fame…