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  • May 5, 2013 at 10:17pm

    JWs back then believed that WW2 was the beginning signs of the battle of Armageddon, and they are still preaching the end is coming, any day now. 1914 was the beginning of the time of the end and the generation that saw WW1 would still be alive when the final judgment day of god came. 2014 marks 100 years of the Watchtower’s end of the world predictions– and nothing has happened , yet. JWs believe that 99.9% of the earth will be destroyed by God and only JWs will survive.

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  • April 27, 2013 at 1:12pm

    I once worked at a union foundry that made engine blocks for Chrysler- our foundry regularly received awards for producing the highest quality blocks in the USA, lowest costs and the lowest percentage of scrap. In 2005 Daimler started buying their truck engine blocks from Brazil. A year later, after our foundry closed, they cost of engine blocks doubled and that cost was passed on to the customer. They couldn’t even get one of those Brazillian made blocks to go 100,000 miles on their dyno before blowing up=solution? Change the test criteria and pass the blocks anyway. Chrysler wouldn’t work with our foundry to implement cost saving solutions, nope, they already had a deal to buy from Brazil- they paid more money for lower quality blocks and IMO, they got backdoor kickbacks sent to Germany- something they couldn’t achieve with a USA foundry.

  • April 27, 2013 at 12:59pm

    The postal service is in trouble , because Americans have stopped sending letters/cards (they email and text), business has stopped sending bills ( we use online bill pay, too) and our government has stopped mailing checks– direct deposit/debit card accounts. It was a common inside joke in the automobile industry that autoworkers could work for $1/hr and the car companies would have only lowered the price of a new car by $1000- labor in many cases isn’t the major cost for a business.

  • April 27, 2013 at 12:51pm

    I see a lot of unpaid big business/banker minions who employ nothing but ad hominem attacks here. We all must know that big business was behind NAFTA and all the other give away trade agreements that have created a real long term unemployment rate of over $15%.
    Unions fought against sending good jobs overseas, to no avail. Thanks to slick advertising, Americans prefer 20 pairs of cheap foreign made shoes in their closet instead of 3 or 4 pairs on American made shoes, which is how it used to be.
    Hostess wasn’t paying their scheduled pension payments either, so one more contract would have been another three years of unpaid pension payments. Individual workers weighted their options and in the end they individually decided they wouldn’t sell their labor to Hostess for the low ball wage offer they offered. Anyone who has been inside a bakery, knows it’s not a pleasant job.
    Businesses depend on taxpayer funded government scams like the earned income tax credit to provide an extra $3000+ in income to boost the poverty wages some businesses pay. It’s a neat trick how business offloads living costs of minimal wage workers onto the taxpayers, otherwise they might have to pay $10/hr or more to find help. Many Walmart workers get food stamps, free Obamaphones, medicade, HUD Section 8 housing and in return Walmart sells us cheap Asian made merchandise.
    Also, we need to index the minimum wage to Congressional salary increases, that might fix some of the injustice.

  • April 26, 2013 at 9:05pm

    It was actually a good business decision for the union members to vote NO, to more Hostess concessions. The company was in a planned death spiral and needed one more union concession to max out their profits, before they bankrupted the company on THEIR timetable.
    The dept of Labor, agreed a few months ago that imported bakery products contributed to the failure of Hostess and gave the laid off Hostess workers a year of unemployment and generous job retraining. So rather than take a cut in pay from $30K to $20K a year, they can retrain for a job that pays a real living wage.

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  • April 26, 2013 at 8:50pm

    I see a lot of obsequious stooges for big business here. Hostess was killed off by predatory hedge funds and a profit hungry board of directors, that after obtaining 2 concessions from unions in 10 years, gave that extra profit away as bonuses to upper management and fat dividends, rather than invest in modernizing the bakeries . I worked at Chrysler and the Germans stripped Chrysler, too- then flipped it to a hedge fund, Cerebus Capitol. What was their plan to run Chrysler? bring out a couple new products already in the pipeline and then spin/sell off Jeep and Dodge trucks to reap a fat profit, while the rest of the company is carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.
    Had GM and Chrysler been allowed to go bankrupt, all the tier one and two parts suppliers would have gone under, taking Ford down with them.
    The tripping point for car sales in 2008 was the implementation of front running computer trading and commodity index funds which doubled the price of gasoline in 4 years.
    We found out the real cost of oil in January-March of 2009 when all the speculative money fled commodities for Treasury bonds– gasoline was $1.75-85 gal. People have short memory. Go ahead , bend over and let the bankers jam it up your keester= they are the real thugs.

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