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  • September 21, 2014 at 2:11am

    The Goodells, Roger and Charlie

    National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell has proven the truth of the adage that a nut doesn’t fall far from the family tree.
    After ten days of hiding from the press and from NFL fans, Roger emerged from his cocoon and conducted a news conference on Friday in which he emphatically declared, referring to his mishandling of the Ray Rice and other NFL domestic violence scandals, ”The same mistakes can never be repeated” and that he “didn’t get it right” in disciplining Rice and Rice’s fellow accused abusers.

    Roger also repeated the blatant lie that no one at the NFL ever saw the TMZ video showing Rice punching his then-fiancée Lanay Palmer in an Atlantic City hotel then dragging and kicking her unconscious body out of an elevator despite the fact that a law enforcement official has said he sent the video of the brutal attack to a league executive some five months ago.

    Call it selective memory or CYA, covering your ass, Roger also refused to offer his resignation from his cushy job for which NFL team owners unaccountably compensated him with $44.2 million last year in salary and bonuses. Not a bad haul for a guy oblivious of major violations of league rules!

    On the other hand, Roger was just following his father’s example who was noted for his failure to live up to expectations.

    Charles “Charlie” Goodell, a little-known, moderate Republican congressman from upstate New York, was picked in 1968 by New York Governor Nelson Rockefell

  • September 19, 2014 at 7:23pm

    Related–The Star-Spangled Banner and the Dearth of American Patriotism

    The title of this essay refers to the “dearth” not the “death” of American patriotism; patriotism is far from dead in our country even if it is under deadly, unrelenting assault.
    For example, in a failed effort to appear objective, Brown University historian Ted Widmer doesn’t precisely say he detests America’s National Anthem but instead cites everything wrong about “The Star-Spangled Banner,” strictly for the purposes of historical accuracy , of course.

    After all, what would it look like for a renowned American historian to overly and overtly criticize his own country’s most sacred patriotic song?

    In “Is It Time to Ditch the Star-Spangled Banner,” Widmer correctly points out some valid issues with “The Star-Spangled Banner” like its high notes that few can render satisfactorily but devotes most of his attention to the seedy background of the music.

    As most people know, the lyrics of the four stanzas of America’s future National Anthem were originally written as a 4-stanza poem by Francis Scott Key describing his anxiety over watching the massive shelling of Fort McHenry by British forces on the night of Sept. 13-14, 1814 during the War of 1812.

    When Key saw the American flag was still proudly flying on the 14th despite the bombardment, he wrote and published the “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which was eventually re-titled “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

    However, historian Widmer doesn’t focus as mu

  • September 17, 2014 at 12:45am

    Related: Black Professor Attributes Black Failures to Black Families

    In a frank and brutally honest essay on the lives and failures of blacks in America today titled, “Blacks Must Confront Reality,” distinguished African-American Professor Walter E. Williams outlines the grave issues confronting that 13% of our population.

    He suggests the root cause of most troubles afflicting blacks is not discrimination or white bigotry but the disintegration of black families. Doctor Williams describes the article as a preview of his documentary “Suffer No Fools” scheduled to be aired on PBS this fall.

    (See his incisive analysis at

  • [2] September 14, 2014 at 2:30am

    Islam’s Culture of Rape and Violence

    Fourteen centuries ago, Islam’s founder, the “holy” Prophet Muhammad, set the standard for his religion’s treatment of young girls and women when he married young Aisha when he was in his fifties.
    One of his many wives, Aisha was all of six or seven years old at the time although she supposedly remained with her parents until she attained the unripe age of nine or ten when her marriage to Muhammad was consummated in the holy city of Medina. Aisha ultimately evolved into the ”Mother of the Believers,” according to Islam’s holy Quran.

    Today, she might be classified in some quarters as a “baby momma.”

    Although marriages to young girls to elderly men in ancient times weren’t extremely unusual, nowadays such practices are regarded and punishable as child abuse and pedophilia in most cultures, except in Muslim-dominated societies where they are considered normal and legal under sharia law.

    However, some contemporary followers of Muhammad, in accord with the Quran’s teachings that females are second class creatures who deserve fewer rights and respect than animals and are generally seen as lower life forms as evidenced by Muslim men who frequently treat women and girls with outright contempt.

    And, what could be more contemptuous than subjecting them to rape and even gang rape as a matter of either public policy or societal acceptance?

    Quarnic teachings with respect to women can be ambivalent and confusing, a fact that plays a major role

  • September 11, 2014 at 4:23pm

    Let’s Forget 9/11, For Now

    On this, the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11, Americans are still wondering why all questions regarding that day of infamy visited upon America by Islamic extremists, its causes, circumstances, and perpetrators, would have been resolved.
    While the United States impotently awaits the next Muslim attack presaged by dire warnings from our government that increased Internet chatter is indicative that even worse, deadlier destruction lurks on the near horizon than we witnessed in 2001, we still don’t fully understand everything concerning how and why 9/11 happened.

    And, as critical as the answers may be, we probably will never know all the answers.

    As with the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln a century and a half ago, Pearl Harbor in 1941, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy fifty-one years ago, nagging doubts, confusion, and conspiratorial suspicions about 9/11 still abound.

    Who knew what and when did they know it?

    Did Bill Clinton miss multiple opportunities to kill Usama bin Laden? Was George W. Bush aware of the severity of al-Qaeda’s threats yet allowed the attacks? Did WTC Building 7 implode as a result of pre-planted explosives and not from shock waves from the nearby impacts of fuel-laden airliners? Were Israelis gleefully and safely watching from a rooftop as the disaster unfolded? Why did the North American Aerospace Defense Command fighter jets not respond in time? Why did the 9/11 Commission neglect to interview pertinent witnesses?


  • August 27, 2014 at 2:36am

    Rachel Mennet, a Refreshing Break from Dreary News

    It’s healthful for mind and soul to now and then take a break from the ugly and violent which pervade the news today and reflect on some of the less momentous yet heart warming issues, if only to reassure ourselves that even if the world may be going to hell in the proverbial handbasket if we don’t smile we’ll have to cry.
    The story of eight year old Rachel Mennet falls neatly into the genuinely heart warming category.

    Rachel is a little girl endowed with a heart of gold as well as a child who understands the plight and needs of wounded warriors far better than the Veterans’ Administration.

    That federal agency, charged with providing the physical care and overall well-being of our brave servicemen and servicewomen, has proven itself both uncaring and inept and so it is left to good people like Rachel Mennet to fill the void. . . . (Read more at

  • [9] August 26, 2014 at 2:00am

    Related–The Vicious Murder of Carroll Jordan, Age 86

    For obvious reasons, President Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media and their cohorts in the entertainment world still refuse to concede that there is an ongoing war conducted by blacks in America against anyone not black despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    Motivated by their blind loyalty to the man they enthusiastically supported for over six years as the savior of our country and the planet, they can’t now admit the president is largely responsible for that war thanks to his racist policies so they simply deny the existence of the conflict.

    For example, the MSM have dutifully ignored or downplayed the “knockout game” in which young black men–who could very well resemble the president’s sons–cold **** innocent, unsuspecting white people to prove their self-conceived superiority by cowardly flattening them and often videotaping their assaults as verification of their masculinity.

    As he scoffed on “The Daily Show,” Comedy Central’s liberal-leftist “newscaster” Jon Stewart firmly believes the rarely-reported yet widespread incidents of the “knockout game” are wildly exaggerated and Stewart certainly doesn’t favor more severe legal penalties for such assaults because, well, because they occur so rarely.

    Not that it would bother them or convince how gravely wrong the mainstreamers and people like Stewart have been, but eighty-six year old, Carroll Jordan might beg to differ–if he were able about America’s epi

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  • [6] August 25, 2014 at 12:59am

    When P.C. Runs Amok

    Officials at Brooks Elementary School in Newnan, Ga. have banned birthday cupcakes, birthday cookies, indeed, any goodies associated with birthdays because they are worried that kids with food allergies might feel sad and excluded. They made no mention of whether young boys and girls at Brooks could feel sad over being unable to share their special days with classmates or whether anyone had complained about the long tradition.
    At Dyer County High School in Tennessee, senior Kendra Turner graciously said “Bless you” in violation of a class rule when another student sneezed and was rebuked by her teacher for using language reserved for church. The teacher added that “godly speaking” was verboten in her class and Ms. Turner courageously responded that it was her constitutional right to say what she did, was remanded to the principal’s office, and was promptly suspended from school.

    The Fresno Unified School District hired Peter Beck to teach three cultural studies classes in its new Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School since Mr. Beck was deemed the best qualified candidate for the position. Some local Fresno residents objected, not on the basis of his qualifications or the content of his character but due to the color of his skin with activist Rev. Karen Crozier explaining, ”We’re just saying what the community wants. We didn’t fight for a white male or female teacher to educate our babies.”

    However the birthday cupcake fiasco in Georgia, the mini-constit

  • August 22, 2014 at 1:01pm

    Obama’s Complicity in the Beheading of James Foley

    President Barack Hussein Obama interrupted his latest Martha’s Vineyard vacation to devote all of five minutes in condemning in no uncertain terms the grisly, videotaped beheading of American photojournalist James Foley and the Muslim perpetrators of that horrendous crime before hopping on his motorcade to tend to more important business, working on his golf game.
    Well, he didn’t actually condemn adherents to the religion of peace but he defiantly did say, “One thing we can all agree on is a group like ISIL has no place in the 21st century.” That alone, in his mind, would be more than sufficient to deter a threatened second beheading of an American should the U.S. continue bombing the barbaric, Islamic terrorists.

    If not in name, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaeda’s philosophical heirs, are virtually synonymous, especially in regard to their murderous jihadist practices and their quest for a worldwide caliphate based on Sharia law and the Koran. If successful, their movement would effectively turn back the world’s clock to the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s seventh century.

    From an expedient political point of view, it’s eminently comprehensible why Obama would abbreviate his statement on James Foley’s brutal decapitation.

    As with the assassination of U.S. Major General Harold Greene in Afghanistan on August 5th, the first killing of an Americ

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 6:25pm

    Related–The Phony Trayvon Martin Foundation

    Acording to its website, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is dedicated to creating “awareness of how violent crime impacts the families of the victims and to provide support and advocacy for those families in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin. . . . [and] to advocate that crime victims and their families are not ignored in the discussions about violent crime to increase public awareness of all forms of racial ethnic and gender profiling to educate youth on conflict resolution techniques and to reduce the incidences where confrontations between strangers turn deadly.”
    An admirable “Mission Statement,” indeed! Who could take issue with the goals of supporting victims’ families and educating young blacks who are killing one another nationwide in unprecedented numbers?

    The chief problem with that dedication is that the TMF, founded in March 2012 by the late Trayvon’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin as a not-for-profit organization, less than a month after their son was killed by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, is that it is predicated on a fundamental falsehood since, in fact, his death was not a murder.

    “Murder” is commonly defined as an unlawful, premeditated killing of a human being with malice aforethought. The shooting death of Trayvon Martin doesn’t come close to satisfying that accepted meaning of the word and its use constitutes nothing more than an incendiary effort to arouse false sympathy and irration

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  • [1] August 19, 2014 at 1:33am

    Ferguson and Michael Brown, Microcosms of MSM Hypocrisy

    With notable exceptions, President Barack Hussein Obama’s mainstream media studiously, obediently, avoid mention of the race of wanted and suspected criminals even when identifying their race would greatly aid in their apprehension and possibly obviate repeat crimes.
    The exceptions invariably include situations in which the criminality has become public knowledge through some source–and almost always when the suspect is white.

    The practice of concealing the ethnicity of black suspects pre-dated the Obama administration and was defended by Chicago Tribune Editor Gerould Kern as an effort “to guard against subjecting an entire group of people [blacks] to suspicion” and to forestall racial unrest.

    The MSM’s and Kern’s rationale has been repeatedly shown to be an abject failure as evidenced by the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, riots, looting, and burning in premature overreaction to the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson policeman. If anything, pretending violence among African-Americans isn’t rampant simply fuels more violence by other blacks who may think the media are on their side.

    Obama’s media has truly outdone itself with this story, almost outdoing their misrepresentations and outright distortions two years ago involving the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin when they plumbed new depths of journalistic and ethical irresponsibility.

    As with Martin, much of the MSM quickly jumped to unfounded

  • August 16, 2014 at 12:30am

    Trayvon Kicked to the Curb, Michael Takes Center Stage

    Remember Trayvon Martin? Of course you do.

    For those who don’t, Trayvon was the 17 year-old, unarmed Sanford, Florida black teenager who was shot and killed by white neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in 2012 and then crowned the new poster boy for black racist agitators, supplanting their previous hero, Rodney King.

    Zimmerman was subsequently exonerated by a jury of his peers on the grounds of self-defense. His exoneration didn’t mean a tinker’s dam to the agitators who continued to campaign for his assassination and inflamed the nation into an orgy of demonstrations, looting, and student strikes–all in Martin’s honor.

    In point of fact, Trayvon Martin may have been a chronological teenager but he was also a muscular, six-foot one thug and an avid strret fighter with a record of drug use and possession of burglar tools, although none of those negative character features were brought up either at Zimmerman’s trial or by Trayvon’s chief fan club, the New Black Panther Party.

    Instead, he was lauded in the mainstream media as an innocent, young kid who had been senselessly murdered and was then virtually adopted posthumously by Barack Hussein Obama when the president said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

    Now, fast forward to 2014 and Ferguson, Missouri’s 18 year-old Michael Brown.

    The unarmed Brown was shot and killed last Saturday by a Ferguson police officer but few other details on

  • [3] August 15, 2014 at 12:37am

    Chaos, Anarchy, and Obama

    Former United Nations ambassador John Bolton recently observed that because of our president’s leadership deficits, “the world’s descending into chaos,” a chaos that could result in anarchy should America continue to retreat from its responsibilities.
    Ambassador Bolton was referring to foreign affairs but his ominous warning could apply equally to the incipient, chaotic, domestic anarchy on America’s horizon attributable to the commander in chief.

    My bride of 46 years believes that she would prefer not to live in interesting times, referring to the supposedly apocryphal, ancient Chinese curse which may be based on a Chinese saying that it’s “better to live as a dog in an era of peace than a man in times of trouble.” (Wikipedia)

    Both interpretations amount to the same thing, namely that “interesting times” pretty much equates with the idea that even mongrels are better off living their lives in peace rather than human beings living amid conflict.

    Apocryphal or not, the times Americans are currently living in and enduring are times that could certainly be characterized as “interesting” as well as unprecedented, a period in history during which most of us may not yet exactly be living like dogs, (which the Chinese eat, along with cats), but which can readily be categorized as troubling for anyone relatively conscious of the world we live in and liberal-leftists are easily the chief contributing factors to our disturbing, interesting times and our

  • [1] August 13, 2014 at 1:26am

    Ending Islam’s Endless War on America

    Whatever Americans think and feel about the country and its people, few of us would argue that the Jewish state of Israel is not totally justified in retaliating against Hamas in Gaza.

    In “Brave New World,” Aldous Huxley wrote of that totalitarian world’s dictum that, “Ending is better than mending.” Mending the rifts between Israel and Hamas, healing the enmity between Israel and its Islamic enemies is as beyond rational expectation as mending the senseless rift between America and Islam.

    Muslim leaders contend that 9/11, and the attacks which preceded it–the first bombing of the WTC in 1993, the bombings of our embassies and the USS Cole as well as all the subsequent threats–were perpetrated by Islamic extremists, jihadists not representative of the world’s 1.2 billion followers of Muhammad and the Koran. Yet, no Islamic state has ever unequivocally denounced those extremists or taken forceful actions to rein them in.

    Like people, nations are known by the company they keep.

    Try to imagine tens of thousands of deadly rockets raining down on American cities, everywhere from Oregon to Nebraska to Alabama to New York, and hundreds of millions of us hiding in bomb shelters in the hope we and our families could avoid being blown to bits. That grisly scene is replicated daily on a smaller scale in Israel and its population of six million as contrasted with our 314,000,000 residents.

    Now, try to visualize the United States of Am

  • August 12, 2014 at 2:32am

    The Tragic Travesty of Michael Brown’s Death

    Isn’t it funny, in the most pathetic sense, that a lone shooting in the little town of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, can stir up such an upheaval while hundreds of shootings in the metropolis of Chicago, Illinois elicit a great, big yawn?

    An unidentified police officer apparently shot and killed 18-year old Michael Brown on Saturday. According to his buddy, Dorian Johnson, he and Brown were innocently strolling home after visiting a convenience store when the cop told them to get onto the sidewalk and off the street.

    The pair ignored him and kept on walking which seemed to arouse the cop’s suspicions as to whether they might be up to no good.

    He dutifully confronted them and Johnson says the officer then fired at them as they were running away and, after the second shot, ”He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air and he started to get down. But the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”

    Johnson adds, “We wasn’t causing harm to nobody. We had no weapons on us at all,” without clarifying whether they have caused any harm in the past or usually carried “weapons.”

    In any event, the tragic incident, reminiscent of Trayvon Martin’s 2012 killing in Florida, resulted in huge demonstrations and a massive outpouring of grief over Brown’s death and a candlelight vigil in his honor, as well as an influx of racial agit

  • August 10, 2014 at 1:20pm

    Related–America’s P.C. Education Part One: Public Schools

    The liberal-leftist farce called the Common Core State Standards Initiative, the misbegotten brainchild not of America’s states but of the federal government, has often been exposed here and by massive numbers of other objective observers as nothing more than an effort to seize control of American education by socialist zealots intent on both subverting American education and corrupting the minds and hearts of America’s students through political correctness.

    The Common Core was doomed to failure from the outset and, no doubt, will soon become a distant, expensive memory, which is not to suggest it will not leave in its wake corrosive P.C. thinking in both public schools and on college and university levels of education. (Part Two will deal with the latter.)

    Granted, political correctness has long been ingrained in teachers’ and administrations’ philosophies but it has grown like invasive kudzu in recent years, often instigated by President Barack Hussein Obama’s lie that we now live in a race-neutral society.

    The following represents a mere fraction of the rampant, violent, and unpunished black racism going on in America’s public school systems which go largely un-reported by our nation’s mainstream media.

    For example:

    —The new Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School in Fresno, California. The school hired a white, male teacher, presumably because he was best qualified for the position of teaching African-American

  • August 9, 2014 at 1:14am

    Related: Hollywood and Virginity

    Hollywood and the entertainment world in general have never been known for moral advocacy or decency and stars of stage and screen have long been known for their private and public licentious behavior.

    And, they’re getting worse.

    From the silent film era of accused rapist-murderer Fatty Arbuckle through the sexual escapades of child predators Errol Flynn and Roman Polanski to the admittedly promiscuous Lindsay Lohan, entertainers have been widely, though not exclusively, considered synonymous with deviants and Tinsel Town with Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Still, though movies have frequently pushed the propriety envelope, up until fairly recently, directors and actors were restrained from excesses by strict censors and balky audiences and sexual scenes and themes were usually muted in order to appeal to more moviegoers and to avoid an NC-17 MPAA rating. As for the vast wasteland of television, such scenes and themes, as well as outrageously foul language, were carefully avoided as assiduously as intelligent programming.

    Today, however, both Hollywood and its television partners are so deeply immersed in explicit and implicit eroticism that Muslim condemnation of the American and Western value system is becoming increasingly explicable.

    Indeed, conservatives Brent Bozell and Tim Graham aptly contend that the state of virginity, in many ways the antithesis of eroticism, has become not only passé but a virtually repugnant condition.

    As they wr

  • August 7, 2014 at 1:41am

    Related: NBC News Skews Its Own Poll

    In the jaded tradition of the New York Times’ unstated motto of printing all the news it sees fit to print and trashing all the rest, NBC News spinmeisters managed to distort the results of a poll it conducted in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal.

    While headlining the outcome, “America’s Fed Up: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low, Poll Shows” and citing such results as, “Six in 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the U.S. economy, more than 70 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction” with “President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating hitting a new low at 40 percent, and a mere 14 percent of the public giving Congress a thumbs up,” NBC went on to downplay its own headline.

    Instead, the network focused on the “lingering” consequences of the Great Recession rather than on the causes of that lingering, Obama and his failed economic policies, and on what type of posters people would carry.

    The telephone survey of a thousand registered adults was conducted by Democratic pollster Peter Hart and Republican pollster Bill McInturff over the course of five days (July 30-August 3, margin of error 3.1%) yet the report by Mark Murray ignored their most salient findings.

    In a transparent effort to deflect as much of the blame as possible for American discontent from Obama, Murray emphasizes the disaffection with Republicans and Congress, (“But if the president’s numbers are bad, Congress

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  • [1] August 5, 2014 at 6:00pm

    Israel or Hamas? Pick Just One!

    Picking sides in the latest Israeli-Islamic conflict in Gaza should not be a difficult choice for Americans.
    Or is it?

    On the one hand, we have Hamas, the “Islamic Resistance Movement”, a Sunni Islamic group which has governed the Gaza Strip for eight years and has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S., the E. U., Japan, and by a few Mideastern nations although Iran, Russia, Turkey, China, and most Arab countries strongly differ on that designation.

    On the other hand, there’s beleagured Israel, a nation manufactured by the victorious allies following World War Two and which has been embroiled in bloody conflicts with its Arab neighbors ever since. With the help of America, Israel repeatedly defeated its Muslim enemies and accomplished what can only be called a miracle in the desert over the course of its brief existence.

    So, who to pick today as the Arabs and the Israelis go at it once again? Consider:

    —Hamas is vastly outgunned and outnumbered by Israel; but the Hamas terrorists are well financed and otherwise supported by millions of fellow Arabs who want Israel obliterated from the face of the Earth.

    —Hamas has been hurling thousands of rockets at Israel for weeks though inflicting minimal damage and few casualties; the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) retaliated by reducing huge sections of Gaza to rubble and killing over a thousand residents, many of them children. . . . (Read more at

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  • August 5, 2014 at 2:28am

    A Much-needed Respite: Flashmob Joy in Belgium

    Got four minutes to temporarily forget your troubles and the many troubles of a world beset with hostility?

    Recently at the busy Central Antwerp, Belgium train station, a flashmob appeared out of nowhere, as flashmobs are wont to do, and brought all other activity to a stop.

    No, this was not one of those flashmobs too often seen in America where teenagers stage surprise, public demonstrations as a cover for their criminal behavior. Rather, it was one used for no other reason than to bring four minutes of sheer joy to harried commuters on their way to work with a beautifully-choreographed rendition in song and dance of Julie Andrews’ uplifting “Do Re Mi” from “Sound of Music”.

    The hundreds of enthusiastic performers, mostly young people with a few adults sprinkled in, clearly had as much fun as their rapt audience.

    Of course, where there is joy, there usually are grumps who feel a need to voice their grumpiness to spread their grump by puncturing joy balloons. After the video of the Belgian joy-fest went viral, one Scrooge, Ronald Book, was compelled to bitch about “People taking up public space to sing and dance while others are trying to go somewhere . . . Who do these people think they are?” . . . (Read more and see the video at

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