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  • April 15, 2014 at 3:34pm

    My stomach is churning and my BP is rising. Mass DCF and Deval Patrick are PURE EVIL as are the “judges” who allow this to go on.

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  • April 14, 2014 at 10:02pm

    TN is where former Reagan budget staffer moved. No income tax.

    I thought Nashville leaned a tad left, though.

  • April 13, 2014 at 4:24pm

    There’s no way this fascist regime is going to take this lying down. By now y’all have probably seen the viral comment about Phase II of DHS’s plan to “resolve” the Bundy matter.

  • April 5, 2014 at 8:39am

    The reason he hasn’t been sued is anything said on the Senate floor is immune from prosecution.

    But did you know the Searchlight Strangler is a pederast?

  • March 28, 2014 at 8:35pm

    I don’t know about the French perfume comparison. Chanel and Serge Lutens cost around $250 – $300 for a 3.4 ml bottle these days.

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  • March 28, 2014 at 2:15pm

    Right on, right on, right on, Ms. Frazier!


    Sectarian prayers at EVERY govt’l meeting!

  • March 27, 2014 at 11:43am

    That target is intentional.

  • March 25, 2014 at 7:31pm

    Saw it Sunday in a packed house, which clapped and cheered throughout.

  • March 25, 2014 at 7:10pm

    This piece started off wrong with the headline: Jeb Bush Thinks… See, there’s your problem from the get-go.

  • March 25, 2014 at 7:05pm

    Time to do what the Left would – - start picketing the hospital, the DCF head goon’s house, work, and the judge’s house or court grounds. You have to make it personal with people like this.

  • March 23, 2014 at 5:02pm

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The end of this film has a massive list of colleges and universities that have faced the same discrimination depicted in the movie.

  • March 23, 2014 at 4:57pm

    Just got back. Theater was packed. Audience burst into applause THREE separate times. When was the last time you saw that happen?

    Go see it. It’s outstanding.

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  • March 23, 2014 at 4:33pm

    If you’ve seen all of the cancer patients who WERE undergoing treatment — esp. children — but who aren’t now because of Obamacare, you’re seeing DEATH PANELS in action.

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  • March 23, 2014 at 4:22pm

    How many times have we been here before? I’m not getting my hopes up. At all.

  • March 23, 2014 at 4:19pm

    I’d say, “Welcome aboard,” but I don’t think any of us here think the GOP is the answer. We’re all finding our way with independent-thinking candidates, but the TEA prescription of “Teaxed Enough Already” and “Stop with the regulations!” seems to be the antidote.

  • March 21, 2014 at 5:07pm

    That’s what Palin would do, just to tweak them.

  • March 20, 2014 at 8:11pm

    No thanks. He will NOT remove Common Core and he likes illegals (dairy industry). He said he could “see a pathway to citizenship.”

    He might be good on fiscal issues, but that’s all.

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  • March 20, 2014 at 7:48pm

    These ads just started in VA as well.

  • March 20, 2014 at 11:58am

    Eric Cantor and his GOP district henchman are the target of the local TEA Party in Virginia 7. Eric’s side, as usual, is playing dirty and “slating” delegates. Slating at its most rudimentary is steamrolling delegates by “deciding” for them.

  • March 19, 2014 at 7:09am

    Beckel’s a loon, and Perino’s a RINO. What a waste of time, watching them argue over something over which they have no control. As soon as Cavuto signs off, The Blaze TV comes on.