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  • November 21, 2015 at 10:30pm

    the monk,

    Real men know where to go – and where not to.

  • November 21, 2015 at 10:27pm

    Not really – I will never enter a gender neutral restroom.

    You will never know what is in there and I do not need that kind of suspense.

  • [20] November 21, 2015 at 10:10pm

    Millennials are a defeated generation.

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  • [2] November 21, 2015 at 10:04pm

    I think it is sad to think a person would accept that cat as a alternative to the real thing.
    What have we done to ourselves?

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  • [11] November 21, 2015 at 9:51pm

    If you show a respectful attitude toward police, they will return the favor.

    And if you behave in public, they will be nice.

  • [20] November 14, 2015 at 7:59pm

    They will have to learn the rules of life the hard way.

  • [87] November 14, 2015 at 7:52pm

    You cannot teach an idiot a single thing.

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  • [8] November 14, 2015 at 6:13pm

    Miss Gonzalez was from my home town, El Monte, CA

    This must be so heart breaking for her family……

  • November 11, 2015 at 12:32am

    When I was a kid in church, they passed the plate and my Dad had only a twenty dollar bill and that was more than he could afford. So, to not make a spectacle he put the twenty in the plate…………

    then he took out change ! Hahahah!

  • November 10, 2015 at 11:53pm


    Stay respectful. ;-)

  • [3] November 10, 2015 at 6:18pm

    To be a thief requires a dead conscious.

  • [34] November 7, 2015 at 11:41pm

    Something is strange here, and it seems mysterious that they want to make it such a spectacle.

  • November 4, 2015 at 8:49pm


    The Israelites were encouraged to do what was righteous time and time again, but as you know, they were a stiff necked people and disobeyed God’s laws and principles at every turn. Don’t even think about blaming Jehovah God for the actions of their own sins.

  • [9] November 4, 2015 at 10:50am

    I assure everyone, that chart is not to be taken as fact.

    God’s Word tells us that God created humans to engage in sex only within the arrangement of marriage between a male and a female. (Genesis 1:27, 28; Leviticus 18:22; Proverbs 5:18, 19)

    The Bible condemns sexual activity that is not between a husband and wife, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual conduct. (1 Corinthians 6:18)

    While the Bible disapproves of homosexual acts, it does not condone hatred of homosexuals or homophobia.

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  • [2] October 31, 2015 at 10:30pm


    On purpose? Why?

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  • [9] October 31, 2015 at 10:20pm

    Without engine power, the waves and wind will make the ships position go parallel to the waves and then roll over.


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  • [-6] October 2, 2015 at 9:32pm

    If a man says “I Am” a Christian, does that mean he is God? He did say “I Am” after all.

    If Jesus utters the phrase “I Am”, does that indicate he is GOD? He did say he was the Son of God.

    I know, I know, “I Am” just pushing buttons here, trying to have some fun in this mixed up world.

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  • [1] September 24, 2015 at 10:47am

    The ark (Heb., te·vahʹ; Gr., ki·bo·tosʹ) was a rectangular chestlike vessel presumably having square corners and a flat bottom. It needed no rounded bottom or sharp bow to cut rapidly through the water; it required no steering; its only functions were to be watertight and to stay afloat. A vessel so shaped is very stable, cannot be easily capsized, and contains about one third more storage space than ships of conventional design. There was a door provided in the side of the ark for loading and unloading the cargo.

  • [1] September 24, 2015 at 10:44am

    The Ark was big. In size the ark was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. Conservatively calculating the cubit as 44.5 cm (17.5 in.) (some think the ancient cubit was nearer 56 or 61 cm), the ark measured 133.5 m by 22.3 m by 13.4 m (437 ft 6 in. × 72 ft 11 in. × 43 ft 9 in.), less than half the length of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2. This proportion of length to width (6 to 1) is used by modern naval architects. This gave the ark approximately 40,000 cu m (1,400,000 cu ft) in gross volume. No known cargo vessel of ancient times even slightly resembled the ark in its colossal size. Internally strengthened by adding two floors, the three decks thus provided gave a total of about 8,900 sq m (96,000 sq ft) of space.

  • [1] September 11, 2015 at 3:01pm

    How and in what manner was our Lord Jesus resurrected?
    Here is some information on the subject:

    Check it out in your own Bible, it will be fun.

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