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  • [2] February 20, 2015 at 12:24pm

    We need a Digital Second Amendment.

    Whatever technological means the government may use to monitor/surveil/track/datamine individuals without a warrant may also be used to monitor/surveill/track/datamine those in government by otherwise law-abiding people.

    In this modern age, like firearms, it is imperative that the weapons used in the digital world are available to citizens as well as government, and for the same basic reasons the authors of the US Constitution thought the Second Amendment was essential.

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  • January 5, 2015 at 3:53pm

    I agree. I don’t want to see anyone killed, hurt, etc. Sadly though, the authorities’ response to these kinds of incidents is to escalate the situation even farther. Their egos and their ambition & hunger for ever-more power does not allow them to to pull back on the heavy-handed thug tactics..

    Yeah, Sheepdog69 demonstrates perfectly the attitude of so many LEOs that has helped tremendously to bring public/police relations to this dangerous & lethal point. It’s so sad that he can’t see that his attitude, shared by so many in LE, is one of the leading factors in the increase of hatred & distrust of police.

    People will only take so much, then it’s the fringe nutters (like the perp responsible here) that begin striking out. If nothing changes, it won’t be too long before regular everyday people start striking out.

    The bellicose loudmouths that bully & threaten will be the first casualties when it happens.

  • January 5, 2015 at 6:07am

    “You are a freaking azz hole! Give me your address so I can come kick your wimpy little butt! I am so sick of punks like you. Things in this country are coming to a head and pum
    Nukes like you will get what you deserve then!”
    Spoken like the kind of cops we need less of. Name-calling and threats of personal violence.. And not even smart enough to see how that comment totally vindicates all the haters. I don’t hate anyone. I’m just intellectually honest.

    In the larger picture, it’s neither these cop’s fault nor the sick individual that killed them.

    It’s our government that has allowed and encouraged this borderline police-state we live in.

    It’s the government’s unConstitutional laws, regulations, policies, etc etc that the poor police are pressured to enforce on people which gradually turns the people against the police. This is only exacerbated by expanding police powers and giving them full military kit while simultaneously relaxing oversight and standards of conduct/training.

    I simply pointed out the results without the emotional baggage.

  • [-3] January 4, 2015 at 4:17pm

    ‘Fighting for All That Is Decent and Good’

    Oh really?

    How many criminal/unprofessional/abusive acts by his fellow officers did he report and follow through on?

    How many times did he refuse to enforce un-Constitutional laws, like ‘stop & frisk’ and NY firearms restrictions?

    No, I’m sorry. The quoted statement is factually incorrect.

    Liu and his partner were just 2 oath-violating thugs in blue who paid the price for going along quietly with government oppression & abuse.

    If either/both officers were truly ‘Fighting for All That Is Decent and Good’ then they’d be fired from the NYPD and/or killed/framed/destroyed by their fellow officers and/or the bureaucrats & politicians in charge.. The Nazi concentration camp guards’ excuse of “just following orders” is no more valid for police today than it was for those Nazis in WW2.

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  • [14] November 19, 2014 at 6:13pm

    We don’t want to be tracked by Google Analytics or anything else.
    The Blaze is one of the worst offenders regarding tracking and intrusive/annoying adverts.
    Crap, PORN sites aren’t this bad!
    Beck is a hypocrite. He denounces internet privacy invasions, yet his flagship website is one of the worst offenders on the internet!

    I’m done with The Blaze. I will no longer give such hypocrisy tacit approval by continuing to visit.

    I’ll check back in 6 months or so.


  • [11] November 18, 2014 at 4:32pm

    The government didn’t have any problem with R/C model aircraft in the past because it was impractical bordering on impossible for R/C hobbyist model aircraft to record/transmit video.

    What the government fears is not the drone.

    It’s the video camera it carries.

    None of this was an issue until it became cheap & easy for anyone to own a tool that allows people to see what government is up to behind tall walls and show that recording to others.

    *That* is what government fears.

    The people they work for being able to check up on them and their activities, and hold them accountable. A nightmare for Statists.

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  • November 17, 2014 at 7:13pm

    Here’s an idea. Herd/transport all the feral hogs in Texas down to the southern border into an area fenced off about 100 ft back north from, but open towards, Mexico’s border.

    Mexico wants to play border games? Let Mexico and the illegals talk it over with tens or even hundreds of thousands of feral hogs.

    I think that may curtail a large percentage of illegal aliens who simply walk across, and simultaneously put pressure on the Mexican government to start actually trying to halt the flood of illegal aliens across the border.

  • [1] November 13, 2014 at 3:43pm

    Foo, I saw a traffic accident the other day.

    A Vespa hit a Prius at a traffic light.

    There was glitter *everywhere*!!

    As far as the up-armored car goes, I bet quite a few government officials have them, including those in the NSA. Maybe a similar but real-world test can be used to ascertain which top NSA officials are driving such vehicles?

  • [1] November 12, 2014 at 4:01am

    The problem is too much government, in this case, local municipal and city governments basically auctioning off local monopolies to cable/internet providers.

    If there were several competitors available, you could vote with your wallet over poor service. Said provider would be forced to improve service or lose customers until they eventually went belly-up if they failed to compete.

    The same holds true for other issues/behaviors/practices regarding that provider, like if they tried to double-dip, charging at both ends.

    There are also issues with backbone carriers and what have been referred to as “edge connections” between each other and with ISPs. That is beyond the scope of a single post, so I’d recommend doing some research there. It helps in understanding what the implications are of the things being proposed. (Pro Tip: It ain’t good!)

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  • [6] November 9, 2014 at 11:15pm

    Maybe I can put this into a form so “idiotic” that even the future-Darwin-Award-Winners, the PLO and their ilk, will grasp.

    Temple Mount! It’s got what Truth craves! It’s got Israelites!

  • [4] November 6, 2014 at 3:43am

    It amazes me at times how Bill can be so oblivious and dismissive of the things Obama and the Left have done and are continuing to do to America. Talk about political thought/strategy circa 1975! That unfortunately seems to be where Bill is much of the time. The Normalcy Bias is strong with this one.

    Offtopic: Anyone having similar issues? Fox News video above plays fine, but the video at no longer works, when videos there used to play fine. All Flash/etc fully updated. Just stopped working the other day. Went to the page and nothing. Is the site being upgraded or something? It’d be nice if they cared enough to put some kind of notice up or something.

  • [310] October 31, 2014 at 4:31am

    “He also said that the alien planet is some 65 light-years away from Earth, but can be traveled to in under an hour using alien technology.”

    Maybe they’re Sammy Hagar fans as well?

    “I Can’t Warp-Drive Fifty-Five!”

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  • [3] October 29, 2014 at 7:35am

    Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Maybe a group of patriotic citizens, including military vets, should set up a citizen’s militia training camp right next door to the Muslim’s camp.

    Let’s see how long that Muslim training camp remains operational.

    If the government doesn’t interfere, I’m sure the Muslims will decide to vacate their training camp.

    If government *does* attempt to interfere and stop citizens from setting up a training camp, they will be forced to explain how it is that Muslims are allowed to maintain a paramilitary training camp but citizens may not set up any kind of camp.

  • [121] September 18, 2014 at 11:16am

    I wouldn’t go for any strolls through any parks, seeing as how Killary is mixed up in this.

    I’d choose to drive a 1970s-era vehicle without any computer systems as well.

    Far too many of the Clinton’s enemies (and even some supposed “friends) have mysteriously turned up dead at extremely convenient times for the Clintons.

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  • [13] September 18, 2014 at 11:00am

    The best thing I can think of is to sit your kids down and teach them that if CPS or other people from the government try to talk to them and ask them questions without Mom and/or Dad there, to demand a lawyer before making any statements, no matter what the government people say to them or threaten them with. Teach them that it’s proper to demand their Constitutional Rights and to stick with the demands no matter what they are told by “authority” figures.

    It’s already court-decided legal precedent resulting from 1st & 4th Amendment cases dealing with minors in public school relating to free speech and searches, that minor children have all the Constitutional Rights of an adult. A position which the Progs themselves pushed at the time.

    Fine! Hoist them by their own petard! (Besides, it’s sooo deliciously-satisfying to watch them sputter in rage & frustration when their own hard-fought-for laws and legal precedents are thrown back in their faces!)

    If the child demands legal counsel, they’d better dang well get it, or that agency is going to be out a large sum of money and the individuals in charge possibly charged criminally under Federal civil rights laws!

    Teach them how to respond just like you would on how to respond to other dangers like deviants, molesters, and potential kidnappers.

    Government = “Bad touch”

  • [27] September 2, 2014 at 8:42am

    If they actually succeed in raising the government-mandated minimum wage, what they’ll end up with are-

    Automated fast-food Kiosks.

    And the Chinese will make them.

    They are already testing designs for the US market. I believe Japan, S. Korea, and possibly other Asian nations already have automated food kiosks in many cities.

    A fast-food job does not generate enough value to justify a level of compensation that even just an an individual, never mind a family, could live on.

    Could this move actually be a way to suppress/shut down the fast food industry and many other small businesses who depend on entry-level lower-wage workers?

    Much easier to stir up unrest and provoke violence among large numbers of unemployed and scared people. That is, if you wanted to, say, create a reason to declare a national emergency and state of martial law or similar “temporary” suspensions of civil rights and due process.

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  • [11] August 25, 2014 at 6:42pm

    “Take him too Detroit!”


  • [25] August 25, 2014 at 6:31pm

    Coming up next, Bozo The Clown will expound on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how Jews and Muslims should think.

    I guess all that money and privilege must blind people from seeing their own ignorance & idiocy.

  • [14] August 18, 2014 at 12:37pm

    “However, the group canceled the event after warnings that residents would bring their own weapons to the event if Open Carry appeared.”
    Was that a threat of armed violence? Let them come! Let them show their true colors.

    It’s a sure bet that any of SJL’s peeps that actually have the ****** to show up wouldn’t be able to hit the side of a barn from the inside, whereas I can guarantee the open-carry people can hit what they aim at.

    If you open-carry advocates back down and turn tail now, you might as well stop off at the gun store and sell all your firearms on the way home. They will have won.

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  • [24] August 18, 2014 at 12:25pm

    Has nobody considered the possibility of mounting a counter-protest to block these idiots from interfering with the unloading>

    If I were able, I’d be at one of these ports ahead of these idiots and be waiting for them. Is there nobody either able or WILLING to stand up to these anti-semitic haters?

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