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  • February 22, 2013 at 6:00pm

    Well put, Avenger. Btw, I love how your replier resorted to some seriously immature tactics.

    The WWE has taken its superstars and changed their characters drastically in the past. You’ll see people like Sargeant Slaughter (WHO WAS MADE INTO A GI JOE ACTION FIGURE) become a pro-Iraqi character during the Gulf War, you’ve seen gay tag teams (which pissed off BOTH sides), and anti-American holders of the United States title.

    Also, here’s the background of Jacob Hager (aka Jack Swagger):

  • February 22, 2013 at 5:51pm

    And another point, the WWE has pissed off both sides with their stereotypes.
    You’ve seen a gay tag team before. You’ve seen a man who became a GI JOE doll (Sargeant Slaughter) turn into a heel where he supported the Iraqi cause. If you think the WWE wouldn’t even think to create a character that may tick off left-leaning supporters, you’re wrong.
    Heck, the WWE’s current United States Champion has done anti-American rants before!

    The fact that many conservative outlets are crying out on this is a win for the WWE. Vince is pretty much licking his chops at this point. It’s obvious that Glenn’s best move is to not come on, but if he did, I’m sure the WWE would have a great storyline to fit him in.

    This is sports ENTERTAINMENT, people. WWE has done this for a long long time (they beat out Gunsmoke for the longest running TV series EVER last year) and they won’t stop. I’m surprised The Blaze hasn’t done any research into the past controversial wrestlers the WWE has had…