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  • December 29, 2011 at 11:40am

    You people say Ron Paul’s foreign policy, and policy toward Israel specifically scares you. Think about this for a minute instead of going off all half cocked
    You do know that Ron Paul was one of or maybe even the only person in the House to support Israel when they bombed Iraq’s facilities in the late 80’s, while everyone else around the world criticized and condemned them right? Why did Bush and now Obama restrict Israel from protecting herself from Iran’s nuke program all these years? Those nuke sites should be gone by now! These are policies that have been, and continue to be anti Israel. Paul would have given them the nod long ago about striking those facilities and this would be a moot point now. Why did we support the upheaval of governments in Egypt and Libya and assist them in putting radical Islamic regimes in their place? These new regimes are more fervent about wiping Israel off the map than the last two. Now we are assisting these radicals to take power in Syria, once that government falls Israel will be effectively and completely surrounded by these whack jobs And this is a pilicy that doesnt concern you? Once things are settled the Isalmo fascists will be released upon Israel in short order. This policy was supported by republicans as well, nothing would be different under any of these candidates and you think Ron Paul’s foreign policy is nuts? Really????????? You prefer what we have now? and you want to continue it? I think that is crazy to be honest

  • June 9, 2011 at 12:16pm

    Turn a profit? Paid back?……..They paid some money back out of our bailout money! That money did not come out of the corporation’s profits.The ledger books are a fraud