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  • January 24, 2013 at 10:46pm

    Crimped cases are usually dummy rounds.

  • February 26, 2012 at 9:40pm

    I hope you Americans cherish and protect your constitution. We Canadians do not share in its protection. Our charter or rights and freedoms gives privileges, not rights. It also points out reasons for which charter rights may be infringed upon. In short, Canadians are not free. Depending on political climate we can be drawn up before human rights tribunals for speaking our mind if it causes someone offense.

    This story demonstrates the plight of Canadians well though. We have an out of control police force. Once upon a time, the police was our friend. Items like the firearms act and years of liberal conditioning in the RCMP though have driving a wedge between the police and the citizen. Now innocent or guilty, the police is to be feared and never to be freely let into your home. In the case of a burglar, you are better (as a former Albertan premier said) to “shoot, shovel, and shut up” than get the police involved.

    Cherish and defend your liberties. The majority of the world in truth, has none.

  • February 19, 2012 at 1:15pm

    Im not so sure the US plans to do nothing.

    There are as yet unverified reports from the western states of bunker busters being tested with the booms being explained away as sonic booms by high level aircraft.

    You have three carrier battle groups belonging to the americans and the french carrier battlegroup all in the gulf or operating in the viscinity. Even for the invasion of Iraq i believe there were never more than two.

    We have reports (that the blaze doesnt seem to be picking up) of US troops massing on the islands of Socotra and Masirah. The reports claim tens of thousands in place with a hundred thousand expected by mid April.

    All a coincidence?

  • January 27, 2012 at 5:22pm

    Regardless of Soros making money (hes going to make money regardless), Canada and the US really should swap to a CNG fueled vehicle standard. We have TONS of natural gas. Right now, natural gas is so worthless, its almost not economical to get out of the ground unless it is liquids rich. It is super cheap and would pretty much eliminate the need for imports from the middle east and Venezuela. Conversion is cheap on a gas vehicle, I think about 500-1000 dollars. The only thing is the lack of infrastructure at the moment to sustain fleets of vehicles.

  • January 18, 2012 at 4:43pm

    Im in the operations end of the oilfield and I can tell you this is all being way over sensationalized. To those concerned about aquifers… I realize that many aspects of the US oilpatch are working at about a 1970′s level of safety and controls vs ours in Canada (though we go overboard), but there are controls available and pipelines (especially of this size and moving this volume) dont run without safeties. In sensitive areas up here we often have an ESD (emergency shut down) valve every kilometer. We have leak detection systems that can monitor pressure fluctuations all along the line and if something ever did break (which is extremely rare and usually involves a line strike) the whole line shuts in and at a maximum you lose only what is in that short leg of line.

    As to selling our oil to China, I honestly hope we do start selling to them. At a minimum its going to take 3 years to build either line. Canada is too dependent on exports to the US right now and its not healthy. We need to diversify to decrease the impact of events in the US on our economy. That said, i hope both are built and we can sell to whoever gives us better price (though ideally we would run build up our own refining infrastructure and then sell the refined product), although we get screwed as far as NAFTA is concerned we are required to export a certain percentage to the US at a fixed rate which sucks for us.

    Regardless neither line will be even begun for at least another year likely

  • January 3, 2012 at 7:40pm

    Honestly its a smart aircraft to get. You get the mission done minus the fuel cost and likely the maintenance time of an A-10. You are buying a proven, off the shelf, multipurpose piece of equipment rather than spending billions designing the one. For its purpose its really a good pick.

    And to all those comparing it to the P-51, think of this. How many P-51s are around anymore? How much would it cost to modernize the P-51 up to modern avionics standards? How much would it cost to start a factory from scratch and tool the factory to build them?

    Some people are comparing top speeds etc; that’s half the point of using the Super Tuscano. Its not a high speed fighter. Its for close air support, something that I bet any grunt would agree, they would rather be done by an aircraft that is up close, low and slow. Fast enough not to get taken down easily by ground fire but slow enough to put the ordnance on target without fratricide.

  • December 6, 2011 at 11:18pm

    Looks like a nice system. Machined rather than stamped I see. Much of a weight increase? Repeatable zero? Should be pretty repeatable I guess, looks like it hooks right into the old rear iron hinge.

  • December 6, 2011 at 10:34pm

    Exactly. I would venture to say across the board, NATO needs to upgrade to the 6.5 Grendel or the 6.8 SPC round so your guys are more capable. In too many situations the strategy is to pin down with pea shooters and call in fire support. The AR-15 platform is still a great platform. I’m not sure any other firearm out there is as customizable. You’ll have your inevitable debate on DI vs Piston but that’s not a big deal.

    The thing I wonder the most is whether they can get a repeatable zero by running the rail on top of the rear dust cover. Ive seen a lot of attempts on similar platforms and very few are capable of maintaining a zero when taken off and put back on. There are some good systems out there but the best ones Ive seen don’t have the rail attached to the dust cover.

  • December 6, 2011 at 10:18pm

    Hahahahahaha… Its kind of entertaining…. Youve basically got an AK74, a new magazine…. and thats it. Look at the picture of Medvedev aiming it in front of the other guys. You have a Fab Defense front handguard on it (made in israel by the way). Looks like the buttstock is a magpul CTR. The muzzel brake is much larger than it needs to be and id venture to say much heavier. The flashlight on the side is retardedly huge and therefor heavy.

    This is a firearm that starts at 7.28 lbs dry. Thats no optics, no ammunition, nothing. Even without ammunition, all that crap they added on (Eotech 551? + magnifier, vertical foregrip / bipod, flashlight, extra rails…) You now have very conservatively a 9-10 lb firearm. Add ammunition. Looks like their new magazine is polymer so you save weight over the old steel ones there. The ammunition though; I would say 1 magazine of 7.62×39 is about 1-1.5 lbs. Assuming this is in 5.45, lets say its 1.5 lbs for a massive 60 rd magazine.

    In total, you now have a 10-12 lb firearm. Guess what! Thats roughly the weight the old M14 used to run wet.

    What this comes down to, its they dressed up an AK200, which isnt exactly a new design, its just a rehash of an old one, dressed up in all the “tacticool” stuff for a photo-op. You’re still facing the same firearm as you were before with the exception of the optics being mounted on the dust cover now, assuming they can even get a repeatable zero.

  • December 4, 2011 at 4:31pm

    Looks to be a British 4000 lb blockbuster. 3000 lbs of Amatol… If they found it, the american 250 lb and the grenade all in one spot, makes you wonder what else is scattered around right below the surface.

  • October 18, 2011 at 7:00pm

    Wow! Finally someone else is reading Debka! People thing stuff they see on the blaze etc is scary, they should read a little debka from time to time. The reality of what is going on in that region is so seldom reported properly even by the Blaze, despite past attempts to tip the blaze to it…

  • September 25, 2011 at 4:03pm

    Jeb Corliss has way crazier ones than that. Been watching his stuff for a while. Check out his wing suit demo.

  • September 6, 2011 at 8:32pm

    Why do some of you seem to care so much about the source. To quote some guy… “The truth has no agenda”. Who cares where a source or scoop comes from just so its factual.

  • April 11, 2011 at 1:30am

    Harper isn’t bad. Of all the governments I’ve seen in Canada, his screws me the least. Although I dislike some of the liberty killing initiatives hes put through with the help of the opposition parties (oh hey, did I mention that the leader of the opposition is a close George Soros buddy?), and I definitely dislike our single source ordering of 65 F-35s for est. 16-30 billion dollars when we should be spending less on better equipment (SU-35 with westernized avionics anyone?), he is a far better alternative to the opposition parties who will bankrupt us. The opposition parties as of 2 years ago were all calling for a 700 billion dollar climate change strategy with carbon taxes and the whole works, not to mention shutting down the evil oil patch in Alberta. Half the time I think the best thing for us would be to secede with the other western provinces, creating a new national boundary at the eastern Saskatchewan border.

  • April 9, 2011 at 1:01pm

    I just wish they would report on the 2000 mustard gas and 1200 nerve gas artillary shells missing from libyan arms depos that are en route to gaza.

    In reply to the story Is ANYONE Watching Iran?

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  • April 1, 2011 at 2:25am

    Honestly I dont trust that this app wouldnt immediately notify some government person of you location too. An app like this that you could immediately wipe sensitive data on your iphone or remote wipe it would be incredible though.

  • March 22, 2011 at 7:20pm

    Its North Ossetia, not “North Ossessia”. You’d think after the war in Georgia no editor would get that one wrong…. Heck, it even says it on the video.

  • February 25, 2011 at 12:44pm

    Wow, aren’t we all self righteous today.

  • February 22, 2011 at 1:27am

    Ahahahahahahahaha! He absolutely destroyed that guy!

  • February 14, 2011 at 3:23pm

    That’s funny. Its not even edited. Its glare off of some crap you can see on the camera lens. You will notice more distortions on the image as it pans right and up, the so called horseman is at exactly the right angle with the subtly changing light to show up.