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  • June 21, 2013 at 6:08am

    Wait a moment! Let me understand what that crooked disgusting man said! Catholic and Protestant schools are what separates us ! Listen u two faces MF,What about the Bloody muslim only, boys only school u went to In Jakarta, they did’nt separate students by religion and sex! or did they! ? U know they did, so what the hell are u talking about, u people separating village idiot! But it’s OK to separate muslims but not Catholics, who go to Catholic schools to learn more about their religion! Is this guy crazy or is he on crack again! What’s the world coming to! Long live America, obamaless!

  • May 21, 2013 at 2:44am

    I can’t agree more! I’m worried about our muslim president, today he did another thing that is making me SURE he’s a muslim in drag! Today he told the President of Myanmar, to stop KILLING MUSLIMS IN MYANMAR!! Well, that’s very nice, so when will he tell the president of Egypt [in stead of rewarding him,with 20 F16 fighter jets and 200 Abraham Tanks, which us CHRISTIANS PAID FOR!!] to have his troops and followers stop killing CHRISTIANS IN EGYPT, and burning down the CHRISTIAN churches while the CHRISTIANS are still inside praying! obama seem overly WORRIED about muslims getting killed in Myanmar, but does’nt give a **** about the Christians getting killed! He’s forgotten he’s our president of the CHRISTIANS!! , I don’t hear anyone complaining, or bringing the subject up! What the hell is wrong with CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, the country was FOUNDED ON JUDEO- CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES! And we do nothing, not a PEEP, when our CHRISTIAN BROTHERS get killed and slaughtered! WE NEED TO MOVE OUR ASSES AND TAKE BACK OUR CHRISTIAN COUNTRY!! All I can say is LOCK and LOAD!! Long live America, obamaless!

  • April 28, 2013 at 2:38am

    U know I never thought I’d generalize!! But most,of course not all, blacks are let me say”not enlightened”, instead of stupid! Most of our problems stem from the re-election of this slick orator, who is hell bent on REDISTRIBUTION, [that's the word the Socialists use now, so as not to alarm the populace!] Which MENTAL MIDGETS voted for this pretender? Need I tell u, without being called a RACIST!! Well, if I was’nt one before I sure am one now!! if u can be a NON RACIST, why can’t I, who lives in a FREE COUNTRY be a RACIST!! Remember FREEDOM of SPEECH !!
    And Yes I don’t want a gun to shoot Bambi! I want one for the real reason, I’M SCARED OF obama’s GOVERNMENT !! NOW U KNOW WHY THE FOUNDERS, WHO WERE DAMN SMART, included the 2nd amendment!! It was so we could REMIND the crooks in Washington, that “WE THE PEOPLE” OWN THIS COUNTRY!! NOT THE F-UPS , called Congress! THEY WORK FOR US!! That’s why we have guns!! We “the people” are the law abiding ones that don’t commit mass murders, so there’s no reason to take our GUNS AWAY! UNLESS ???? U’re stupid and don’t think!! Tell me why when obama’s Democrats,want to disarm us, doing it LITTLE BY LITTLE ,so we don’t wise up!! But that same bunch, through, Department of Homeland Security[internal security!!] just bought 2,700 armored troop carriers, 7,000 AR 15′s and wait for it!! 1,6 [that's billion!] hollow point bullets, enough to shoot every AMERICAN 6 times !No GUN Control! That’s how they start,I wan

  • April 27, 2013 at 8:35am

    Why the hell does’nt someone tell obama, we want guns to protect ourselves from a “runaway” government!! We, the decent law abiding people are’nt the ones out there shooting little kids, so leave us and our guns alone so we can protect ourselves , from this crazy Socialist president!, and protect ourselves from the 2,700 ARMORED TROOP CARRIERS, 7,000 AR 15. AND 1.6 BILLION HOLLOW POINT BULLETS,THAT OBAMA’S GOONS IN HOMELAND SECURITY JUST BOUGHT, IF DHS IS FOR INTERNAL SECURITY,WHY ALL THOSE AGGRESSIVE WEAPONS! MAYBE THEY KNOW SOMETHING WE DON’T! SCARY HEY???? ALL THE WHILE TRYING TO DISARM US!! THAT’S ENOUGH BULLETS TO SHOOT EVERY AMERICAN 6 TIMES! IF U’RE NOT WORRIED, U’RE AN IDIOT, OR MENTAL MIDGET OR PROBABLY AN OBAMA LEMMING !!
    If u don’t think they’re coming for our guns,u’re not thinking clearly!!
    What do the following folks have in common? Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Chavez and Castro have in common? They all loved gun control [and an unarmed populace!!] so much, that they SLAUGHTERED 170,000,000 of their own citizens!! Oh! It won’t happen in America !! ********! Socialists don’t care how many citizens they kill, trying to grab power! Read about the 170 million that gave up their guns, while TRUSTING their government!! Yeh! like I trust obama, our LIAR in CHIEF!! and as for the OPPOSITION, they’re a joke !! They cause us more worries than obama’s forced laws!! Please help us GOD, we need an obamaless America!

  • April 17, 2013 at 3:20am

    Please Chris sue the bastards!! Or it will happen again and again! We need guys like u not to be treated like a criminal! That guy Sakalow will probably do it for nothing! Why would any officer do something like that ? Probably has an inferior complex! We need to stick together in Texas !! I hope we break away from obama’s America in Texas! We have all we need to make it on our own, besides MOST of the southern states will join us, then we can show the socialists how to run a CAPITALIST SOCIETY!! Please Mr Perry lead us , I can’t take it anymore! Besides with obama’s DHS buying 2,700 armored troop carriers and 1.6 BILLION hollow point bullets, I don’t want to be around when the economy collapses! and it’s coming for sure! all I can say is LOCK and LOAD!!!

  • April 10, 2013 at 1:08am

    I wish I knew who the 4 were that voted for it, we in the TEA PARTY will get them OUT in next election! Don’t need misguided fools on the court roster! OUT!! Get It! And take ALL remnants of sharia with u!
    These muslims are sneaky, they try and try, to get little , then a little more and more, until they get their own laws!! They will out breed us in our own country! Don’t believe it? Europe is GONE!! No way to save it! and thousands apply and are granted asylum EVERYDAY!! Oh! It’s only thousands! Oh yeh!!!! muslims in Europe have 8.8children and Europeans 1.4 ! So, 8.8 times 8.8[first generation!] = 77.44, 77.44 times 77.44= 5,997anti-Christian muslims!! So still think they don’t have an agenda! They woill take over Europe in 2 generations, WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT!!! JUST BY OUTBREEDING THEN OUTVOTING THE STUPID POLITICALLY CORRECT EUROPEANS!!
    Wake up America, these people are not our rriends, but our mortal enemies! Don’t let their nice outside FOOL U!! Did u know obama’s room mate at Columbia, said obama prayed 5 times a day! Hint! Hint! John Brennan our new CIA leader spent 25yrs in Saudi Arabia, and is said to be a muslim convert! Covert of course! Mrs Clinton’s secretary is or was the sister of Mohamed Morsi, the NEW leader of Egypt, who said Jews and Christians were decendants of pigs! So what does obama do, sends the guy $1.5 BILLION!
    Use yr brain, or we’ll lose our country! Fornicate Political Correctness! Long live the country I love, oba

  • April 9, 2013 at 4:03am

    We need to educate the folks about, one of the few things we know about obama!! He went to Columbia in 1983/4/5, his teachers[professors] were CLOWARD and PIVEN, this is about the ONLY thing we know about obama’s college years, the rest are SEALED!! BY LAWYERS, he’s spent over $2,000,000 to hide them, Oh! Sorry, George Soros spent the money, wonder why?
    Cloward and Piven say that in order to take over the economy, and the country, u have to make so much DEBT and we can’t pay it, make so much welfare, that we can’t pay it!! People will be out in the streets, demanding their checks! but there’s NO MONEY and they will be encouraged to RIOT, egged on by the labor unions, they RIOT!!! obama calls in DHS and DECLARES MARSHALL LAW ! and takes over the country!! another stupid conspiracy theory??? Look up Cloward and Piven and u’ll see I’m right, THEN TELL YR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME, WHY? cause u won’t hear it on ABC , CBS, NBC or CNN!! God save Judeo-Christian America, make it ,obamaless!

  • April 9, 2013 at 3:44am

    Mc Cain needs to be put out to pasture! The guy is really a RINO, give one inch to Dems on gun control and they’ll want a little more and a little more! Never ending, till we wake up one day and have lost our guns and the obama’s Department of Home land Security has 2,700 armored troop carriers, 7,000 AR 15′s and 1.6 BILLION, not million, BILLION hollow point bullets, enough to shoot every American 6 times! Why does the inland security need all that, ? do they expect a TOTAL COLLAPSE of our finances!! Riots etc !! [read Cloward and Piven!!, that's obama's plan! Read it!] The government wants to DISARM US and they’re buying all those armaments!! all the more reason to HOLD ONTO YR GUNS, UNREGISTERED OF COURSE,or THEY”LL KNOW WHERE TO CONFISCATE THEM!!
    What did Pol Pot, Hitler, :Lenin, Stalin, Idi Amin, Castro and Chavez etc have in common? They loved gun control! and together the KILLED 170, 000,000 of their citizens!!! So don’t let yr commie buddy disarm us! NO! No! No! don’t even give an inch! Or all will be lost! Long Live Judeo-Christian America, obamaless!

  • April 9, 2013 at 3:25am

    Maybe we should have a Christian female swim session, and of course if muslims attend it would be “offensive” to have muslims ogling our Christian girls!! We as Christians need to be ******** too! I’m sick of muslims getting any privileges in our MAJORITY Christian country! A little at a time, until we wake up and they’ve taken over everything! Don’t believe it, look at Europe, the most popular newborn name in Holland and Belgium is, wait for it!!! Mahomed!! The muslim “asylum seekers” have 8.8children and the Europeans have 1.4children! In 3 generations, that’s 8.8 times 8.8 times =77.44 times 77.44= 5,997 muslims from 1[one] family! Scary!!!! and that’s exactly what they’re doing ! because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS no one says anything, except Geert Wilders, and of course the muslims sue him and sue him, but last election he got 17% of the vote ! It’ll be too late when the stupid Europeans wake up!! So STOP accepting all this “offended”muslim ********! There’s a purpose in what they’re doing! Long live Judeo-Christian America, obamaless! our biggest enemy is our own president!

  • March 31, 2013 at 2:12am

    I cannot believe how good the obama administration is at deflecting what a HORRIBLE job they’re doing! Kim, whatever his name is, is threatening to send nuclear bombs our way, [he can't really!], threatens to go to war with the south, Morsi is killing protesters and Coptic Christians, Asaad, so far has killed over 70,000 of his own subjects, and is about to use POISONOUS gas, which may fall into the hands of Iqaida, of course our beloved leader, obama, does’nt do **** about it, but wants to copy Asaad, by buying 2,700 armored troop carriers, 1.6 BILLION hollow core bullets[no doubt for target practice!!!! ********!] We, America NOW has a deficit of 17, 000, 000, 000,000 dollars, if u counted to 17 trillion it would take 505, 000 years to do so! let that tell u mental midgets how much we owe, that’s $51,000 per American! and on and on, and as they WANTED, we worried about”GAY MARRIAGE!!!”, not only worried, the Supreme court has even taken it up!
    Are we ALL LOONY !! Talking about that ******** and the world is going up in smoke! Soon , there WON”T BE AN AMERICA!! Just as obama wanted! Read what his professors taught him at Columbia, go to CLOWARD and PIVEN ! MAKE ALL THE DEBT U CAN and ALL THE WELFARE U CAN, WHEN THEY’RE OUT IN THE STREET FOR THEIR CHECKS, RIOTING, UNIONS WILL EGG THEM ON, obama WILL DECLARE MARSHALL LAW!! HENCE ALL THOSE GUNS , BULLETS AND TROOP CARRIERS HE BOUGHT FOR DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY!

  • March 27, 2013 at 2:17am

    I’m sick of saying, I want a gun to shoot animals or hunting and all that ********!! I want to protect myself from the coming rebellion or Marshall Law declaration coming soon! When the economy collapses, and it will, if we don’t get rid of these , “Screw America Crowd!” Commies, Socialists!”Call them what u want , they hate our country and the SECOND AMENDMENT !!! People that say things without a reason are foolish!! The obama guys are chipping away LITTLE BY LITTLE at our right to own guns, after a while we won’t have any guns , but obama’s DHS will have 2,700 armored troop carriers, 1.6 BILLION hollow core bullets,[enough to shoot every American 6 times!!] and 7000 AR 15′s that they just ordered ! sounds reasonable? Yeh! Reasonable ? if u’re from Mars! Then u add to the mix, that they’re trying to TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!!!
    Hey! let me help u! What did Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Castro and Chavez have in common? They ALL HAD GUN CONTROL and eventually gun confiscation! How did they know where to find who had GUNS!! They REGISTERED THEM!!!! and it’s happening HERE in AMERICA!! Don’t fall for it, remember, Little by LITTLE!! Long live America,obamaless!!!
    Hey! what do u do when a bad guy has a gun? get a good guy with a gun, that’ll fix the situation!!

  • February 6, 2013 at 4:50am

    I’m a Catholic, my religion says! No boys , only girls! Does no one care about MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!! or do we only care about the minorities and perverts feelings! Why do I , who is part of the MAJORITY, have to accept gay peoples their perverted ways! U want to “go with another same sex person” , go do it, but leave us NORMAL people alone! U’re trying to push yr devious ways on my children, so that we’ll think it’s normal! It’s not and no matter how hard u push, it’s still abnormal!
    Go start yr own “boy on boy scouts” , there’s lots of Scout masters to help u get started! Sure would’nt send my kids camping with them!! So now I’m all prejudiced, because I have my religious beliefs! Long Live Normal America!

  • February 6, 2013 at 4:31am

    Love my Mac, I’m not a snob, or even rich! Wish I was!!!!! I will be rich when obama’s gone!

  • February 3, 2013 at 3:32am

    I was just writing my first check to wounded warriors! It’s now in the trash! I put my money where my mouth is! I’m a Christian, and I proud of it, and I’m not backing down!! I’m giving my money AS A CHRISTIAN, u don’t like it! U keep yr wounded warriors and I’ll keep my money!m Long Live America, obamaless!
    PS America is built on Judeo-Christian foundations !!

  • December 30, 2012 at 1:54am

    Please Hobby Lobby, don’t give in, u will be amazed how many Christians are so proud of you! I’ll pray for you that you prevail !! DON”T GIVE IN TO those socialists that are trying to take GOD out of our lives!! We Christians are almost 80% of Americans,and are not going to be pushed around by those”FREEDOM OF RELIGION” idiots! We are not as well off as you at Hobby Lobby, but you are part of our lives, YOU REPRESENT US!!! whether you believe it or not! Look what we did for Chick Filet, I don’t want to be like “religionless Europe!”,Or live in a Caliphate! Go get em Hobby Lobby! We Christians are behind you! U’re our representative! our Republican opposition is a joke!!

  • December 23, 2012 at 2:17pm

    Mike Austin, What the hell are you talking about, “part of a bigger problem!”,They did the right thing! They followed it up and prosecuted him! no matter what color he was!! What would u have done? and tell us about this BIGGER PROBLEM!! if there is’nt one make it up, then WE”LL pretend we understand!!

  • December 23, 2012 at 2:08pm

    To the Real Enrico! Just another idiot that uses “u’re a RACIST” comments,that have now become to mean NOTHING and the IMPACT weakened ,TO A POINT THAT WHEN FOOLS LIKE U SAY “u’re a racist”" I SAY , YES!! QUITE RIGHT,and that shuts them up!!
    Get used to it, THE WORLD IS FULL OF RACISTS, and your weak little,”U’RE A RACIST” comment now falls on DEAF EARS!! Go find a new comment, WE THE PEOPLE are sick of yr name calling, it ‘s come to mean nothing! JUST ANOTHER LEFT WING COMMENT THAT NO ONE LISTENS TO ANYMORE!! u’re splitting our people up , we’re all Americans, not a perfect country, but the best GOD EVER MADE!! have a nice day, and keep worrying about problems that YOU MADE UP!! Long Live the Land I love, obamaless!

  • December 23, 2012 at 5:04am

    Hey Brurwiser or what ever yr name is,did’nt you read or listen to what Wayne Lapierre said!” How do you stop a bad guy with a GUN ?? a good guy with a GUN !! U don’t have to he too smart to think that makes sense !! I know I would rather have a policeman with a gun in a school, than NOBODY, because OF NOBODY there at the school with a GUN ,26 little innocent babies got slaughtered!
    U’re thinking with yr heart, instead of yr BRAINS !! U can’t think straight when u’re all emotional! Wait till things calm down and the liberal fog clears, then u can really think clearly! In fact don’t u wish you had been there in that classroom with a loaded gun, when he was slaughtering those poor DEFENSELESS little children! Please think clearly! By the way I don’t own a gun!! YET!!!
    One more question,what did these people have in common? Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Chavez, Castro, Stalin and Lenin ? They all believed in GUN CONTROL!! Remember what our forefathers said, “A government always fears a well armed militia of the PEOPLE!!!” and with Mr socialist obama in power, taking our freedoms away a little at a time, sure makes me want to own a gun! Not to shoot little children, but to protect me and my family from obama’s planned tyranny !!
    God bless America, the land I love, obamaless!

  • December 20, 2012 at 4:59am

    I just see Washington State, Huffington Post and Alicia Menendez and I know what’s coming! I’m frightened of obama’s policies, what he’s doing, trying to take our guns away! Oh! u’re just another dumb conspiracist ! Well, let me tell u a few facts, obama went to Columbia University, his lecturers were Cloward and Piven,they teach, make TOO MUCH WELFARE and DEBT so America can’t pay it, people will be screaming in the streets for their checks[a la Greece!] unions will encourage mobs to riot! out comes the troops and here comes obama’s MARSHALL LAW ! I did’nt write that , Professor Cloward and Francis Fox Piven did! Google it!! Remember our old buddy, Ronald Reagan? Remember what he said about an armed militia [ Meaning=We the people!] won’t be messed with if obama knows we’re armed and ready! He’s going to try a Socialist takeover ! No, doubt in my mind, right now he’s just feeling his way! answer? LOCK and LOAD , before gun control comes! and also UN GUN CONTROL, which I think obama and Hillary signed of on for ! Long Live America, obamaless!

  • December 20, 2012 at 4:36am

    I come from South Africa, and have never heard of Kwaanza, it is a made up holiday,feast or call what u want, it’s an American made up event! No Kwaanza in Africa, sorry about that, but if it makes u happy,all it does is perpetuate the separation of the races in America!! What a pity , but it’s by design so that the Black leaders can keep the black Americans under their control by feeding them all that BS!!
    I feel bad there are so many decent black folks that want to join mainstream society, but are kept out by celebrating made up Kwaanza,as for the idiots that wear their pants under their asses , designs carved into their hair, they are keeping themselves out of mainstream society,and from advancing or getting a worthwhile job! I certainly would’nt hire them! Do u blame me?