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  • September 26, 2012 at 9:32am

    For those of you who comment that parents who are upset with the public schools should just homeschool or go to private school remember this. 1-88 kids today are diagnosed with autism. That does not include the other diagnosed learning disabilities. Most of these kids require speech/language or occupational therapies especially at the early elementary ages to help them learn how to be successful in school. Private schools do not accept, nor do they provide such therapies. If these parents homeschool, they also cannot access these therapies. So then the comment would be, why don’t you just pack a lunch from home? We what do parents in the school district in Chicago that has banned home packed meals do? I think we as parents need to take more control back from our public schools and let the government know that it’s none of their business what our children eat! As parents it is our responsibility!