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  • [37] June 28, 2016 at 7:16pm

    If missing votes in the senate is cause for a lawsuit, just IMAGINE the lawsuit that could stem from knowingly LYING about a presidential candidates “not paying taxes” for many years.

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  • [4] June 28, 2016 at 4:00pm

    Re: “I wonder if they realized they were literally booing and protesting against democracy and a people’s right to self-determination.”
    I would be very surprised if they did NOT realize that.

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  • [4] June 28, 2016 at 11:35am

    Yeah, that IS disconcerting.

  • [3] June 28, 2016 at 2:05am

    Re: “I never said anything regarding “states”. ”
    OK, my bad for assuming that you were keeping to the scope and context of Roe v. Wade.
    Silly me — assuming that you were not going off on a nitwit tangent!

  • [9] June 27, 2016 at 11:56pm

    “The Republican’s 1973 Roe v Wade ruling opened the right for pro-abortion legislation, making abortion a right for every women.”
    Huh? That’s pure gibberish:
    (1) Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court decision — “Republicans” (as if it was done by the legislature?)
    (2) Any state could have had “pro-abortion legislation” prior to 1973, but Roe v. Wade greatly LIMITED states’ freedom to enact legislation prohibiting abortion.
    Man, where do you get the nonsense you post here?

  • [11] June 27, 2016 at 11:48pm

    LauraEllen, MSW said: “All all the good kids are white and all the bad kids are black.”
    Well, I suppose on thing you need to learn to get a Masters in Social Work is to be hyper BIASED in your observation.

  • [14] June 27, 2016 at 10:36pm

    All the GOP has to work with this year is “Our candidate is only 88% as corrupt as your candidate.”

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  • [92] June 27, 2016 at 7:11pm

    Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool ANGLOPHOBE

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  • June 27, 2016 at 4:34pm

    ALSO (correction to earlier post: prelaw SECTION of something called “The National Jurist”)
    Most Conservative Law School Graduates:

    Brigham Young University
    Ave Maria School of Law
    University of Wyoming
    University of Mississippi
    Samford University (Cumberland)
    Charleston School of Law
    Louisiana State University
    Regent University
    Texas Tech University
    University of North Dakota
    University of Idaho
    Mississippi College
    University of South Carolina
    Mercer University
    Oklahoma City University
    Nashville School of Law (state accredited)
    Appalachian School of Law
    University of St. Thomas – Mn.
    University of Alabama
    University of Oklahoma
    University of South Dakota
    Ohio Northern University
    St. Mary’s University
    Texas A&M Law
    Baylor University

  • June 27, 2016 at 4:28pm

    @ tdpatrick.
    Well, from my perspective, NO law school is really “conservative.”
    Anyway, some group named “prelaw” made a couple of lists

    Most Liberal Law School Graduates (note — that is “graduates, not the law school itself):

    Charlotte School of Law
    Northern Illinois University
    Howard University School of Law
    UC Berkeley School of Law
    UC Hastings
    Northeastern University
    Lewis & Clark Law School
    University of Oregon
    University of Maine
    University of Washington
    Texas Southern University
    New York University
    University of San Francisco
    Golden Gate University
    UCLA Law
    Seattle University
    Boston University
    Yale Law School
    University of Minnesota
    Columbia Law School
    Stanford Law School
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Illinois
    University of New Mexico
    USC Gould School of Law

  • [46] June 27, 2016 at 3:07pm

    . . . or dead ducks.

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  • [4] June 27, 2016 at 3:02pm

    Good luck with getting Rat to understand THAT!

  • [13] June 27, 2016 at 2:13pm

    Wouldn’t THAT be ironic: to be targeted while targeting.

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  • [13] June 27, 2016 at 2:11pm

    @ True North:
    Der Obamasar is smiling from big ear to big ear right now.

  • [16] June 27, 2016 at 2:04pm

    @ newwave
    Seriously? You think that obersaber was suggesting that?
    Come ON, man — he was applying the logic in the recent Supreme Court decision (regarding 2nd Amendment rights) to the First Amendment.
    In so doing, obersaber showed the weakness (and POLITICAL AGENDA) of the Supreme Court’s decision.
    Get it, now?

  • [7] June 27, 2016 at 1:58pm

    Actually, the University of Chicago is considered to be one of the more “conservative” universities – especially for economics but for law (to a lesser extent).
    That being said: it sounds like Poser has gone off his rocker.

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  • [30] June 27, 2016 at 11:58am

    Hmmm . . . Good analogy.

  • [2] June 27, 2016 at 10:00am

    and curiouser and curiouser . . .

  • [10] June 26, 2016 at 11:15pm

    Also, “the quiet members of your flock who give their means to help support the church” have had their support “diverted to the perverted” — as payouts by the Catholic Church to the victims of homosexuals (who were also Catholic clergymen).

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  • [7] June 26, 2016 at 9:12pm

    Looks like Anabasis gets his “data points” from the same place that Obama, Clinton and Trump get their “facts” — they pull them out of . . . erm . . . the AIR.

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