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  • December 28, 2012 at 5:09pm

    I believe people are and do express their outrage at abortions, but the government has not banned them and don’t seem as worried about them as they are the gun ranges and law abiding citizens with guns. Maybe you should suggest to the Mayor and Council, and the President, that outlawing and banning abortions would save lives & make up far more than the 500 that they blame on the guns killing.

    Somewhere along the line it would seem they would wake up and make realistic changes but the “Chicago Way” seems to be so well in place & repeated that it can’t be changed by even the President or his Mayor, who he has trained and taken with him until now, when he let him go back home to get it ready for the re-election. I wonder where the President and his family will move when they leave DC? For some reason I believe the odds are more for Hawaii than they may be for Chicago & kids in school there, even with the Secret Service to protect them and keep them from joining the 500+ by then. Sad.

  • December 28, 2012 at 4:04pm

    Sadly, Chicago is one of the toughest cities with gun violence, mostly drug, gang and crime related, and states like Texas, with many more legal guns and the right to not only own but to be able to carry them, have some of the lowest. Rev. Jackson and others can’t blame it all on others bringing in guns, their own citizens & criminals are the ones buying, stealing 7 using them to commit so much crime & death.

    With so many states and cities now allowing concealed carry and having even more guns but less crime it shows that the problem is more in and with Chicago and their government and laws than others. No wonder the President and his family want to live in even DC, plus vacation in Hawaii and not come home to Chicago, and look at the security that he has when he goes there, plus his friend, their Mayor.

    Maybe they should listen less to Mayor Blumberg and their own leaders locally and look to the other states and states with lower crime rates & take some lessons from what works in those cities & states. The idea of not allowing law abiding citizens to have a gun to protect themselves & defend their homes while criminals, who don’t obey the laws but do have guns, seem more in control than the Mayor & the City Council and state officials. Surely, if other cities have the guns but don’t have the murders then it must be in Chicago and committed by their citizens, not outsiders coming in and committing all of the crime and murders they are having there today. It’s s

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