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  • November 24, 2012 at 4:10pm

    I have always been counter to unions on an ideological level due mainly to their political leanings. This remained true even when I began to work for them for a summer job. The structure of the stores is to promote the ability for the common employee to discuss problems with the management staff, which I really liked, at first. However, due to the management short comings and the inability to improve the efficiency of the work day without the threatening of displinary action, often, it began to change my mind if unions are not more appropriate for the average worker that was there. I was lucky because I did not rely upon that job like my co workers did and I did not care about the threats and worked as well as I could in the situation we were in. Not to mention, after eventually being given a displinary mark on my record like 5 fellow workers, we were not notified and the area on the page where we were to write down our own record it was already filled in. By chance I found out about this and notified the store manager who I had to confront personally and go over the page after he was very dismissive. Not to mention the fact after doing my own research into labor laws I found one Wal-Mart was actually braking. To simplify the whole experience taught me a valuable lesson on the grey area of unions and corporations even if I am a conservative, it takes first hand experience.