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  • February 18, 2014 at 10:20am

    Ted seems to have taken the ‘Oath’ when sworn-in too heart and mind.Not like Oba n Co’ and too many to count in the House n Senate. And those crazy Tea Party, Pro-Life, Constitutionalist’s,that little far-right wing in the House who dare to stand up again’st all the Traitors who have been given free passes to commit treason, arming our enemies, Fast n F, Benghazi,DHS, IRS and on and on. Those that hate Ted know he’s on to them and this Piss-Ant Jon Karl get’s his 40sec’ to spread **** and also threaten Ted’s life among other’s they hate. Let Rand Paul, Ted Cruz,Gormert, and the rest who have the Ball’s to take this Administration and all the minions, plus all in both House’s to bring on the Special Prosecuter and tear this Cabal down from the top to the bottom who will not stop till our USA is no longer a free Nation but under the Dictatorship and DHS style police-state of the UN Agenda 21.
    Get your heads out of your toys and see it for what it is, the complete take-over and democide to the masses. Why is nothing said about Fukushima 4-11-11 Nuc explosion and continuing fall-out and leaking of radiation destroying the Pacific Ocean, turning our Westcoast n Canada into a Radiation Wasteland and has moved thru our Countries carried by the Jet Streams and the Ocean waters.All brought to us by HAARP. It can cause Earth rumblings n quakes, alter the Jet-Stream as we’ve seen the last several yrs of weather changes. Man trying to be God.Try and get Potassium Io

  • January 10, 2014 at 6:11pm

    Just remember Sandy when the FEMA camps were closed due to the weather. Or Katrina or Benghazi,etc. Ever hear anything about Fukashimo on msnBS or any other media? The Meltdown started in March,2011 and still very little is reported. Want to see chaos? This time the fish fries us.Oba n Co’ always has our best in mind. As long as Val Jerritt writes it for him.Time is short and Oba has so little left to crash our Country and Constitution.That’s the U.S. for the time being. Would you trust FEMA water? Hide then deny. We are closer then we think,folks.We can fast from food,but water,not 3 days before you go insane.We need to be fasting and praying as Jesus told us to.Taking care of each other.Try Matthew 24. Soon the light….Supper’s ready.

  • December 19, 2013 at 8:59am

    Close to the edge, They asked Phil a question and he gave them an honest answer. Period.We know how much hatred there is for a person to say a prayer and close it with,”In Jesus name,amen. Oba n Co’ will not give a speech or talk unless every cross is removed. Why do they all fear a cross or a plack with the name of Jesus in Latin? Now, if Phil’s answers cause some to cry-out then change the chanel. They can go to USA.TV and watch Modern Family or any program that promotes their Agenda.It’s their choice for now as we see Oba n Co’ continue to trash the US Constitution. All our rights may soon be gone as we’re down to the last 2. Freedom,#1 and #2. Without #2, #1 is gone.As the 1st 2 commandments fullfill all the 10,the 1st 2 in our Constitution protect all our Right’s. We all bow to something or someone,so choose for yourself. The time is short. Very close…

  • December 9, 2013 at 1:40pm

    Right on Sis!! These maggots pullig this crap on older folks and others always out-numbered,you gotta cover your ass wherever we go.When living in E. Cleveland,you watched what was going on around you and who was coming your way. If there were 2 or 3 more then were with you,you prepared for a dance.You just never knew.Wait until Oba n Co’ turn the dogs out on all of us? Just cut the phyic-meds from the 10,000s or so i NYC or LA,etc and watch the mass riots and chaos break out.Some of the kds were bored so they thought,”Hey,lets go kill a white guy.” Why? This is what they are.And where were at.

  • December 9, 2013 at 1:15pm

    Yes Indeed. It’s been long overdue.Oba n Co’ have been commiting crime after crime,ie,Treasonist acts again’st all legal US citizens and others abiding here,since entering office. Covering 1 pile with another pile, hateing our Constitution,our flag,our National Anthem and etc,etc.Oba n Co’ along with the minions they dance for have by Exec’Orders,signed all powers in our country to be controled by Oba n Co’ and the Elite, total control, lockdown.These that are at this Convention must take the stand to restore our Constitution,remove and charge all that have commited treasonist acts from Fast n Fur’ to Benghazi,all inbetween crimes, aiding our enemies here and aboard,Muslum Bros’ n co’,purging our Military with the questions of ‘Will you negate the Oath you took and follow orders to shoot,disarm,detain,etc,Americans? If not,you’re dimissed,discharged,arrested,for the safety of the rest.Will these lawmakers find the ball’s and the fortitude to stand firm upon the Oath we all took and take back our Country?

  • December 3, 2013 at 7:56am

    Yes Indeed.We do need Reps that still have ‘Balls’, and will stand by the Oath they all took, from the Pres on down and/or charge them as traitors of the ‘Rule of Law’, our Constitution and return the ‘Bill of Rights’ that this Oba n Co’ and others in both Houses’ have ignored and removed, all to take away our God given rights and as with Oba-scare, make all of us sub-servants with no rights but those granted by this,( we know what’s best,so shut-up and bend over) Oba n Co’ and the minions behind and in them.
    Laurie is an actor and a good one, loseing his Brit’ accent,and with the supporting actors it had to be a great time for all. I hope to see the out-takes soon. But Hugh just gave an opinion on this crap.You don’t have to be a doc’ to see the truth of this.Long before Barry became Pres’ he and Mich’ have had a hatred for our country,the US Constitution and even our Flag and National Anthem.Only in the USA could they be allowed thru the Rights granted us to freely speak their minds,pro or con.We’re down to the last few rights,folks.As for the Lemon-ade,don’t piss in it,but as some used to do, add alittle ‘Cid’ to the mixture and get a whole new outlook on life.Can’t wait to see Peeloosl n Reid when they ‘see’. Some would have a good trip, others, a bad one when they see themselves for who they really are. Bummers.

  • November 30, 2013 at 10:25am

    Jerritt is the ‘Right-hand gal and gatekeeper to Oba n Co’ everyday on all issues. And Oba saying he’s a Christian goes right along with Islam that says it’s ok to lie to further the kingdom of the Empire. No wonder Oba fears the Cross and won’t give a speech if a cross or a plaque with the name of Jesus on it.In their minds they must destroy all crosses when found. Why? So they make Jesus a prophet of Islam that will come with the 12th Iman to destroy all Chrstians, saying he was wrong and has come as a slayer of all that won’t bow to islam. Oba n Co’, and Val Jerrett and PPH are pushing for ‘Post-Abortion’ ( which they already do,’ Parchel Birth’) up to 2yrs old. With Obascare, the IRS via the Death Panel decides who n what a person gets. So,why not let Oba,Mich’,Jerrett lead the way,showing all of us how great it is? Since it won’t be murder,let them be among the 1st under the new law, Or shove their heads up a cow’s ass and do what we do to Babies who are fighting for their lives? PETA would be screaming for the cow but never a word for the most innocent among us.And please explain how Rahamm,Zeik,( the top man forming the site of Obascare) and kin Emanuals’ and Val,all muslums sit in powerful spots in our Gov? And Zeik sounds alot like Ahmadinajad, railing for the death of the Great satan,USA, from his spot of power n influence.We all will bow to someone or something. Time is short, People. Choose wisely…

  • November 13, 2013 at 10:20am

    Why stop at the mustache? The BS that comes thru the “Hair-lip” is enough crap from the oneabee reporter. Remember Geraldo drawing our military’s position in the sand and then an officer useing his boot to erase it? Should have used his boot to the ‘stashe’, too.I can’t watch him anymore and the trim won’t hide the empty head. Why not put him, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel on M-F at 11:PM thru 11:30PM on FOX? NPR is looking for a few good men and with FOX lending some crede to their resumes so they can preach to their followers of like-mindedness. Juan continues to lie. or ‘Mis-spoken’ as Obama n Co says. And on primetime no less.Lose him,not just the ‘Stache’. Bob Beckel is at least true to himself and believes most of the BS, ( Mis-spoken,etc) and is a plus on “The Five”, pleading for the Far-Side and calling Tea Party,Patriots,Christians, and those who believe that the US. Constitution and the Oath they took was real not just words ( Mis-Spoken?) and don’t ever say that One Name,”Jesus Christ or pray to Him as our Savior and Lord. And the fear Obama n Co’ have of a cross or Jesus’ name must be removed before he will give a speech? A cross scares them. And a Christian is at the top of our US Terrorist List!! Jesus said we would be hated for His name. Well, we Puting the Three on together at 11:PM would be a great move. Or NPR or Maddow. Beckel would need to grow a ‘stache,though. Maddow? Al Gore? Grow a few.. Al-Jahizirra, now on US cable station. Tha

  • October 24, 2013 at 10:45am

    Hey Chuck and Locked? You stand firm on a women’s right to Choice.Even to the point that a baby,alive and kicking on a cold stainless steel table can be murdered by the Dr with a snip of the spinal cord.Post-Abortion= Murder.Or the tearing into pieces by a vac’,legal,yet the Baby tries to get away from it while it can but to no avail. Murdered.And our tearful Obama,showing the bodies of all those kids mudered on a ‘cold,marble floor and calling Assaad a ‘Mass-murderer and saying we will not allow this to happen to other innocent ones,and theatened to bomb those Chem,Bio,weapons and those responsible with death.Chuck n Lock,do you think you will survive Obacare’s standard of ‘useless eaters’,a drain on the needs of others deemed,’meeting the ‘red-line’? In less then 2 weeks after being sworn-in Oba signed the FOCA, Freedom of Choice Act; That at anytime,anyplace,any age,in any way,for any reason,even if aborted and alive,under FOCA it’s the Law to murder the baby cuz it’s a “Choice”.The tears’ of our Pres’ for the Syrian kids are like his Faux-Christian false faith. Only when it’s needed does he put on the facade for whatever reason at the moment to show how he cares. He does’nt give a dam,only what he needs to say at the time.As his koran says, lie when it furthers the cause of Islam and destroy every cross as told in the koran. Oba fears the cross and won’t speak if they are not covered,removed, or an insciption of the name of Jesus. He is right to fear Je

  • October 24, 2013 at 9:24am

    “It takes a village” So we see the village in Buffalo and then removing 1 guy ( Free Speech?) being led away, NDAA, and all the Sheeple yelling again’st the 1st Amend’. How many were there? 1-v-4,000? She was a Rhodes Scholar where she met Billy- Bob and the grooming began. She also was on the board of ‘Wall Mart’, the largest take-over by a Chinese backed and funded retail store ever in the USA. Thanks Hillarious !! As when Billy as Pres, was forced to give Hillarious her dream of control of all our children,( Pro-Abortion/Murderer) and the major push for taking control of Healthcare for all. Oba was groomed to carry on the mantle with Obacare=Genecide=Post-Abortion/FOCA,Death-panels for the old and/or mentally ill,(useless-eaters).Do the Math folks.You might be next on the menu at the FEMA Foodline? Add alittle garlic and sage and you have a bowl of Tom,or leg of Sam,Ham of Pam n Peas.As with Benghazi and all the crimes commited by her and all in Oba n Co’,+Czars again’st all of US, it’s called the 1st Degree by them all. Holder arming our enemies,MX,IRS,DHS,TSA,and the 2 top ones,backing,arming,aiding and celebrating every year Ramadam at the Dim House, and refusing any Christian event,except the Easter Egg Roll which is the only time the IRS leader could remember, forgeting the 177+ times he came to the W.H.for a sit-down with Das Leader and his Right-hand Gal,Val Jerrett,Charge all w/ Treason and hang them,.Benghazi alone while Oba naped.Says it all!!

  • October 18, 2013 at 11:25pm

    Yes, the 4 Horses are riding and if you believe that the Spirit is the Holy Spirit then we know the time is now. Harry Reid is and has always been a bed-wetting wack-job along with Peeloosli,Boxer,etc,etc.They fear any mention of the US Constitution,Freedom and extremely fearful of the name of Jesus Christ or even a cross.Harry, Nancy Hillarious,Obama’s,Rangel,Jackson,etc all pro-choice even to the point of Post-Abortion,which has been going on for decades. All from Barac on down have all commited treason and the breach of the Oath we all took to defend the US Constitution,so the murder of the most innocent to arming our sworn enemies,these all need to be charged and tried. We don’t have much time left……….

  • October 18, 2013 at 10:42pm

    This is nationwide and all power via the Executive Order Pen, Obama needs to sign the last one that puts him in total control of almost everything in the US and other Country’s links. It will be Worldwide and soon by the way things are going down.Remember, it was just a few weeks ago Oba n Co’ were ready to strike Syria with missles, then maybe with only some missles. In a week? Now,Bury that with Obacare and threats of total collapse by this Pres and minions and it’s all the Tea Party,a small group in the far-right side of the Republicans and the worst and most dangerous of them all,those Christians who follow Jesus and the Gospel,the Word. Oba n Co’ fear this man and His message so much that even if a cross is near or in sight, it must be removed or covered before Oba will speak or show up.From Fast n Fur’- Benghazi, treason even before Oba was sworn in and now we’re on the edge. His Exec Pen is ready for paper then ut go the lights.

  • October 17, 2013 at 8:13pm

    This guy should get together with Geraldo,Juan Willians and Peeloosli for a 1/2 hour of news on about 11 pm.I’ve only seen snips of this gizz, all i need. We’re dealing with traitors who sacrificed are finest and 56+mil’ of our most innocent among us,our children.The most dangerous place in the entirer World. The Womb.Talking down to any of our Veterans shows ignorance and i salute all the Vets and families, friends,on how you got in and then the next day you had the class by stacking them in front of the White House to save $$ on gathering them up. To all the men and women i thank you all, as my Father served and a POW in Germany and a brother/ lifer as a Marine.File charges on these traitors from Obama, Clinton, Sebilius,Holder Etc,Etc.Obama / Jerrett n Co’.May God have mercy on us cuz we sure don’t deserve any but for the Remnant.

  • October 15, 2013 at 7:52pm

    Yes Sir Bob R.It’s been brewing for years and the head is ready to pop!! The attack that’s being waged upon our Constitution and the way they have by ‘Exec Ord,taken all powers away and into 1 small group to control all the rest.It does say allot about the area he reps’. They should put Rangel,Rev Jessie Jackson and Geraldo on CNN or etc at 11:00 pm and don’t forget Juan Williams.Why does FOX spend a dime for these 2? Let Geraldo go to the MX border and send Juan back to NPA. Treason from the top on down,from Oba to the lowest Russian soldier here in the USA who don’t take the Oath as we take it. Obama and the minions are liars,guiilty of treason in a thousand crimes.Vets that i know are ready for the change back to our God fearing Nation, with Liberty and Justice for all

  • September 23, 2013 at 9:05am

    That this man would twist the Word to include Islam as it is should be enough to question the path he’s leading the Catholic Church,does that mean that Chrislam is the all inclucive one size fits all and there’s no need to believe that Jesus is the Way, theTruth, and the Light. That no-one can come unless the Father draws him?Or that the Scriptures can only be understood when a ‘Father or Brother” explains them and only by confessing to a man can you be forgiven after you do a few ‘Hail Marys’,etc or cash, depending upon the sin.My Grandmother paid the ‘Church’ to have my Dads’ birth-year ahead so he could go to work in the coalmines.At 14 the paper said he was 16.When WW2 broke out he was drafted into the Army.He was captured in E,Italy and 2 Germans walked them North and into Germany. He spent 18th B-day as a prisoner in Stalog 7 and yes, they were beaten,little food if you call it food and slaves to clean-up after the bombing raids.That war was just,but the price was high.Ths Pope is the figure-head and you must weigh his words with the Word that needs not but the Holy Spirit opens the Truth to us. We do need teachers,Pastor’s to open our understanding of the Word. But we must read for ourselves and also see if what the Pastor says is the truth.85% truth with 15% lies and you have a false teacher that can lead his flock away from the Truth. Hear what this man says and what Catholic teaching is all about.Is it for Jesus or again’st? Your souls’ in the balance.Ju

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  • September 21, 2013 at 10:27am

    Peeloosli fits right in with the Pope’s message that all faiths can join each other and the Koran is ok and should be included along wth the Bible, as in Chrislam brought to us via Rick Warren,Joel Olsteen etc, holding unified services with Islam and the new version of the Bible.As Peeloosli said “You don’t need God, you have us Demoncrats” And the reduction in food stamps is 4% of the Stamp program, not 40%.The Pope awaits the icon from Fatima to the Vatican soon but as praying to a statue, a lifeless form like paying your dead out of Purgatory or confessing to a man when Jesus is our mediator, our Savior and Lord.While the Westcoast is being hit by radiation fall-out for 3 yrs, from the ocean water, air carried radiation in rainstorms inland from Alaska to MX.Nothing should be eaten from the ocean or crops and animals raisied there. Along with the Chem-Trails poisoning all lands, water air and all of us with Aluminum particles + other chems for our good? Aluminum is a good conducter for EMPs and as we ingest the fall-out we could also be the target of the Pulse.Peeloosli,Reid etc all calling evil good, and good,evil.She worships at the alter the rest of Oba’s minions all bow to. Who will you bow to? Only 2 choices and the time is short.The Pope is the Holy See and only he can forgive with the underlings.Peeloosli in a burka? Or a FEMA coffin? And how about those Benghazi folks? Traitors from the top,Pres’, on down. Charge them, try them and hang them if guilty.

  • September 15, 2013 at 7:26pm

    Hawkwind,does your name happen to refer to the band Hawkwind? Quite the ‘trip’ Now ‘Sonic Attack’ takes on a reality before our eyes. I read on Thursday that a man from Quatar bought 850 properties for $850.00. Let msnbs do a story and show how Mikka’s fathers’ dream to destroy the USA and our Constitutional Freedoms for the NWO under the control of the Elite.We’re soon to see the chaos created and the take-down by our leaders.Detroit’s new population,illegals,gangs,those locked in with nowhere to go.Thank you Dr. Strangelove, for going do alley and leaving us the heritege of Damnation Alley.Led by traitors for a rational future. Send in Kerry and McCain.It’s a dream-team

  • September 12, 2013 at 2:42pm

    What a collection of opinions,pro n con.If you’re not for Jesus,you’re again’st him.This anton fellow can have his opinion just like the rest of us, at least for now. Oba wants only one line of thought,his and Alinskys’ and their ilk.Oba has a deep fear of the cross that any time he goes to talk if a cross is there, it must be covered or removed. It’s only a cross,so why the fear?His fear is about the one who went to the cross,died and rose again on the 3rd day.Hs fear is real for even the demons tremble at the menton of His name,and so does he and any who are anti-christ or think ths is all there is and we return to the dust.The prophets are batting 1,000% and as Jesus told us in the gospel’s, we will know when the time is near and those signs are happening just as He said.Oba says he is a christian but his fruit tells us otherwise. He’s a closet muslum, backing the Mus’ Bros’ who hate even those isms and the deepest hatred of those who follow Christ Jesus.Anton, check out Matthew 24 for yourself. You’re a free thinker so it won’t hurt too much.Or just read the chapters in John that have verses with red in them.Go ahead and then come back and tell us again why we follow a false god……….

  • September 10, 2013 at 2:55pm

    Once again, John and the minions,both Exec’,both Houses and the Supreme Court are all out to destroy our Country,denounce our Constitution,Rule of Law and replaces them with the UN Agenda 21 and the Charters that are fitted for each area’s needs.In Detroit,a mddle-eastern bought 850 houses and lots for $850.00! The city has been bulldozing entire neighborhoods to make ready for vertical housing and ‘Sustainable Developments’ as outlined in Agenda 21,the taking of rural private property with no compensation and suburban areas that don’t fit AG 21s plans.Boehner, Peeloosli,Reid Boxer,Graham S.C.and all that stand with Oba and his minions on Syria are traitors, for this and all crimes they have commited, trashing the Oath they all took to defend with their lives, the US Constitution,Bill of Rights and the Rule of Law whch is taken by the Pres on down to our local police,all military along the the Pledge of Allegence to the USA.From Holder’s Fast n Fur’ to Benghazi,Fort Hood ‘workplace violence’ and all the tresonist acts by Obama n Co’ and Rep’s,They fund all acts by the Mus’ Bros’ and associates,arming and training,with an open door to the M.B,s to the Dim House,partying every Ramadam and other events.The penalty for Treason is Hanging along with crimes again’st the Oath the swore to uphold.And they could’nt find anyone other then John Kerry for Suc’ of State!? WTF? His past record should have stopped him. But here he is in 1 of the most powerful spots in this O

  • August 25, 2013 at 1:35pm

    As for his face being on the flag, he will soon be hung from the gallows along with the rest of the traitors,ie his administration and czars, and all in both Houses’ who have turned again’st us and the ‘Oath’ they all took to defend the US Constitution and the Rule of Law,Bill of Rights,arming our enemies and none that broke and gave the ‘finger’ to all American citizens that are legally here.So, file the charges and prepare to carry out the sentence of each.Pack a brown bag lunch cuz it will take awhile.