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  • [6] June 16, 2016 at 10:01pm

    The “writer” looks how Jerry Lewis would look if he were high and gay…hey pretty ladyyy……

  • [52] June 16, 2016 at 10:53am

    Let’s just elect a three times surgically transgendered (can’t stick to a plan), cross-dressing, pedophilic, homophilic, beastialic, necrophiliac, polygamist, who has a cleft-pallet and no legs, is of indeterminate chromosomal gender or race, who appears to be both male and female with a non-threatening, non-aggressive appearance, who is a member of every known existing and extinct religion, who does not speak English and requires an interpreter at all times because “it” speaks a dead language, who has been divorced at least once from one partner of as many genders as they claim to be…and get it over with, checking all the boxes.

    Then we can concentrate on selecting candidates based on having proven, measurable, demonstrable, Executive Level Leadership experience (the only quality that matters), instead of “who’s on first” qualifications.

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  • [14] June 16, 2016 at 10:46am

    Does it smell fishy on this article?

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  • [5] June 16, 2016 at 10:44am

    What we need is the Voight-Kampff machine and technique of determining who is bad. For those not paying attention, this a “Blade Runner” reference.

    Why we extend the modern courtesies of warfare to cowards (Muslim Extremist Terrorists), generally reserved for professional enemy combatants, such as: Rules of Engagement, Escalation of Force, “like weaponry” as opposed to “whatever it takes”, who have not signed the Geneva or Hague Conventions, who hide behind civilians, who hide in “so-called places of worship” (which we cannot destroy for some reason), who have no arrangement for the Red Cross to visit POWs (hard to visit POWs when our men are beheaded)….is beyond me. They deserve as much consideration as one renders when stepping on a cockroach. We had to take out many German and Japanese civilians (breeders of enemy combatants, providers of military manufacturing and logistic support, etc.) to force the leader of the former to commit suicide and the leaders of the later to publicly be disgraced and sign documents of surrender. Our modern day leaders have no concept of what it takes to achieve victory….vanquishing of an enemy, regardless of borders (including those on American soil who must be destroyed).

    Former 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper, deployed once to Afghanistan and three times to Iraq, post 9-11, SFC RET.


  • [187] May 29, 2016 at 11:30pm


    Mrs. Clinton did not abuse Email..she did not merely logon to Yahoo or Gmail…at the bare minimum, she hired an IT expert to setup, install, and maintain an EMAIL SERVER.

    Mr. Wallace, FNC, and the MSM are complicit in allowing anyone to use the phrase “email” instead of “EMAIL SERVER” when discussing this issue.

    If I had the power, I would fine anyone, who, in any media, allows this discussion to omit the word “SERVER” after “EMAIL”, $1M per incident, payable within 30 days to the IRS or lose their FCC license as well as any and all “dissemination of information” via “any means” to include partners, subsidiaries, and any and all other forms of partnerships/unions etc. for 180 days.

    The media is controlling language to make it look like an Email Faux-Pas. This was a deliberate misuse of technology to use personal property to conduct government business.

    As a recently retired Soldier of 26 years, a holder of a lowly “SECRET” Clearance, I am aware that any computer, phone, USB Drive or device of any type that I plug into a government computer, has immediately become government property. It should be unthinkable for any government petty functionary such as a “secretary of state” to even consider establishing an Email server to conduct government business.

    The fact that no one in the media is demanding her head on a plate, or that no one is Congress is taking action to prevent Mrs. Clinton from running for POTUS (due to imprisonment) is unfathomable to me

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  • [28] May 5, 2016 at 12:22pm

    No wall is good unless defended. I mean with armed Military with orders to shoot to k!ll.

    Building a wall without on the spot enforcement of deterrence is a waste of resources. Either you are serious about keeping out people without screening them first (to avoid immediate entitlements) or you are not serious about it.

    Ask the former East Germans about how to build a fence/wall and ensure compliance from would-be interlopers.

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  • [1] May 5, 2016 at 9:59am

    To Mizurax,

    I’ll take a CEO/Entrepreneur, Military Leader, Governor over a petty government functionary (Congressman, Senator, etc. who only know “rule by committee think”) any day.

    What makes voters think that a person with no Executive Leadership Experience, a person who has never been in charge of, held accountable or responsible for anyone or anything, can lead a nation of 320 million as well as the rest of the free world?

  • May 4, 2016 at 10:47am

    Hey randy..

    If things are so bad here, if people are starving, why are they not emigrating to a country where they can do better, where their job skills are needed? Why not learn to speak Mandarin and move to China and get a job? Even wild buffalo move to a new pasture when they are hungry. Why are Americans so lazy to move and become self sufficient? I do not get it.

  • May 4, 2016 at 10:45am

    Listen up NonLibInOregon and all those who “like” your comment!!!!

    Only a moron would vote for “senator” Cruz or any other petty government functionary who knows only “rule by committe think”.

    Such people (former community organizers included) have no EXECUTIVE LEVEL LEADERSHIP experience. What makes you or anyone else believe that a person who has never been solely responsible and accountable for the success or failure of an entity, who have never led a group of 12 people, believe that such an untested person can lead a nation of 320 million as well as set the tone for the rest of the free world?

    Former Governors, Military Leaders, Entrepreneurs and CEO’s are the only people who should even be allowed to run for POTUS. These people have grappled with issues that only an Executive Leader deals with such as: Granting or denying a Stay of Execution (ultimate decision regarding life and death), leading troops in combat, growing a business, developing subordinates (hire, teach, coach, train, reprimand, reward, promote, terminated, etc.), exercising control through subordinates by ensuring they understand YOUR vision while holding THEM accountable. These are the skills a POTUS needs.

    Being a former Senator, who cannot make sole, unilateral decisions, who cannot be fired on the spot, is not a person qualified to be POTUS.

    Raise your standards people. Idiot Americans are electing former community organizers and former secretaries of state to become POTUS. Wake up!!!

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  • [1] April 28, 2016 at 2:52pm

    You want a fence around the White House or a Wall at the Mexican border that works? Easy. You must man each with Soldiers and .50 M-2 Machine guns with instructions to engage at will, the wall or fence is now immediately 100 percent successful.

    A fence or wall without enforcement is a waste of money and resources….Ask the East Germans how to build a wall or fence and make it work…1961.

    In my opinion, if you are not willing to shoot those who will cross your barrier, do not erect one inf the first place.

  • [16] April 28, 2016 at 2:46pm

    I have tried a few churches in my area in the last few years. In addition to the “feel good message”, they spend more time reading notes about internal church projects and internal church ministries (youth group, singles group, etc.) than they do preaching (they do not pause for you to open your Bible to follow along because you don’t need to know where passages are in the Bible, and THEY want to be the authority (sounds like Big Government to me).

    Teaching The Word is no longer conducted. (I attended a Pentecostal Church headed by Dr. Lester Sumrall, he would reach on a topic such as “Was Mary a Virgiin?”, arguing with himself about the original meaning of the word “V” possibly meaning a young married woman without child…near the end of the sermon as you expected him to reveal a definitive answer he would say “it doesn’t matter what the “V” word means, that he will believe in Jesus Christ and ask Jesus himself what the scripture meant when they meet face to face!”

    Also, too many churches have a “drummer” in a box and if you cannot simultaneously sing four notes on each syllable of each word in each song, you are not worthy to sing along with the Praise and Worship at the beginning of service.

  • [3] April 13, 2016 at 2:22pm

    I like this plan…Finally we will get the poor and the criminals who exist on an underground economy to PAY SOME DAMN TAXES..because we know these people all purchase guns legally. These people get the same amount of National Security that I get, yet pay little taxes..such people should not even be allowed to vote…but I digress.

    If you are white, have a pen!s and a job and are law abiding,….you are funding EVERYTHING in this free “friends of the court” for divorce if you have a p3n!s….etc, etc….

  • [-3] March 30, 2016 at 10:50am

    At least Trump has Executive Leadership experience…unlike mere Senators (who only know “rule by committee” such as Cruz, Rubio..etc.). Only Governors, Military Leaders and CEO’s/Entrepreneurs or others with successfully demonstrated and measurable Executive Leadership experience should be considered by any voter…petty government functionaries below the level of POTUS (unless they have be a Governor) should be allowed to run.

  • [3] March 29, 2016 at 1:53pm

    Rush made a great point about this issue, “born rich” as mentioned here by AbrahamsSheepdawg or actually I believe, given some money by his Father. Anyhow, Rush said something about idiots inheriting money or winning the lotter only to be broke later. Getting money does not make a person smarter, it does not mean they will not waste the money, shoot it up their arm, snort it, or drink it…..

    The point is, Trump may have started with a modest sum of wealth but not only held on to, he amassed even more….why do so many people fear those who are successful in life? Do you want a loser leading a nation of 320 million people?

    Personally, I do not even want former Senators running for let alone being elected POTUS…Executive Leadership Experience should be on the top of every voters list. If a person has only ruled by committee and never been in charge of anything…what qualifies them to lead a nation of 320 million people. The only people who should even be allowed to run for POTUS are: former Governors, former Military Leaders and CEO’s/Entrepreneurs.

  • [-2] March 20, 2016 at 1:58pm

    To Marnin,

    Let me break this down to you so even you can understand why I am supporting Trump.

    1. Only an idiot would vote for a person with no Executive Leadership Experience, to lead a nation of 320 million who has not led so much as a Cub Scout den.

    2. Former Senators, Members of the House, Secretaries of State and other petty government functionaries who know only how to rule by committee, who know not the sweet taste of success based on solely made, autonomous, unilateral decisions to guide an endeavor should not even be allowed to run for POTUS, and only idiot voters would vote for them.

    3. Personnel deserving of votes for POTUS: former Governors who have made decisions, enacted legislation through Executive Order and wrestled with life and death issues such as Stays of Execution; Military Leaders; CEO’s and Entrepreneurs.

    4. You are welcome for the enlightenment.

  • [4] March 20, 2016 at 12:30pm

    Here is how to fix this:

    Trump should be charging $100 per person to attend his rallies (how many people pay more than that for tickets to see an entertainer?..I just spent $250 to see Garth Brooks).

    Now as a paying attendee, if someone interferes with my right to a reasonable expectation of enjoying a “paid event”, I can knock the crap out of them, fully justified.

    By charging $100, most of the off-the-street riff-raff will not attend and the professional agitators who do pay to enter will at least be “donating” money to Trumps effort.

    Mr. Trump could graciously donate all the proceeds to charity, now my ticket is tax deductible….a win/win for all.

    Even at a free rally, why does not the media speak up for MY RIGHT to a reasonable expectation of enjoying listening to someone I want to hear.

    …at the Garth Brooks concert I had to ask a person next to me who was singing obnoxiously to stop it….I told her I paid to hear Garth Brooks, no one is paying to listen to shut up. Most people, out of fear, will do as you direct because they are not used to being told what to do….too many snowflakes out there.

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  • [1] March 13, 2016 at 1:25pm

    I attended the Trump Rally in Fayetteville, NC on Wednesday 09MAR2016. There were many protesters being ejected…fortunately for them, they were not sitting near me. Do I not have a right to a reasonable expectation of being able to listen to someone at a venue I selected to attend, without distraction from riff-raff?

    Mr. Trump, here is how to reduce the number of protesters (though I know that the protesters get coverage from the MSM who must mention your name when showing the protesters, thus, free advertising). Start charging $100 per person to get in..even if the “professional protesters” cannot afford the ticket, their “handlers” will pay their way, thus helping to fund your campaign by offsetting some of the cost of renting the venue…a win, win!!! To make it more stringent, attendees could be required to show a voter registration card for either Republican or Independent….as there is no reason to be addressing non-voters…..thus denying entrance to registered democrats (people who will never vote for Trump anyhow, thus should not be attending the Trump Rallyies).

    I paid over $250 each for two tickets to see Garth Brooks last night in Raleigh…..I suspect most Trump supporters would be glad to pay an entrance fee of $100 helping Trump to fund his effort…AND….not having to listen to riff-raff.

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  • [5] March 12, 2016 at 8:38am

    Personally, I think it was a great day.

    Trump, by poking people in the eye (setting up a rally by a Capitalist in Chicago of all places), we learn who our enemies are….too bad the MSM does not play this lack of decorum up more. Certain people are revealing how poorly they were raised.

  • [6] March 12, 2016 at 8:36am

    Donald, please quit trying to talk to the animals, the 47 percent who pay no Federal Taxes (yet enjoy the safety of National Security and the benefits of groceries being delivered to their neighborhoods via a great Federal Highway infrastructure), it upsets them, and in the big scheme of things, as “takers”, they deserve no consideration from those of us who do pay taxes.

    Donald, focus on the base and you will win.

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  • [2] March 12, 2016 at 8:33am

    I was a member of the 10,000 audience at the Trump rally in Fayetteville, NC this week.

    When does MY right to a reasonable expectation of going to public event and enjoy the message/speaker I expect to hear take effect? Why must I suffer protesters disrupting my enjoyment of the event?

    Can I walk in to a black church on Sunday and stand up and shout obscenities? Can I attend a Mrs. Clinton event and stand up and shout obscenities? Sure, but why would I?….I was raised better than that, it is impolite to disrupt an event I did not pay to host. This type of thinking is why we Republicans are not being successful at winning anymore because we are too polite and too timid to tell others to shut up or leave.

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