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  • January 13, 2014 at 4:45pm

    Philip Rivers is passionate! Our new coach is an amateur! In his interviews he never accepts blame if the team wins is because they bought into his game plan if they lose they did not focus on his game plan. Rivers is just frustrated but being a coaches son he takes blame like a man and does not throw anyone under bus. If I were him I would of told the full truth instead of saying “we should of opened the game up a bit earlier…” why not say it like it is….. McCoy is afraid of his shadow just as in Cinncy game he waits until after the 4th quarter to realize that running the ball will not work. Rivers took over in 4th and scored. My suggestion pay for McCoy and Wizznehut to leave town, tell K. Allen that when you are losing not to show off when you finally score. And go get a coach that knows how to fix problems on fly i.e. Bellicheck. Philip, ask to be traded to say Cinncy with your talent and their players you will finally get to Super Bowl and the Chargers can get a few draft choices that they will blow on players that will get injured in first pre season game. Matthews is not answer for being in the league for four years the man cannot stay healthy…. for Danny W sake, Philips sake, Weddle sake and Gates sake package them all to a good coach as they deserve a ring.

    P.s. LA did not support Rams and Raiders and they will not support a team like the Chargers. McCoy up to last week was still angry that Weddle faked the punt two weeks ago and won game. He is a

  • November 12, 2013 at 4:50pm

    It was a Lie. (That is PERIOD).
    Now here is how the fix will go for the millions who were lied to and the millions more to come…. The US Govt. We the taxpayers will pay for those who were cancelled from their policies to join the highest grade govt. policy….. Will it break the bank of the USA? ….. I think that has already happened. Will anyone in Congress stand up and say Unconstitutional as that would be an additional tax to the taxpayers and only the US House of Rep can pass a new tax? Unlikely.
    Is there any Multi Millionaire in the country who is willing to spend a few million and sue to the Supreme court…. on the constitutionality of Obama care. Points of contention… the Constitution does not give the US Supreme court the right to pass a tax and yet that is what Chief Justice Roberts did when he said that Obamacare fines were not a fee but a TAX… that was unconstitutional of Roberts and the liberal Supremes….President Obama has changed this law a few dozen times with his exemptions etc…. That is illegal… As they say it is the law of the land and the LAW does not allow the President to change it or give EXEMPTIONS without going back to Congress…. GLENN how about finding a millionaire to sue as the law is not being followed… ONE Last thing… PRESIDENTIAL directives are historically and constitutionally only to be used for orders within the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the US GOVT>>>>> Obama is tearing our Constitution to shreds.

  • October 2, 2013 at 1:09pm

    Will someone please tell me what a CLEAN continuing resolution is?


    In the USA we scoff at how backward some countries are but they rise up when there is enough graft to get them pset and throw the bums out…. we just vent on the internet..

  • September 21, 2013 at 10:28pm

    As I see it after watching the Video I am more upset with the “Cattle” sitting in the audience. To allow this man to be manhandled out of that meeting without stepping up and standing in the way of the security guard is exactly how they are going to get all your guns….. You will all complain but when it is time to stand up and be counted most sit on thier rear ends and maybe yell, let him speak! Lot that did! So your write your question out and then let the powers to be decide who they will respond to or how they might edit what is asked.

    Everybody who was at that meeting if they have a shred of decency or intelligence and desire for liberty will go to court and testify on his behalf and then this individual should sue the security firm and the board teke his winning and put his kid(s) in private school. Little secret ….. ask around ….. and see how many public school teachers send their kids to private school….. maybe we can start with our President who is backed by the public school teachers union as are most dems but I would bet that the private school that that the Presidents daughters go to is non union…. bet on it…… by the way I agree with his actions…. send those girls to private school that is where you get an eduction as did Barack as I believe his grandmother paid for him to go to an exclusive Hawaii private school.

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  • July 15, 2013 at 1:31pm

    A thought from an old white man. The USA is the least racist country in the world. If our some of our political leaders both elected and self proclaimed and their media lap dogs did not constantly bring up the fact “how much a racist country the USA is”, then quite possibly the majority of Americans of all Nationalities, Races, Religions and Political leanings could work on solving the real problems of our country. Such as the lack of common sense laws that are clear and consise and that everybody including those in Congress could understand, the real problem of a President who ignores the US Constitution which mandates that he uphold laws passed by Congress unless the law states otherwise, (p.s. Obamacare does not give him latitude to change “his” law in anyway), the real problem of poor inner city education due to not poor teachers but to the fact that the Teachers Unions are now running the education of our young people and in doing so have dumbed down their eduction to where American History is an afterthought and is a major reason few people know that it wasn’t until Abe Lincoln and the real Republicn party pushed through civil rights acts in spite of Democrat opposition. We should be asking why poverty is worse now then it was when LBJ started the 17 trillion dollar war on crime. I could go on but I am running out of space but it would be nice if we could find the invesitgative reporters we use to have that helped bring to light these and many other situations

  • April 12, 2013 at 3:58pm

    Having known Carlos Quentin for well over 15 years I know he is a class act. After reading some of the comments here I realize that there are low information people all over even those who read the Balze. Carlos was hit by the Dodgers on Tuesday and was foced to miss a game….. Genke has hit Carlos twice before as Carlos has gotten some meaningful hits off this pitcher and plus if you are going to hit a batter and then swear at him be prepared for the consequences. As for Imquachita who says they are a Padre fan maybe you should be telling the truth that you actually bleed Dodger Blue. If Carlos gets suspended it will be that the Dodgers have the money to dictate to MLB what to do to other teams though they deserve to be suspended themselves. Bottom line it is too bad Greneke got hurt but he threw the first pitch that started this ….. facts are facts

  • April 4, 2013 at 4:40pm

    A Major Problem with 99.9% of these comments…… The people who need to read them the low information Obama voters or just the Americans who are ignorant to what is happening are not reading the comments or the articles. Somehow this info has to get into the main streat media. I propose someone like Beck or LImbaugh start an organization to raise funds and then with these funds BUY TV, Radio and newspaper time and space on the networds and CNN to spread these stories.
    A radical approach but if we want the low information people to know the facts of what is going on then this is surely one way to reach them.
    For obama’s 5% give back to be considered a big deal by the main stream news folks cries out for a rebuttal on their channels. As it has been pointed out the middle class real workers are looking at a 20%+ decrease in take home. I also have not read one article on why we do not station all border patrol agents on the border. We have them as far as 30+ miles off the border where sometimes they run traffic stops but these agents are permanently stationed at these stops. Put them on the border while we build a triple fence the type that works in San Diego County.
    Once again Beck, Limbaugh etc…. start an org that will buy ads with the facts on main stream media and I will donate to your org.

  • November 9, 2012 at 4:29pm

    I can only say it as clearly as I believe it to be….. Mr. Panetta is not telling the truth and with the media in the hip pocket of Obama we will never know the whole truth no matter what the House does. Witness obama and his move within days of reelection of shutting down and exploration of our domestic energy in the West, the move to support the UN against our second amendment, the surrender of Bohener to obama (he has got to be one of the weakest leaders of the House in decades) put Issa in charge and watch obama cringe (it will never happen), the destruction of my country will soon be complete unless there are enough Dems in the Senate and the House with an independent backbone. Will all the Statesmen please stand up. Of course this is just one mans opinion and to be honest I still cannot believe that a majority of my fellow citizens are so stupid that they ignored the facts (not my opinons or the opinions of others like me) but the real facts and a fact is based on the real truth of what obama has done, has said and is doing. Got to give it to the man he is doing what he said he would and the people are selling their souls. One of the items that I really am bothered by is his voting to kill babies that were born alive during an unsucessful abortion. What kind of man is this? Sounds more like a Jihadist then a Christian in my opinion. Thanks for letting me vent.

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  • November 1, 2012 at 3:32pm

    Glenn…. You are making no sense…. and you are only helping Obama…. If you have information on specific groups withholding vital information Why Why would you not call them out by Name? Do youy think they will honor you for keeping their secret? Of course not. Tell the truth Glenn or you are as guilty of hiding the truth as they are….. It makes one wonder if you do have information as you could not be so foolish as to hide this information from the American People

  • May 29, 2012 at 11:29am

    This man would lead the receipe to CocaCola (supposedly the best kept secret in the world) if it would get hims votes. To leak to the world his hit list to make him look tough and also to tell the world that US Special Forces have gone into North Korea to find tunnels puts them in harms way all so Obama can get votes. This man and his staff should be tried for treason. He is one dangerous man and if only Romeny would take off the gloves and call him the danger he is to our country and it’s future if he is reelected. I fear what damage he can do in the next 7 months even if he does not steal the election which he and Holder and Panetta are expecting to do. Thats my opinion and I do not care if he and his henchmen know it.

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  • March 15, 2012 at 12:07pm

    Anybody familiar with the voter laws in Mexico? They are flooding So Cal airways saying that to vote in the Mexican elections you need to have a current I.d. which means you need to prove residency, have a birth certificate and have a picture i.d. Sounds like what we want but Holder says we cannot have.
    Maybe we should ask Mexican officals to teach Holder about how to prove your a citizen and how important a legal voter is. JMHO