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  • July 6, 2015 at 7:02pm

    2012 old news…but…How about malick Obama connection with the IRS scandal, terrorist connections, and a a partnership with a polygamist in texas who wants to construct jerusalems 3rd temple next to the dome of the rock….and so much more did lois lerner illegally back date malik Obama’s 501 c 3 approval, more than 3 years. Malik Obama is the executive secretary of the islamic dawa organization IDO run by omar al.bashir, the president of sudan, which is state sponser of terrorism according to the US state Dept. introducing this to the public discourse….needed….What about malik does he have many wives or husbands?

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 6:25pm

    Not to mention the W.H. trying to shut down christians in themilitary… or gag orders… While cair spews its hate…..You try to shut down the Holy Bible , like in the miltary… while calling Isis a JV team… You don’t act christian, by tryin g to shut down speech of christians… Read the bible it tells you who wins and what happens… It is not allah….Thank God…

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 6:19pm

    And the democrates laugh at trump…. Really…1) He knows money..and Jobs..2) He now’s what the illegals are doing and letting in…..3) Trump does not make these stupid statements like Isis is JV or like this article….And if any 1 is quialified it is trump… Not the president that loves islam doing what it is doing to people…..and calling not islam….. Trump 2016…..He is quialified….President Obama this is a war…. and you are letting them kill so many … even in the USA….. but don’t worry it is not Quran…. sarcasim,,,, Sorry pres….. you loose it is Quran…

  • [3] July 6, 2015 at 6:13pm

    Blood is on his hands… Tell that to the lady in Oklahoma….or boston ..or The towers of N.Y. C..or bengazi… Or the kids and women that are getting mutilated raped and killed….. This President is blood on your hands….. and those people that are dying , being raped and killed by suicide bombers etc… We see what the quran is…. Look at Mahmeed drawing cartoons and see the islamics that go after people…. Lkie the quran… Or the beach, museum, and the long list of islamic crap holes…. No Mr. President you are showing the blood off of your hands… it is dripping….islam is like rabies In a dog……

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  • [5] July 6, 2015 at 5:36pm

    Hillary is going to talk to LaRAza….Trump 2016…..

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 5:32pm

    Drudge has a story of al jezera making fun of americans…..Mocks as fat…. Have you seen a lot of muslims they are to…..Gun toting…… Islamics and there islamic nazis… have guns also they have islamic camps with guns in the USA… Al Jeezra morons…..pill popping, Porn watching, racist….. Pill Popping…really….the islamic nazis having sex with kids….Porn watching that is really big in arab lands….. and the islamic nazi’s they just take the women and kids….and Slavery and mutilate and kill Al jeezra… Shut your mouth… It is worse for your islamic self… Not to mention the Quran….. You have worse on you… and you will meet GOD almighty not allah…..

  • [6] July 6, 2015 at 4:54pm

    The president has a lot of blood on his hands……

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 4:50pm

    Really, now that they have killed gays, christian’s and infidels and having sex with kids…… Now you are saying that… Why did you stop other country’s who wanted to go and kill them? Why did’nt you give weapons to the christian’s, gays and infidels…..? Why are you saying that now…you have let this happen… How many have died… How many infidels? And women and children raped mutilated etc…. Empty words W.H. empty Words…..

  • [7] July 6, 2015 at 4:39pm

    W.H. Lawlessness… The country should sue if we get any other attacks from illegals….. This W.H. is letting them take jobs from citizens and come in here and they are taking peoples lives that belong here, Illegals don’t…

  • [1] July 6, 2015 at 4:15pm

    How do these internet companies get to take free speech away? yet they can say and show everthing? Who decides it is not to be on? How can they allow anything on them then…. We need a place to show videos and meet like FB……Etc…How can they not show this stuff? how does that work? And why don’t we have our own places….?

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  • July 6, 2015 at 4:11pm

    Why can’t we start conservative places to go and they cannot say they can take it down…. These big businesses are shutting down peoples speech…. Serta, univision, macy, face book, you tube, wal mart etc…. etc…. But they don’t take down the islamic nazis stuff… how can we start the community’s and videos etc….
    They should never take down free speech….. yet cutting off heads an raping women and kids is O.K. not to mention mutilating there privates….. Really???? Like Isis boko horan, etc…How can the web have porn but not free speech? What the crap….

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  • [8] July 6, 2015 at 3:55pm

    1 more thing TRUMP 2016

    In reply to the contribution Is Donald Trump Right on Immigration?

  • [4] July 6, 2015 at 3:48pm

    Most Legal citizens know he is right….. Why would people pay and learn the language and history to say give illegals a free pass? Why would citizens watch there jobs like disney give them to people coming here from other countries train and get them? There are a lot of citizens who want jobs… but the W.H. have said they are jobs that the citizens don’t????? I have cleaned toilets etc…The quistion is why viacom saying it is racism to say they are illegal…. Check fact …. How many blacks work for them….. How many blacks complaining about the confedrate flag seen memin pinguin? Maybe we should show and ask them this cartoon from mexico….. See if they have seen it…. Right next to the confederate flag….. has serta seen this, nbc? wal mart? Did that president Fox from there ever apologize to the blacks for his racist comment? I have the confederate flag and I have the cartoon to showwhat the blacks think about this cartoon from mexico? All flags have there atrocities..That is why a lot of whites came here from there countries to escape the atrocities….. Look at al sharpton working for CNN does anderson cooper come from a back ground of slavery? what about the owners of CNN? Just saying …. Al shapton does not care…. Just put the money in his pocket as he stirs up trouble that he does’nt live by…. Bye felisha sharpton….

    In reply to the contribution Is Donald Trump Right on Immigration?

  • [2] July 6, 2015 at 12:55pm

    If some 1 knows the ones that asked not to display the flag… Could you get them on tape, asking them what that flag was all about? Probably Earnhart Jr. should take a history book and lesson from TG 80905… Maybe the owner of General LEE car should have to…… Good history lesson TG even about the klans flags…..I don’t think people even at nascar know what it means….Would love to see there dear in headlights answer….

  • [2] July 6, 2015 at 12:31pm

    I saw earnhart Jr. on the T.V. yesterday saying it should be left in history books? Who died and left him the boss of this nation? Look around nascar. do we see a lot of blacks there? How many work for Nascar? how many has earnhart jr hired? Isn’t that calling him racist? I don’t think nascar should be telling people what flag to use.What other drivers came out talking like that earnhart jr. guy? Do you know,That univision and latino media companies who are ditching Trump have barely, if any blacks.Not to mention serta how many blacks work for there companies?. by the way, The US goverment told mexico that the stamp was racist.Memin Pinguin.Can some 1 show that to nascar or the atrocities that Isis and boko horan are doing.while wal mart would not make a confedrate flag cake they made a isis cake.can some 1 ask earnhart Jr.. about some of these quistions.I think the guy that bougt the general lee should have sold it because even though he put the US flag on it. why? The Nation of islam is demanding that the US flag be gone to, I think all flags Confedrate and The US is history and if you want to fly it , fly it. By the way, what about the N word are we going to put rappers in jail for the N word? Macy’s another 1 that dropped Trump what is in there race cards? Not to mention that most white american’s came here to escape atrocities from there own countries, Jobs, or just loved america. They never owned slaves….Bye Felisha

  • July 4, 2015 at 2:15pm

    NOOOOOOOOOO……Did trump say Oprah???????

  • [3] July 4, 2015 at 2:09pm

    Listen…. And I am not the only 1 that feels this way….1) .President Obama did not have business experience…Trump does…. He knows how to make jobs…..2) How many times have we given the republicans just here recently a chance to do what they have told us they will do… and watch them do nothing when they got in there? we have given them there chance…. They lie to get in, and do nothing once they have our vote…. They listen to the money….. Not the voters….3) look at history companies pulling away from trump… you will see a lot of racism in your own back yards……Right Un.ivision, Serta etc…TRUMP 2016 He can get this country jobs and stop the gag orders and freedom of religion, and speech….. If you tell the democrate voters where hillary, reed, poloski, etc are so rich, they cannot keep saying it is the republicans… How do they get rich, for being country workers? Hillary, can you answer that or are you looking at the uranium contract, or the jewels that saudi gave you as they ban there women from freedom….Is that racism?

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  • [5] July 4, 2015 at 1:57pm

    Thank you Blaze…….1) it is not racist to talk about illegals……How come they are keeping this illegal here… He killed a women… where is president Obama? he always comes out when it is white on black crime?. TRUMP 2016…….. Ask the Companies that are pulling away from trump… If they still have that stamp Memin Pinguin? Isnt that racist? Did Vincent Fox ever apologies for his remarks about blacks? Ask Them why it is racist to ask the foreigners to pay money and learn the history and become a citizen the right way… unlawfully or lawlessly?

  • June 29, 2015 at 3:08pm

    1) the people voted… it was over ruled by what 5 or 4…. 2) people keep talking about the millinums… but the ones who are making laws are gran parents age not millinums… Mark levine pointed that out…..3) President Obama, hillary, the judges, etc….even bruce jenner they are old people… not millinums or kids……4) Don’t pin all of these judgements on milliunums….The people that are making these laws are old and grannys and grandparent age…Not millnums…. The people voted and 5 took millions to say we have no votes…. it is what the dictators want….. Next you will be taking care of mens wives on welfare….. because they are coming from the arab nations and they already marry more women…who cares for the wives and kids in arab lands from men and women that marry more men or women? They have no welfare system in these countries?
    Who gets the pension wife 1 and 4 or just 1 wife until they all past or 1 wife passes? Social security for kids dads and moms that die… all the kids get it from all of the people married….

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  • [10] June 29, 2015 at 2:06pm

    It is sin, always will be sin, just like all the other sins…they cannot run away from it… It will always be sin….marrying still makes it sin…. But why do they care if they don’t believe in God….. So why do they care if it is called sin to some and not to others…. Same as marrying children God talks about what happens to those who hurt kids…. The goverment can say it is O.K. but God won’t and america puts black lives matter as they are slaughtering babies for the so called womens rights….. God is a holy GOD and jesus his son died for people to repent and believe what he says….. so many did not back then, or today, or tommorrow, but it is not over until you die… then we will see who was telling you the truth. Yourself or GOD…..I know it is GOD….The bible tells me so…. He will always have a remenant…. They will never go away….

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