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  • [2] October 13, 2015 at 3:37pm

    Hillary answers to no 1 in this life… but the next life there will be no backing out or lying… It will play right in front of her….. Remember the chase bank funding terrorist…? who owns that bank? does bushes ? any way…remember the story where chase bank the Us treasury settled with them for their willfull violations 88 million dollars nothing to chase bank…Ofce..going back to 2005 the list chase violated was…1) Weapons of mass destruction proliferators sanctions regulation..2) Global terrorism sanctions regulation 3) Iranian trasactions regulations 4) Cuban assets control reulation 5) sudanese sanctions regulations 6) former Liberian regime of charles taylor sanctions regulations… let that set in ….Chase admitted to helping facilitate transaction that violated Us laws the US treasury found out that chase was willfully violating these rules for years and even after they were notified by 3rd parties about there violations they continued to help these terrorist organizations… how is the US media avoiding this? How many of americans lose there lives because of Chase greed…. remember the mafia guy who was killed and they put money in all his holes….. welll that is what greed looks like….How many citizens from other countries died to make Jamie Dimon and chase share holders rich? story at…this story was out 2011…..etc……

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  • [9] October 13, 2015 at 1:27pm

    Speak up for those who cannot….. like those little babies in the womb being slaughtered… These people don’t know what the bible says….They are false prophets that would tell people it is O.K. to slaughter that child……God says repent and these people who follow these churches… need to learn the bible… because you are being led to the slaughter of any thing is O.K. with God……Illusion…Run from these false prophets….or just drink the kool aide….. But you better read the bible and not take these lunitics words… Because it is not your feelings, it is not what these ministers say…. like wright saying Jesus was a palistain…. .It is what the word of GOD says….and you better start learning or you will be decieved like these churches leaders…. I would not be going to there church….read what God says… Speak up for those who cannot…. the babies in the wound cannot have a voice but God’s word does…. not false feelings or false prophets.. get out of those churches and learn what GOD says… not these lunatics who don’t have a clue…..

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  • [6] October 13, 2015 at 11:19am

    .Qatar… has given lots of in put and maybe money for this common core crap….. VCU have a college in qatar…. also qatar is not taking muslim refugee’s, so they must be making a rich place for muslim’s leaders to come who are not poor refugee’s….. any way…. Go to steve and see the story about the north american union…USA and canada genrals disgussing to integrate there military….whats alarming is that demsey and Lawson discuss this idea without the usa and canada leaders……. read this story… then go to….. and learn more about this canadian muslim who is running to be prime minister……has any 1 found out how qatar has any input on this common core….

  • [7] October 12, 2015 at 4:00pm

    you know i ran into a muslim and we got talking and he was saying how hitler was a christian…. I was trying to explain to him he was not a christian unless he repented and turned…. but then what I really should have asked this muslim …. what is a christian? Because I really don’t think that even this president gets it, He always trashing christians … but he threatens the military with cut backs as he wants gitmo…..I really don’t think he gets what he say’s….. He claims to be christian…. let’s ask him…. as a christian… why do you carry guns…. and fences around the W.H. are you going to get rid of your security for life? I mean I don’t get it, is your daughters getting rid of theirs..? Your life or families life is not any more important to death then any 1 elses life who is being threaten….. By the way… christian’s are not going to muslim schools asking muslim’s to stand up and kill them…. but we do expext to defend our selves….. Christians and non christian’s … Just like you are protected and your have security and we do to.we cdon’t bow to the muslim faith.we are not muslim’s and we know they carry weapons to and there book says they can lie.your brother farakhan and wright did you preach to them about there guns? and wright was a muslim to he does not sound like a christian threatening american lives, he also has white blood in his when they say they are going after whites do they start with in farakhan white blood side?

  • [1] October 12, 2015 at 3:33pm

    Who told the employee that? you are just going to have to start asking them when they kick you out, then ask for a manager.we have 2nd amendment and why are they throwing people out? If you threaten to sue the employee if the company says it is not them.Then you will find out who told the employee that some 1 told them or the employee can be sued. It is just like the lady who had 3 pre teens, a man tranny went into the girls bathroom the lady was upset and told the employee and they said we allow lgtb whatever here or you don’t like it I don’t know exactly. It maybe on…but any way… the lady should have looked at the employee and said has that man cut off his Mr. Happy? If they say we don’t know?then could’nt this lady sue them? Because if the man still has a Mr. Happy he is a cross dresser he is not a transgender.People you better wake up and get this stuff now.I would want that employee to let me know and if they don’t know then people start suing these bathroom’s cause there is a big difefrence. Look at bruce jenner he has not cut and mutilated Mr. happy yet then he is a cross dresser man and that is totally diffrent then a mutilated man with out mr. happy,he is still a man but he has no mr. happy. Because they are throwing men in the women’s bathroom and the locker room in that gym where the kids saw a man’s Mr. happy claiming to be a tranny should sue the gym for a cross dresser in the rest room and not a tranny who cut it off.

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  • [8] October 12, 2015 at 12:05pm

    Mark Levine, Allen West, Rick Santorum….Etc… should be where Mitch McConnell is…..The president says he will shut down military if they don’t do gitmo…. Let them….. Let the world see him do it…… And then let the miltary see who he cares about….. Just like louie, wright, etc….saying to kill police…. these are the ones who do not care about the citizens in this country….A policeman was killed last night in his drive way…. etc…..The president drew a line for assad…. look who is fighting, KGB Putin….Now where is the president going with assad? Iran has pastor saeed and other citizens and what about the new citizen they have now the reporter? He is worried about gitmo…. What about the citizens of the USA…… ? Let him shut down the military for islamic nazis….. and see who would say this man is a president of the US people….. Farakhan….. you have a white grand kid…… how did you get involved in the white pool?

  • [3] October 12, 2015 at 11:50am

    Dave Brat would be awesome….He is new fresh and conservative….. That is a great choice….

  • October 12, 2015 at 9:29am

    Why does this surprise you… Look how many are in prison still… Pastor saeed and other americans…. And this 1 is just another write off….The president can careless about these citizens in Iran, he is to busy threatening the military if they don’t get rid of gitmo…. This president should go ahead and shut down the military, because the citizens and military see that he cares more for islamic nazis than the usa….. Look at bo, free……republicans should let him shut down the military…. he is the moron threatening the military…. not the republicans…..trump 2016..Carson 2016..Santorum 2016….No paul ryan…..also while the presidents brother farakhan was out there spewing hate and wright about Jesus and cops etc….. another cop was shot in his drive way yesterday…. this w.h. its there fault…..

  • [5] October 7, 2015 at 5:43pm

    You know what when is hillary and the W.H. going to tear down the gates and sent there security to the border…. I agree with Matt Drudge…. They sure want to take every law abiding cititzens guns…don’t you love how the politicians want there protections but they can care less about the rest. They sound more like the dictators the public service people….. to the citizens….. I like drudge… He is a very smart man….Go to……. you got to see this…..

  • [2] October 7, 2015 at 3:59pm

    This is not just about gay marriage… they want men with a dress and lip stick in the bathrooms…. there are a lot of tranny men that have recanted on it and said that they have mutilated them selves…. not happy the rest of there life in a utopian high….. But the media just wants you to think it is so cool…. no it is not ask some that have done it or killed them selves…. who cannot say anything now….. This is going more and more… The bible is clear… The ear ticklers and there hearers will always deny it…. remember the infidels and christians that are being slaughtered by that religion of peace….. Coming to the USA… wait look it up it is already here….about christians dying… The oregon nut job he bought a isis flag……. enough said….but I won’t leave out ryan in s.carolina either…..Islamic/ with the nazis…..

  • [3] October 7, 2015 at 3:48pm

    The pope is a man… the bible is very clear what sins are…. when the vatican wants to give up on what the Bible says…. Then it should’nt call it self christians…… There is a book called the queen james version …. more gay friendly but it is changing the Holy Bible…. and the bible is very clear read the last chapter…. and if you don’t tell the people what the word says about sins…. then you to will be in trouble….. Jesus died for sins, but he will not tolerating lying to the congregation….If you are just tickling the people ears… Then you are a false prophet… They want to blame some 1 so they are going to throw this guy under the bus…. The pope is not stupid he may not be able to speak all languages…. but he knew who kim was….. to think he did not is being stupid…. you cannot tell people who are loving GOD what to say and do….. There is people in the bible who he said you are of your father the devil… so if you think all people is going to be in heaven you are wrong….and if you are just going to church because to get some 1 to tell you that your sin isn’t sin… then you a mistaken…. a lot of people will be in church but that does not mean they are saved….do you know what a christian is? . .

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  • [3] October 7, 2015 at 1:56pm

    The Quran talks very evil about christian’s, jew’s and infidels…… The jews think that the christians are there haters, but true christian’s don’t hate jews….. They know what GOD says….. The president is very anti semitic….don’t forget the martered christian’s and all the infidels they slaughtered….….. They had to also deal with the hate of islam…..

  • [3] October 7, 2015 at 11:12am

    President Obama is a jew hater… Look at emanual…. suppose to be such a good jewish friend to the president but he got him out of the W.H….. Look who is his close cabinet…. Rice, Jarrett, etc etc…. ids there jews hanging there with that group? Emanual was thrown to the wolves….. and he took the bait…. God has Netenyahu in the spot at this time…. By not backing the apple of GOD’s Eye… they are putting there selves in turmoil…. Yet Netenyahu is trying to warn and graham and others are trying to warn … but no 1 cares… tell it is to late….. You come for Israel you come for GOD….. Not allah but GOD of the Holy Bible….. You don’t have to believe it, but it will come to pass…. Everything the Bible says has and is and will come true…..Netenyahu the LORD will be with Israel…. The jews in the US are into there own lives like a lot of us are….. I stand with you….. and know this…. God will stand with you… and this is in the bible and it is all playing out….Until the book is to the very last page….God wins….. Satan, Anti.Christ, false prophet only have a short time for destruction for themselves and take whoever they can with them…. But in the end they lose. They cannot take anything with them but there soul, just like the rest of us….

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  • [2] October 7, 2015 at 10:56am

    This is 1 crazy muslim….Plan parenthood is slaughtering babies…..and people are dying all over the world….and the least we have to worry about is you and your wife fighting….. Get some big balls and go in the house and live….. She cannot throw you out if your name is on the house to…… The best thing would be you all selling and go seperate ways….. but if she won’t split that beautiful home in half…. but don’t let her take your home… it is both of your homes…. not just her’s…..Your the 1 losing not her, she is living in luxery, while you are looking like a moron….. Hey man … get a lawyer and get back in the house…. she does not own it by herself….. Where is farakhan and sharpton…. Black lives matter….

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  • [17] October 7, 2015 at 9:03am

    A tranny belongs in there own bathrooms…. A man is a man… put lipstick on him, and a dress, he is still a man… And visa versa for women trannys….. Cut your hair like a boy and wear guy stuff and yet you are still a girl….. The problem is , is that these Lgbt are saying they are not hurting any 1..Were 2 adults…..But when you bring these people into the bathrooms then you are allowing other just to put on a dress and come into the bathrooms… This woman mayor says she is a lesbian…. yet she is still a woman….. The gay man is still a gay man….yet a tranny is still the man or woman they are , just adding an illusion to it….. a dress, make up clothes etc…. Still makes them who they were when they were born…. By the way… has bruce cut his mr. happy off yet? because he still is a man…..This mayor is full of crap….Trannies need there own space in there own bahrooms…. or go to there own DNA ones….The ball players children did’nt come etc… has nothing to do with trannies being shoved into the kids or adults bathroom…..The mayor is not doing her duty by putting boys in the girls rest room….. A lot of parents wish they would have done things diffrently with there kids…. But trying to say that about his kids, has nothing to do with trannie’s in the girls room….

  • October 6, 2015 at 6:57pm

    They are sending people in space for a year…. and somehow with technology….. I just don’t trust them….. They can have holograms, and lights that can move, the got microwave, satelite stuff, etc etc… deception with these greedy world leaders… can full the masses…

  • October 6, 2015 at 4:57pm

    Go Carson 2016…. Trump 2016… Santorum 2016…..I think it is so stupid of all these people who cry about gun control…. and say the children the children…. Yet the sames ones will call a baby there body and they can kill it…… They know it is a baby but they will be happy to go and take there baby and kill it…. and just go out and cry about children …..You cannot cry for the children, when you want to slaughter the children….. It is still slaughtering the children…..The president of the USA gets up there and says about kids and puts them around him …. yet then he wants to support plan parenthood and not the women or men pay for the slaughter but they want the people to pay for them… He is a double minded man… and look it up in the Bible about double minded people…..He says he is a christian, he probably already knows what it says….. NOT>>>>> Where is Kirk cameron’s sister? I thought they put her on the view, not that I watch it any more…..

  • [1] October 6, 2015 at 3:24pm

    I heard that some are lying on assad….. and Putin knows they are lying on assad….. and this W.H. are hiding more than what they want to be known….. Any one want to go to the basement and look with cruz, paul, and rubio? Just no notes, and don’t say anything sign this……That my friends is no way to run a country, when they want tax money…..but not for us to see what is really happening…. Putin is not a dummy… no matter what president Obama and josh think….

  • [20] October 6, 2015 at 2:16pm

    Man I can’t believe that came out of stern’s mouth…. I agree with him and Bon Jovi… and I like Netenyahu….he loves his country, and he has to put up with people’s crap about the jews…… I stand with the Jew’s…………Bless Israel and get bless, curse israel and get curse…… The Holy Bible….

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  • [1] October 6, 2015 at 1:57pm

    Don’t forget Wright, sharpton, jackson panthers etc….Panthers also threaten the cops…. yet the president only talks about gun control…. but does nothing when it is mental illness….. He could start in his own little circle….. The ones that are trying to put the round peg into the square one and wonder what is wrong.

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