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  • October 31, 2012 at 9:22pm

    The right wing nuts are out in droves on Halloween. One can’t wait to see what that wing nut Drudge has cooked up. That clown Trump failed at his attempt to smear the President, I can’t wait to see what this pot head Drudge comes up with. It will make the Fox news ‘Alert’ I’m sure. Fox news has ruined any attempt to pin Benghazi to the President because they took a divisive, partisan approach to smear President Obama.

    You racist Conservative freaks are so out of touch with America, there’s no coming back. No one with any sense will ever take you people, or your politics serious again. Losing the Akin and Mourdock mantra is a good start. Have a nice four more years of Obama as your President. Obama wants to be your President too. lol!

    SPOILER ALERT: Too late boys and girls! Obama wins, again.

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