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  • [2] November 19, 2015 at 4:35pm

    He is incorrect in his opinion. Not every muslim is a terrorist…….but….so far every terrorist has been a muslim. It leaves little room for them to claim they are being unjustly scrutinized. So far all the attacks have been carried out by muslim nuts, most of them yelling allah ak-bar as they do it. Sorry but that leaves little room to claim people have no reason to suspect muslims……Facts are things you can’t run away from. You may not like them but they are what they are.

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  • [2] March 21, 2015 at 4:08pm

    The UN-believably hypocritical collection of bubble-heads needs to be UN-done and UN-funded. I am tired of my tax money funding this useless collection of elitist socialist PC ideologues. Maybe it is time to send them to the places that they hold up as beacons of perfection in tolerance and freedom. A month with ISIS muslims in Syria or Yemen should do. Maybe even a side jaunt to some Russian controlled Ukrainian city. They can start a business and create jobs so the terrorists will end their brutalities…. I mean, that is all these poor, oppressed terrorists need….a job right? If only they had something to believe in; you know, a reason to “get up in the morning…..”

  • [2] October 3, 2014 at 1:28pm

    These kids don’t even know what they are doing. At 15,16,or,17 did you really understand “history”….no… and neither do they.

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  • [2] October 3, 2014 at 1:23pm

    This has nothng to do with hisory. This is the damn union trying to use these kids to do their bidding. History has not changed, period. Some is good, some is bad, and some is ugly, but we must own and learn from it all.
    It is disgraceful how little our kids know about this country. If we taught the truth we may end up with a stronger nation. We must teach OUR history in AP AMERICAN History….not about anything else unless it revolves around something with our history. Teach kids that the KKK was a wing of the Democratic party….why not….it IS the TRUTH! And it MUST be backed up with FACTS. Not the OPINION of some bubble-headed college professor. Use the writings of the people you are teaching about and let people draw their own conclusions. If knowledge is power then what will false knowledge bring…?

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  • [4] September 27, 2014 at 3:30pm

    Yea the last thing holder the commi wants to do is be an effective law enforcement agent! I mean we would not want to hurt the perps feelings…the victim can go get bent but the perp has rights you know!

  • [2] September 3, 2014 at 12:20pm

    I just want to know when the peole that voted for this boob are going to realize what they have done, to this country as well as the world. They put an inexperienced ideologe in charge of the most powerul nation on earth. A nation that he obvoiusly has deep contempt for and is systimatically destroying bit by bit. He said what he was going to do yet they stupidly ignored it and voted for him anyway. This guy thinks racism is rampent and America is inherintly bad. Not the proper mantra of the leader of the free world…

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 4:29pm

    When are people going to realize that this whitehouse has no interst in the facts as they are but in the facts as they want to make them. Obama has and will do nothing substantial about ISIS. He has done NOTHING about the poor Marine in Mexico for what 140 days? He sent his racist henchman holder immediatly to Fergesun to make sure the civil rights of this 300 lb thug were not violated. That deserved his FULL attention. He almost seemed annoyed he had to take time from his vacation for this ISIS problem, seems that he doesnt eve think it is a REAL problem! Holder and 40 investigators went there to what, make sure the facts are what they want them or need them to be since they already threw down on there version of what happened. This whitehouse is a disgrace to this country, its people and its reputation of the protection of the weak and unable. This is nothing more then a racist which-hunt. Hey obama, stay on vacation for the next 2 years, do the country and the world a favor. go play golf, it is what you do best anyway or is it? What you do best is get a bunch of people riled up about what the government isn’t giving them for free, that is not American values.

  • [3] August 20, 2014 at 4:12pm

    When are people going to realize that this whithouse is not interested in the facts as they are they are only interested in the facts as they think they should be. Obama does nothing about ISIS that will do anything substantial. He does NOTHING about a Marine in Mexico for over what 140 days? He does nothing about the fact that Russia is making the US look like a joke… BUT, he sends his racist right hand down to Fergesun to see if the civil rights of a 6 foot 300 lb. bully were violated. Does he wait to see what the facts are or is he going there to make the facts be what they want them to be…? The cop had the bones in his face broken…that takes quite a blow…maybe one from a 6 foot 300 lb bully..

  • [6] August 20, 2014 at 2:17pm

    Obama seems to be almost annoyed that he has to keep interrupting his vacation for these little inconveniences. It is amazing how he selects some things to fight and others he throws up his hands. He will do NOTHING to REALLY stop these brutal animals, because he does not want to. He will do as little as possible about this but he has to send his henchman to railroad the cop in Missouri that had the bones around his eye broken by this “little boy”. He has done NOTHING about the poor Marine held in Mexico for 140+days, but he has his racist buddy and 40 ‘investigators’ go down to make sure the civil rights of this 6 foot 300 lb ‘little boy’ were not violated. They don’t want the facts as they are, they want the facts as they make them. He wants the video of the store robbery withheld but slams the police about not releasing the ‘facts’ of the case…? The best thing for this country and the world would be for obama to stay on vacation and keep ALL of his ‘TOP PEOPLE’ with him so they can do no more damage then they have already done. The facts are clear that this whitehouse has done more damage to the world than we even realize. The pain from the ideology this whitehouse holds will be felt for decades and who knows what it will take to undo the damage they have done. We are now the laughing stock of the world…
    Thank you, barach hussein obama…The world burns and you golf, …we all have our own fiddle…

  • [2] August 20, 2014 at 1:29pm

    obama almost seemed annoyed that he has to keep interrupting his vacation to deal with these little inconveniences… But he wasted no time once again in sending his little bigot holder to Ferguson to attempt to railroad the cop that had the bones around his eye broken by this “little boy”. He still has done NOTHING about the poor Marine in jail in Mexico but holder HAD to go see if the civil rights of this strong arm robber were violated. This whitehouse is full of the most calculating, racist, treasonous people this country has ever seen. They are anything but stupid but they are starting to get found out. It is hard to hide what you are when this many things come crashing down at once. If not for their consistent miscalculations they might be in better shape pole wise then they are. They don’t care about anything but the agenda they want to push and will stop at nothing to see it through. They will investigate and re-investigate something until they get the results they want…that’s NOT governing. Stay on vacation obama…the world needs a break from all of your wonderfulness….

  • [3] August 19, 2014 at 5:06pm

    Why does due process mean nothing to these people? Does it only mean things are being done right if it comes out the way they want it? Holder is blasting the piecemeal release of information by the police…honestly I agree… but when is somebody going to blast his BS action of threatening the police not to release the video of the kid robbing the store? They want more black police…ok, so what is the city supposed to do, fire the white officers to hire new black police? They talk about fair but they don’t want fair, they want what they want… period. I have no problem with diversity but should it come at the expense of the police already employed? Why are they wanting yet another autopsy? Did the first 2 not give them the results they were looking for? The facts are the facts, and they show what they show. If this cop shot this kid for no good reason he should go to jail and anyone should support that without reservation, but if not, that outcome should be just as supported. The truth is the truth no matter what it ends up being and ALL people should accept it without any BS. I think Holders’ whole reason for going there is to influence the investigation. He has many times made premature biased statements. Why not let the investigation play out without any undo/nu-necessary outside influence? He wants the world to believe the only way this will occur is if he is standing over everybody…yea, that will not pressure anyone and assure an untainted resolution!

  • [1] August 19, 2014 at 11:40am

    Won’t ever see me staying there….EVER! What are they going to do replace it with a koran?
    It is so sickening…The stats say that over 80% of people in this country self identify as Christians, not any particular denomination just as Christians, and we are allowing literally a handful of jack-asses dictate how, what, when, and where we do things, as well as alter traditions that have been in existence since the inception of this country. If you don’t like this CHRISTIAN NATION….I am sure there is a room next to Edward Snowden… Putin is such a nice guy, and so tolerant of the views of others, he would welcome you with open arms….

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  • [3] August 14, 2014 at 10:20pm

    Maybe if they are going to do the thing about percentages of population to ratio of policy/authority, then I guess the atheists loose big. Since what, about 80% of people in this country identify themselves as Christian, there should never be a problem with a Cross or religious statue anywhere….right? Be careful what you push for guys…So do they think if there were more black police things would be different? The law is the law no matter what color, ethnicity or religion you are. They say they want justice…well justice does not happen overnight…if the situation was reversed would they want the same speedy resolution or would they want to give the investigation a chance to figure out “the facts”? I’m tired of the same old crap every time a black person gets shot. How about the shootings in Chicago? They will find out what happened…if the cop is guilty he should go to jail for life….period. If not he should go free. Let the people do their job.

    Yea, obama comments again about how the police are wrong in this situation….Hey, maybe they are harsh but when is one of these so called reporters going to put on a uniform and stand where the cops are…..walk a mile in someones shoes before you criticize…..!
    When is obama going to say something about the Marine held in Mexico………NEVER, that’s when, cause he doesn’t care….. If you hate the job so much obama, just leave. Do the whole world a favor..resign!!!

  • [14] July 25, 2014 at 11:08am

    Beck did say that Tesla’s work would be integral in our energy future. That is exactly the heart and soul of America. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the life blood of this nation. Obama thinks we need to be a collective…..a collective of what?…BS! We need to be who we are…the people that say there must be a better, less expensive, easier way to do things. If you look at the inventions that changed the world from year 1 to today you will see a DIRECT correlation between inventing and the birth of America. In 1776 the amount skyrockets. We ARE an exceptional nation! Our freedom is slowly being chipped away, we must do all we can to stop it!

  • [2] July 25, 2014 at 10:39am

    I am just wondering why they were videoing that particular building at that moment in time? Could it be that Israel actually DID give them warning to evacuate people? We all have a right to exist and live our lives as we see fit but when you are trying to deny that right to others you will most certainly incur a conflict. It is a shame that obama does not seem to be as behind Israel as he should be. To be honest I don’t think obama would do anything if WE had an islamist terrorist group launching rockets on us. Fundraise…fundraise…fundraise! It is all he knows how to do. And we have to deal with this idiot for another 2 years….what more damage will he do…I hate to even ask that question….. He pisses on our allies and cozies up to our enemies, yet he claims to have everything under control…..yes! Our enemies are in complete control and we look like weak, pathetic fools, as we elected him….. twice!!!!!

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  • January 23, 2014 at 5:23pm

    I don’t think the progressive fools realize just how much thought, effort, planning, and arguing honestly, went into the drafting of the Constitution. Not only is it the basis all our “laws” are to come from, but it is THE SUPREME LAW OF THIS LAND. It is quite short for being so impact-full on the lives of every American, when you really think about it. It truly was, as many of those that participated in its drafting had called it, a “Divinely inspired document”. We need to throw out many of our BS laws and go back to the sentiment of a government that governs best is one that governs least. Let me decide what is best for me not DC. They have no idea what I need or want, nor do they even care. The more people they control by giving them free stuff the longer they will keep power. EVERY single person that is LEGALLY able to vote needs to get off their lazy butt and vote. If this country does not turn around this cycle it may be gone for good….the shining light on the hill has gone dim… is up to “we the people” to change the batteries.

  • January 23, 2014 at 5:01pm

    Good one Fishbone!

  • September 21, 2013 at 3:57pm

    One suggestion…..Gamblers anonymous!

  • September 21, 2013 at 3:55pm

    And the award for the shortest video ever made goes to………………..

    Talk about ridiculous! Why are we kissing up to the people that want to be-head us Americans and Christians in particular? When will we get our heads out of our asses, and realize that many muslims want to do us great harm…..not all of them….. but enough that we need to take steps to stop them. Why is it that they get all the protections possible and those they persecute are told that they need to be more understanding of their “cultural differences”? I think it was Jefferson that said “your ability to swing your arm ends at my face”. Does that not apply to EVERYONE?….. If so….. Why are these people above the law? Do they think they are Congressmen or something?

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  • September 8, 2013 at 3:48pm

    AMEN BROTHER!!!! I do construction but CHOSE to SACRIFICE and send both my kids to private schools. Both are now married. One works for a very large architecture firm and the other is going for a Ph.D. I did what I believed was in the best interest of my children, yet was also forced to pay for a system I did not use. The real kicker is that I will be forced to continue to pay for that system for decades, yet will never again utilize any of it! It should all go to a voucher system so at least the money we pay can be used at OUR discretion! For that (voucher type) system, I would gladly continue to pay. If I could alleviate the burden for others it would be my honor. There are many children that deserve more then they presently get from the public school system. You exercised many of your Constitutional rights in one fell swoop, you conducted yourself with dignity, and treated others with respect. More people should have your guts. KUDOS sir, and God Bless you, your efforts, and your message! I would love your actions to go as viral as your video!

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