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  • December 27, 2012 at 12:10pm

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    In the United States, You are 32% More Likely to Be a Victim of Violent Crime in States that have Enacted Strict Brady Gun Control Laws.

    Internationally, Countries that have Enacted Gun Bans Have Violent Crime Rates 300% Higher than the United States.

    Every Year in the United States, 80,000 Lawful Gun Owners File Police Reports Stating That They Used a Gun to Defended Themselves Against Violent Crime.

    Each Year Surveys Show That Over 2,000,000 Americans Used a Lawfully Owned Gun To Prevent Themselves from Becoming the Victim of a Violent Crime.

    Contrary to news media reports, the vast majority of Americans do not believe gun control measures will prevent mass shootings at schools.

    A December 18, 2012 poll conducted by the Gallup organization, clearly shows that the vast majority of the American public agrees with the recent recommendations of the National Rifle Association with regard to what would be an effective approach to preventing mass shootings at schools. Please visit for the poll details.

    The Gallup poll results directly support the recommendations of the National Rifle Association made during a press conference on December 21, 2012. Please see for more information.

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