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  • January 25, 2013 at 2:16pm

    It’s all a joke and everyone should calm down. The only reason this bill was past is to quell the whole issue with morons who will become victims of natural selection and tyranny eventually.

    It’s kind of like an old lady who thinks that girl in the T-back is disgusting and complains. Government doesn’t want the T-back gone at all, they just have to satisfy all the old lady’s so they will ****!

    You can still own assault weapons, But you just have to purchase the models without “PISTOL GRIPS” That’s all!!! That’s the only difference.

    The only thing that really pisses me off is the magazine limit. I grew up in the ghetto and I can tell you this… “IT’S “NEVER” JUST 1 GUY COMING TO BREAK IN AND ROB YOU”

    These punks run in packs! 7 bullets won’t do **** when 2-5 guys are doing a B&E on you
    I see major lawsuits coming as a result of the Government limiting these magazines. As soon you hear a story about a guy who had 3 people break in and kill him and his family even though he had a (7 shot) gun, then the **** will hit the fan.

    7 shots? What is this high noon Bullchit mentality? 3 guys + 3 guns = 30 bullets and a free boat ride up ****’s creek! And guess what?… After they kill you? now they have your gun that they can take to the next break in. Because you had 7 shots, now your dead, family’s dead, and your gun that was used to protect, is on it’s way to a new career of killing and crime. That’s putting guns into the hands of crooks in my opinio

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  • January 25, 2013 at 12:52pm

    He has used the Constitution like a roll of toilet paper so far yes, But!… Who cares! Stop blaming him!

    Have you ever been to a casino? Any casino? if you go, ask to speak to the GM, that is the biggest fish in the place, you think he owns it? runs it? makes decisions about it? HELL NO!!!!

    Hes just a front man, and you people are duped and buy into it like sheep! Wake up!

    And who even cares about politics or policy at this point? There is an alien war going on over our heads every day! A hologram covers our sky and shows us fake blue! A giant brown dwarf with planets spinning around it are coming here to kick the crap out of all the corrupt elites toying with our lives.

    Forget the UN… There is a Interplanetary code we all live by and all these world rulers stand in violation of space law.

    I don’t know who posted this video, and I checked the dates this man mentioned

    12 Baktun and 13 ahau = July 14th 2013!!!!!! Go look for yourself, go research it for yourself.

    I always say in my posts,..” I do NOT speak without knowing”. I feel half, or false information is very dangerous and I will NEVER post here in this forum without full substantiated knowledge first hand and 100% facts of the matters at hand. Enjoy this link….

  • January 25, 2013 at 2:20am

    WOW!!!!!!! I just made the biggest discovery in my lab yet!!!

    I have a shaved head and keep it that way, but today I have little hair on it, basically a five o’clock shadow on my head. I wanted more of a controlled test so I entered a dust free room with an alcohol wiped plate and it was blown dry to heat and remove any foreign dust or particles.

    I swiped my head with one finger over the plate and nothing fell except one little black dot you can hardly see, almost the size of a flea dropping.

    When I placed it under the scope, I was in shock at what I found. I looks like around 50-75 morgellons twisted into a fine ball resembling what looks like a birds nest. With white, brown and black all inner twinned. It wasn’t a shock to find it came from my scalp. Our brains are highly electrical and and must draw them to the cranium region for that reason.

    These morgellons run on electricity and are sprayed from the planes along with the food source for them, aluminum, barium etc… It’s like dropping them off for work with a lunch bag.

    It’s not the worm killing us, It’s the rejection of the foreign matter in our bodies and the constant fight it goes through to reject it, ie, puss, red sores, repeated injury complications (cancer).

    They are also supposedly are tied to lime disease somehow and no doubt a plum island mutation from the 1960′s. Enjoy this link…

  • January 25, 2013 at 1:17am

    Geee big suprise!!! First time I join Blaze and my comp freezes (it never has before) while typing this post the first time.
    Now I look at my post and it stops short of me saying “Enjoy” and there is no link following it
    (Yes I had characters left).

    This is very alarming but expected. They know who I am now and will try to stop me at any cost.

    The fact that they try to stop me, gives me a comfortable and a fuzzy feeling knowing I am under they’re skin like F@#$%&@ Morgellon fiber!

    Now I will post the original link I attempted to post previous. Enjoy.

  • January 25, 2013 at 1:06am

    WARNING!!!!! ….What I am about to tell you is… the #1 Threat to us, and everyone on earth!

    Its NOT guns, it’s NOT money, it’s NOT terrorists, it’s NOT tyranny, it’s NOT UN invasion, it’s NOT your violation of rights!

    So what’s this “big” threat? Don’t even bother looking, it’s not big at all, you can’t see it with your naked eye!
    I am NOT a Doctor, nor do I claim to be one. But! I do own a microscope.

    Is your skin itchy? Even when just out of the shower?
    Does it ever feel like its moving or something is underneath it?
    Do your muscles and joints lock up and ache, even though your in great shape?
    Do you have sore that won’t heal?

    They are EVERYWHERE!
    On you, in you, in your house, on your lampshades, in your carpet etc…. “EVERYWHERE”

    I am speaking of “MORGELLONS” disease, and it’s not a disease at all!

    I have compared the size of them to the smallest hairs you can find, Rug fibers, human hair, even cigarette filter particles and guess what… Not only do all the items mentioned above look like tree trunks in comparison to the morgellon’s fibers under the scope, but also, they are not blue, red, brown or black like morgellons is. I have taken samples from everywhere… and they are EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Over the next few months I will be your conductor on this ride into the Morgellons rabbit hole. This is the internet, I don’t expect you to trust me (yet) Don’t take my word, watch this link from ABC’s Nightline 2008. Enj

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  • January 24, 2013 at 11:40pm

    Seems everyone is forgetting the fact that “ADMITTED” to meeting her in person? Someone trick him into lying also?

    What puzzles me even more…. Is the fact that this guy is a college football superstar stud, and he can’t even get laid on Campus? Wtf????

    Are all the ND chicks grenades? Must be. Doesn’t make sense though, Because those Indiana girls are usually hot and love to bang, He must be a real dork.

    Next time go to and just drop the $150.00 for an hour Te’o, Girls there actually have “REAL” pictures, Lol! :D