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  • April 6, 2012 at 7:03pm

    Encinom, You statement is factually incorrect. The flag represents the freedoms of this country. If it was merely a piece of cloth then it is one our military have always bravely carried into battle and upon gaining ground have triumphantly raised it. One of the most moving photos during WWII was the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. Francis Scott Key was so moved to see the flag still there after the battle at Fort McHenry he wrote the Star Spangled Banner. After 911 three fire men stood on the rubble and raised the flag. Not because it was just a piece of cloth but because it represented we still stood strong. Were your eyes dry when the flag was unfurled from the pentagon as it smoldered from al-Qaida’s attack? As it was during Francis Scott Key’s day, to see it flying gave us hope amid those tragic days. That is the piece of cloth that men have died carrying into battle.

    American Soldier, sorry you are so jaded. I pity anyone who lives in this nation and upon seeing an American flag burning, flying upside down, or desecrated and is not sadden. People have the right under the constitution but it doesn’t make them right.

  • April 6, 2012 at 6:21pm

    Soy, how is my pointing out your lack of civility an attack on free speech? I did not say you had no right to lower yourself to name calling, only that someone who suffered while in uniform (I never went into McCain’s senate record) deserves a level of respect. I also love the ‘distraction’ argument. Yes there are many more important things going on but that does not mean one must ignore the smaller things as well. I think most Americans can walk and chew gum at the same time. Many people have a very high level of respect for the flag and if we are so politically correct we must cave in to every minority because we don’t want to offend anyone, why can’t we say disrespecting the flag offends veterans and we just should not do it. After all, their contributions to this great nation far exceed all others.

  • April 6, 2012 at 5:02pm

    Soy, A photo of the flag is vastly different than flying the flag – hardly the same thing. McCain is a patriot that suffered greatly while in uniform and does not deserve the ‘ugly mug’ comment – it was unwarranted and uncivil. The flag is a symbol of this great nation and to casually shrug off a disrespecting of that symbol says more about you and how you view this country.

    Francis Scott Key was so moved by seeing the flag still flying at dawn after the bombardment on Fort McHenry that he composed what we know today as the Star Spangled Banner. It wasn’t just a piece of cloth, it was a proof that we still stood.

    Many veterans eyes tear up watching the flag raised at dawn as they know the blood that has been shed to protect the freedoms the flag represents – many of their brothers in arms that did not leave the battle field but gave their all for that symbol that means so little to you that defacing it is no big deal.

    I find people like you puzzling – freedom of speech can mean disrespecting the flag but don’t sing ‘God Bless the USA’ as you might offend someone, don’t say Merry Christmas as you might offend somebody – but veterans offended by this disrespectful act on the flag they fought for, well get over it – it just a symbol no big deal.

  • April 4, 2012 at 6:35pm

    Olbermann is more like the burned out light bulb in the ten million dollar chandelier. His real problem is there are so many other lights around him no one notices him any more. Although I have to say bringing in Olbermann to up the ratings for Current was doomed from the start – Current is a failure because MSNBC all ready has the radical far left audience (which isn’t saying much).

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  • April 2, 2012 at 4:38pm

    The end of the 911 call by Zimmerman goes towards Zimmerman’s own account of being confronted by Trayvon. On the 911 call Zimmerman says suspicious person had ran – he then started making arrangements on where to meet the police. How could he make arrangements to meet the police if he was following Trayvon as he would have no idea where Trayvon was going? The police ask what is Zimmerman’s address and he starts to give it and stops saying he did know where Trayvon was and didn’t want him overhearing.

    Jrook the audio expert is subjective – audio experts have testified on both sides giving polar opinions on the same audio in many court cases. There were two witnesses of the altercation who both said it was Zimmerman who was yelling. Also, Trayvon was 17, between 6’2″ and 6’4″ and his weight was between 160 and 180 – Zimmerman is 5’9” and is not 250 (he apparently lost weight since 2005) – I haven’t heard an estimate but the difference is not 70 lbs – more like 10 to 30. Stand your ground would apply – following someone is not criminal and in this case if Zimmerman had stopped and was walking back to his truck, as the end of the 911 call indicates, that makes Trayvon confronting him, as his girlfriend’s first testimony seemed to indicate as well. The reason the investigation is taking so long I think is because they are trying to find something to hang on Zimmerman to appease the mob.

  • March 31, 2012 at 5:28am

    Carolla is correct on several of the issues. Also NOTHING was posted to the internet – that was misinformation by the media. The MSM was hyping this story because it fit their narrative of wide spread bullying against gays. I also believe the prosecution was charging Ravi because of the outcry by the gay/lesbian community. I also contend the prosecutor purposely mislead the grand jury by not revealing the prior depression of Clementi and the fact he had taken photos of the GW Bridge before he went to Rutgers. Both of these factors may have lead to the dismissal of the intimidation charges.

    The fact is Clementi didn’t jump off the bridge because of Ravi – his suicide note was not released because it did not relate to the charges against Ravi but I contend if the jury was aware that Ravi was not the cause of the suicide he may have been found not guilty on the intimidation charges.

    This story reminds me of the Trayvon case – you have a mob screaming for justice which will more than likely force the prosecutor to put forward charges regardless of what the evidence shows. You have the MSM only reporting facts the back their narrative that Zimmerman knowingly shot an unarmed 17 year old because he is a racist. This is not how justice is served in this country – it should not be by mob rule – it should not be by media driven narratives that only report (or distort) facts to fit their agenda. Journalism has died in the MSM but activism is alive and kicking.

  • March 30, 2012 at 7:25pm

    What a patriotic tribute. I loved the video and see it more as an empowerment to women, which I thought this so-called feminist was for. What is wrong with giving a positive message about those that serve our country and allow for the freedoms being taken for granted by Naomi?

    My daughter went to college on a scholarship she earned but the rest was paid by the army (she pushed off going to college for one year and joined the Army Reserves). Her boot camp training gave her confidence and set her on a new course – to become a doctor. After college with no debt she transferred to the Navy and went to medical school. She is now in her third year of residency. If it was not for the military, she never would have seen her potential. Isn’t that what feminists are suppose to support – empowering women and getting them to realize their worth? For my daughter, the military did just that.

  • March 30, 2012 at 6:57pm

    Secret Squirrel, That was my thought as well – you must be pretty bad to be replaced by Eliot Spitzer. I guess the values of Current that Olbermann failed to uphold is upheld by an ex-governor who left office in disgrace after being part of a prostitution scandal and who couldn’t hold his own on CNN. Talk about replacing one loser for another. I guess that is why Current has the viewership it does (or better phrased, lack of viewership).

  • March 30, 2012 at 4:54pm

    Catpbj, it is hard to say yes to soaring debt and throwing money to failed green companies. SS and Medicare going bankrupt and the only solution by the left is to demonize anyone brave enough to step forward to try and save the programs. It is hard to say yes to a President who seems more interested in the perks of the presidency than in governing the country. He ignored the gulf oil spill for two weeks and then blamed BP for their incompetency while leaving them in charge of plugging the leak and cleaning up the spill – never to let a crisis go to waste he used the opportunity to shut down drilling and now he is touting all the drilling being down – none of which is because of his policies.

    When Obama was sworn in he rejected the Republicans who wanted to work with him saying he didn’t need them – he then proceed to ram through without bi-partisan support a stimulus bill that had to pass immediately but he didn’t sign it for another few days – this stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment below 8% and have shovel ready jobs. The joke was on us as he later declared while laughing that shovel ready wasn’t so shovel ready after all. Health care was pushed through without bi-partisan support – it was a monster bill that you had to pass before you knew what was in it – now we do and we don’t like it. Obama is a failed president and hopefully will go the way of Carter.

  • March 30, 2012 at 5:37am

    Ruger, The irony is you spelled accurate wrong. The fact is Sharpton is a race baiter – his show on MSNBC is not even viewable – you want a headache – try watching just 5 minutes of his show.

    CNN had a witness who did not see the altercation but speculated on it anyway. He admitted it was dark but he said there was no wounds on Zimmerman and that he was on top of Trayvon. He didn’t see the shooting but they were on grass, not pavement and the yells were Trayvon’s. Of course this is contrary to the two witnesses that actually did see the altercation, that said Trayvon was punching Zimmerman, that Trayvon was on top, and that Zimmerman was yelling for help. But that doesn’t fit the narrative – a witness that didn’t really see much but makes speculations is worth talking to because he fit the narrative. Facts don’t seem to matter in this case – I guess I missed the funeral when journalism died.

    I also noticed many of the witnesses being displayed by the MSM are embellishing their testimony and even changing it to better fit the narrative. In court a good defense lawyer will chop them up and spit them out – the problem I see is getting a fair jury – Florida is not known for their intelligent juries and with mobs screaming for justice and threatening violence otherwise, who would be willing to put their necks out if it is proven Zimmerman had just cause for his actions under Florida law.

  • March 29, 2012 at 3:33pm

    Clive, you are citing distorted facts – Zimmerman did not know Trayvon was 17 years old or that he was unarmed so they are irrelevant to Zimmerman’s mindset. Second, 911 dispatchers are not typically policemen and the wording was ‘we don’t need you to do that’. Following someone is not a crime – the dispatcher was more than likely concerned about Zimmerman putting himself in danger. You cite Zimmerman’s past but not Trayvon’s – both are relevant. Why did Trayvon’s father not report him missing until the next day if his son was only going out for candy? Trayvon’s mother sent him to his father because of behavioral difficulties at school – he had jewelry and a screwdriver in his backpack along with drug residue in a baggy among other problems at school. It is also not known who approached who – Zimmerman stated he was headed back to his truck then he was approached by Trayvon. Trayvon’s girlfriends first statement appeared to support that but she has since changed her story. If Trayvon was scared like his girlfriend claimed, why didn’t he call 911 – why didn’t she when the phone went dead? These are question the investigation will need to answer. Zimmerman and Trayvon both made mistakes that night – the question is did Zimmerman truly fear for his life when he shot and was that fear reasonable. Him being a democrat has nothing to do with this event, not sure why you think it has any bearing on the case.

  • March 29, 2012 at 1:19am

    Allegiance – first neither of them was white – by your standards we do not have the first black president as he is only half black – Zimmerman I suppose is white because he shot a black youth – the fact is he is half Hispanic. White is the MSM way of stoking the fires (and you fell for it). You say think with your heart not with hate – the hate is on your side. It is the mob yelling for justice that only means a conviction – to not let the facts come out in the investigation but to have him imprisoned based on evidence that might not even be material or factual. It is your side that has a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, calling for him to be brought to justice dead or alive. It is your side that forced a couple to flee their home when their address was wrongly tweeted. It is your side that ran amok in a Walgreen’s, looting I suppose in support of Trayvon.

  • March 29, 2012 at 12:32am

    Allegiance, doesn’t that say more about his parents, although I heard it was the next day his father reported him missing and was told about the shooting – this is part of the problem – stories are being thrown out, some false, some misleading – anyone who thinks they know what happened is a fool. Where did his parents think he was if he was just going out for some skittles and ice tea. Why did it take until the next day (or three according to you) before someone went to the police? His girlfriend’s changing testimony bothers me as well – if the phone went dead after hearing a creepy guy was following Trayvon and accosted him – where is her 911 call to the police? I never heard she made one.

  • March 26, 2012 at 10:04am

    Spine, Entitlements are soaring under Obama’s administration – his spending makes Bush look like a penny pincher. The unemployment numbers are worse than they are being touted and the MSM is doing its best to put a happy face on the economy. Gas prices have more than doubled since he has been in office and his energy policies are hurting, not helping (with his own energy secretary first admitting his goal was not to bring down gas prices. More people are receiving government assistance as programs are being expanded. Obama is using class warfare and wants to redistribute the wealth (what is that called, Spine?) Remember, the ‘redistribute the wealth’ were his words. His health care bill is vastly more costly than previously stated, he is promising freebies to suck in the useful idiots, and he ignores congress as he puffs up his chest and declares, “If they don’t pass my policies, I will”. He is probably one of the worst offenders of the constitution and his leadership skills are lacking since he demonizes his opponents while crying for bi-partisanship. He started his presidency declaring his partisanship when he told the republicans he didn’t need them. The flushing sound, Spine, is the country if Obama is elected for another 4 years.

  • March 26, 2012 at 4:50am

    Great job, Brickmoon.

    Archon, Limbaugh did not implicate that women who couldn’t afford contraception were ‘sluts’. Rush was using hyperbole to say if she wanted to be paid to have sex, what would that make her? He wasn’t saying people who need assistance for BC were sluts – it was people demanding the government pay for their BC when obviously access and cost is not an issue in this country. He took it to the extreme saying to demand to be paid to have sex is what prostitutes do – he did not say that people who need assistance with BC were ‘sluts’. Perhaps that is why your posts are ignored – you have flawed reasoning.

    It was Sandra that outright lied about the cost of birth control, that women going to a top law college were basically being denied access to birth control because they could not afford it. She put herself out there with her lies and misrepresentations. There are clinics where you can get birth control for low cost or for free and even if there is not a clinic around, most birth control is inexpensive and condoms are given away at most schools health departments. She also indicated women who need it for medical reasons were not covered (loved the word ‘technically’ she used – the lawyer in her must have kicked in with that statement). Her own school’s insurance did ‘technically’ cover BC for medical reasons as do most insurance coverage – the technical part is there has to to be a medical reason.

  • March 24, 2012 at 1:39pm

    Snidely, can you name the overwhelming evidence that says Zimmerman should be locked up for a very long time? I know it is the mantra of the MSM and the mob of protestors that probably can only regurgitate ‘he was 17 and armed with skittles’ that you will post but I want to see what you based you comment on.

  • March 24, 2012 at 1:30pm

    Saranda, that is if your facts are correct, which I submit evidence is there showing otherwise. Zimmerman was following but did not approach – the dispatcher told him not to follow and he said OK. He claims he was headed back to his truck. Trayvon’s girlfriend supports that in the sense she said Trayvon confronted Zimmerman. If all Zimmerman was doing was following, and if Trayvon was scared, they why was it Trayvon that confronted Zimmerman. She said she heard Trayvon ask ‘why are you following me’ and then heard Zimmerman. Shortly after there was an altercation and her phone went dead. She did not hear the shot. The MSM makes it seem Zimmerman should have known the age and lack of weapons of Trayvon but none ask if Trayvon was so scared why didn’t he call 911, why did he refuse to run like his girlfriend asked him to and why did he confront Zimmerman first. Those are facts also, and in court, Saranda, all facts matter – those that support your case and those that don’t.

  • March 24, 2012 at 10:59am

    Actually this reminds me more of Rodney King. If the investigation finds Zimmerman, who did have a broken nose and head injury, is found to have been justified, I can see LA all over again. This mob, whipped up by the relentless biased coverage, is ready to explode. CNN, HLN and MSNBC in particular should be ashamed at their lopsided coverage (worse, they are even yelling their rage). They keep showing pictures of Trayvon at 14 beside a mug shot of Zimmerman (subtle trick to put one in an innocent light and the other as a harden criminal). They keep saying Trayvon was 17 and armed with skittles ignoring the fact Zimmerman would have been unaware of his age or what was in his pockets – how they never question why Trayvon was out, at night, alone, in the rain just to buy skittles – how we teach our children to run when strangers follow them yet don’t point out to Zimmerman a man running would be suspicious since he would not have known Trayvon was a kid especially since this kid stood over 6 feet tall. They say Zimmerman profiled Trayvon strictly because he is a racist without pointing out the crime statistics of young black men and how that could have influenced Zimmerman’s perceptions.

    If something does happen to Zimmerman or there are riots all those in the MSM can pat themselves on the back as they will be the catalyst. The blood will be on their hands.

  • March 23, 2012 at 9:26am

    That is right, Baikonur, because I look at all the facts in the case I am a racist – because I am not dragging in my emotions, which is what is needed in investigating this incident, I am a racist. Because I am not allowing the narrative of the MSM to whip me up in a frenzy of ‘get the guy’, I am a racist.

    Your statement ignores most of my post, but you know that – you picked up on one line without the context of the entire post – it’s not long, some words may need to be explained to you but give it a try. I said, “An investigation and perhaps a trial will be needed to show whether his perception was reasonable or not”. The law allowed for his actions but it doesn’t mean he was right in taking those actions.

  • March 22, 2012 at 11:55pm

    Damn, you don’t agree so you resort to name calling – how mature. And what that has to do with Fox News and Glenn Beck is irrelevant. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the Blaze is Beck’s news website so if you hate Beck so much why are you here?

    Drgermain, I heard the same thing – if they did not say what they thought it said first, I would have guessed ‘he’s f’ing close’. I can also hear ‘f’ing coons’ so I submit this audio is not conclusive. As I said in another post it reminded me of Ghost Hunters and their EVPs – I can’t always make out what is being said and sometimes I hear something different than what they concluded. I think level headed people would agree the audio is poor and subject to interpretation. If you have convicted Zimmerman already you will hear only one version and apparently you are mentally challenged otherwise.

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