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  • [4] January 23, 2015 at 6:23pm

    Good question!

  • [3] January 23, 2015 at 6:18pm

    Union workers saw a median weekly wage of $970 in 2014, while the median wage for non-union workers was $763. This difference amounts to more than $10,000 per year.

    Of course. When you have unionized government ‘public servants’ making more money than their private sector ‘masters’, the servants are going to make more money then the masters. And therein lies the problem.

    Government union membership 35.7 percent vs. 6.6 percent private union membership.

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  • [27] January 22, 2015 at 10:47pm

    TheBlaze makes news by calling out someone for leaving a letter out of a word, all the while leaving a letter out of a word in their news article!

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    From theBlaze “The senator deleted he original tweet, conceded his mistake and attached a corrected image.”

    Maybe you could update the story to read: The senator deleted THE….

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  • January 22, 2015 at 6:05pm

    I would have cleaned the story above up a bit, but I don’t have that much respect for y’all to take the time to do that. Sucks for you.

  • [7] January 22, 2015 at 5:54pm

    Here, let me summarize the story for all of you who are to dumb to understand what happened:

    Two masked robbers in Chicago picked the wrong Target, they meant to be at a Walmart. an off-duty deputy of the law.

    There was these too masked cops in an alley in Rosco P. Coltrain Village near Chicago Iowa’s North Side around 11:30 p.m. in the evening while a nearby school was still in session.

    You see they had been to a humongous poker chip party, and both men needed some fresh air.

    She stepped outside and donned her mask while her deputy shot onother one down. Then he joined him in the alley where they watched a Tesla utterly destroy a Dodge in a dramatic drag race. Since they were preoccupied wondering why the Dodge driver false started and then burned rubber for 3 miles down the track they didnt notice bad guys sneaking up on them and picking their pockets.

    One man sherrif noticed that one of the bad guys had taken her cellular phone. Even though he was off duty, she grabbed his service weapon and began trying to shoot someone in the back.

    A witness said that the deputy returned to J.C.Penny to inform everyone that the back of one of them had been probably shot. If everyone wanted to come outside look by the garbage cans they might maybe could find blood.

    Yup, Based on WHat She Does for a Living, They picked the Wrong Target For Sure!

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  • [3] January 22, 2015 at 5:23pm

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I’ve sent many emails to them about their sloppiness. Their replies have been incredible. Scott Baker said they are in a hurry, and they depend on us to notify them of any errors. How do you convince someone like that to improve?

    The author of this story is one off the editors. Imagine that.

  • [4] January 22, 2015 at 5:18pm

    Look at the author of the story. Jonathon Seidl. Based on his other confusing stories it all makes sense.

    Over the years when I read dribble that doesn’t make sense on theBlaze, I scroll up to see who wrote the article. Mr. Seidl is one of three names who usually appear.

    He doesn’t appear to proof-read anything before publishing. Sadly, once again, the TRUTH does not live at theBlaze today. I wish it did, but their stories are often riddled with errors.

    Sloppiness doesn’t inspire confidence that they’re concerned about making sure a story is buttoned up and as truthful as they can get it!

    Guess we’re not worth it to them?

    I’ve asked, but actions speak louder than their words.

  • [4] January 21, 2015 at 12:36pm

    Yes, confusing summary, and words missing mid paragraph. The last story I read by Jon Street was the Tesla race “slaughter”. What a wreck that article was.

    He is beginning to remind me of another Blaze writer who’s articles were always missing key elements, had partial sentences, and just plain confusing.

    Jon Street are you sure your not Liz Klimas reincarnated? I emailed Liz several times asking her to simply proof read her work before foisting the confusion upon us, because we expect good work, let alone the TRUTH from TheBlaze. I offer you the same advice.

  • [27] January 20, 2015 at 9:03pm

    My jaw dropped in amazement that the author of this story could be so dense as to not even understand what he had witnessed in the video. And then he goes on to formulate a bogus description of the video. THE TRUTH does not live at TheBlaze today!

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  • January 20, 2015 at 8:55pm

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  • [4] January 20, 2015 at 8:53pm

    Yup, it’s nice running across misleading stories on TheBlaze. Not!

  • [6] January 20, 2015 at 1:44pm

    I agree.

    On another note though, again another Blaze writer has untruths in their story. The truth is that the out of control truck did not cross over into oncoming traffic. The cars on the other side of the barrier were traveling the same direction that the out of control truck was traveling.

    Sure it’s more dramatic and sensational to say that the truck plowed into oncoming traffic, but that doesn’t square with the truth. Just sayin.

  • [1] January 20, 2015 at 1:35pm

    He didn’t go into oncoming traffic like the article said. The traffic on the other side of the barrier was going the same direction as the out of control semi was.

  • [6] January 14, 2015 at 10:09pm

    The examples they gave paint a picture exactly opposite of what their story is claiming.

    The HDMI CABLES were not priced as aggressivey?
    The HDMI CABLES had price swings from $4.75 to $8.00, a 68% price difference.

    The TELEVISION had price swings from $250 to $350, a 40% price difference.

    Based on the price swings of both examples, I would have to disagree with their claim that the televisions had aggressive price swings (40%), and say that the cheap HDMI accessory is the product with aggressive price swings (68%).

    I’m too old to have any Common Core math in me, am I missing something?

  • [3] January 13, 2015 at 2:14pm

    Sadly, reading that list had me thinking the same thing.

  • [1] January 10, 2015 at 10:50pm

    The truth is that as a firefighter I saw some rapid burning in the video, but I never saw the ‘massive explosion’ Jon Street falsely claimed in the headline. I was waiting for the detonation, but it wasn’t in the video posted.

  • [21] January 6, 2015 at 7:55pm

    Thanks Glenn!

    You call it as you see it, let the chips fall where they may.

    We need more folks like you.

    It does take courage to call out a friend, even more so someone who worked with you on his book Wrath & Righteousness.

    Glenn, I stand with you and people like you!

  • [14] January 6, 2015 at 7:18pm

    yep, “Epic” …

  • [2] January 5, 2015 at 10:28am

    Yep, the author of this piece so enjoyed the “five year old tantrum” that I’m sure it was epic in his mind. Either that or he uses words like epic and stunning often in his headlines.

    Here is his recent list of contributions to TheBlaze where you will find life changing stories like how to wrap a present:

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  • [9] January 5, 2015 at 10:11am

    @ Jonathon Seidl
    Junior high school controversy variety!!!!!!!!!!

    None of the ISIS stories were authored by you Mr Seidl. You tend to favor the tabloid type malarkey.