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  • May 10, 2013 at 11:08am

    In the wake of shocking sworn testimony before Congress May 8, 2013, I wish the GOP would realize that the Obamaites are steering the Benghazi discussion to be about ‘political cover-up’ and not the more dangerous route (to them) of Impeaching the Commander-in-Chief for DERELICTION OF DUTY / NEGLIGENT HOMOCIDE for the way he stayed out-of-touch and delayed making any decision to rescue the 4 NOW DEAD Americans. THIS is the crime we must pursue, not simply whining about Hillary’s complicity–which is true but isn’t the most important point. Covering-up recalls Watergate–but no one died at Watergate–Benghazi is not simply ‘more of the same.’ The Dems are offering Hillary as the scapegoat so we don’t touch Obama. We need to go for the higher prize, getting the Muslim out of the WH. The guy who drags his feet whenever punishing Muslim terrorists is called for. Obama’s 7-hour dithering attack was criminal; we must punish it as such and stop taking the red herring of cover-up the Dems are offering us.

    The GOP’s chief problem now is a WORTHLESS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, John ‘Tanning Booth’ Boehner. HE should be leading the charge for Impeachment, not crying under his desk (or playing golf, or drinking too much whiskey, as a recent book by a former staffer alleges). Members of the House need to VOTE THIS COWARD OUT OF HIS SPEAKERSHIP NOW. House Members can take up a vote for that anytime, just like the UK’s Parliament can take a vote of no-confidence and have the Speake

  • November 28, 2012 at 11:59pm

    Bill babe, admire you for defending birth-of-Jesus celebration, but changing the vocabulary is not the way to do it. We have to use commonly-understood words in the way they are understood today to do battle w/ the atheists. So you claiming “Christianity is not a religion” is just nuts. What is at the heart of this is, a misunderstanding of the First Amendment and its establishment clause. In the parlance of 1780s America–using the vocabulary of the Founders, and understanding that they established our country in part b/c in England the Church of England WAS the official state religion, they wrote the First Amendment to prevent that happening, with, say, the most powerful denomination, Congregationalism, founded by Puritans in Massachusetts. So when the Founders decreed that the gov’t shall not ‘establish’ a ‘religion,’ they meant what we today would call a ‘denomination’ or ‘sect.’ However, they did NOT mean that gov’t should prohibit religious expression, as the atheists want to do, MIS-using the First Amendment. The proof of this is in the actual wording of the Amendment–the atheists only quote the first part. Take it in its entirety and put it in the cultural/linguistic context of the 1780s to understand its meaning today:
    “…Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Think about the tyranny of the Church of England, where many of the Founders grew up, and you’ll understand its true

  • November 15, 2012 at 11:50pm

    When is someone w/ GUTS in the House of Representatives going to stand up and say “We need a MAN, not a MOUSE, and a new Speaker of the House!” John Gutless-Wonder Crybaby Boehner has proven he is NO MAN, NO KIND OF LEADER equal to Obama and his minions. Here are a few WAY BETTER men and women than this idiot Boehner: (BTW the Speaker need not be a current member of the House):

    >> Rep. Michelle Bachman
    >> Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West
    >> Rep. Paul Ryan for God’s sake–he should have been our Nominee
    >> Rep. Peter King of NY
    >> Rep. Darrell Issa of CA

    THESE men and women have ‘fire in the belly.’ Boehner does not.

    I’m sick of WIMPY GOP LEADERSHIP — replace Boehner and IMPEACH OBAMA FOR DERELICTION OF DUTY, NOT LYING ABOUT IT, ON SEPT. 11th IN BENGHAZI. As it has been well noted, Watergate didn’t involve 4 DEAD AMERICANS. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW !

  • November 2, 2012 at 3:05pm

    Geraldo has his loyalties misplaced. He is SO twisted intellectually that he is confusing respect for military men with valid criticism of the Commander-in-Chief, who should be impeached immediately, regardless of the outcome of this Tue’s election. The charge: Dereliction of Duty. NO–REPEAT, NO president should keep his job when he tells military and CIA helpers to STAND DOWN multiple times. Their blood is on his hands–all over his body in fact. FIRE Geraldo and IMPEACH Obama, these are the actions demanded by true righteousness. Now if we can only WAKE UP the SLEEPING and CRYING worthless John Boehner to draw up Articles of Impeachment…. We need to ELECT a REAL SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE when the new Congress is sworn in, in January. God preserve us!

  • October 26, 2012 at 11:59pm

    Glenn, today, Oct. 26, 2012, stands as THE day that we have received enough info on Obama’s treachery to make a decision. The ques is this: WHAT are we patriots going to do about it??
    ANSWER: Impeach the Commander-in-Chief for DERELICTION OF DUTY. Impeach him while we still can. Yes, I know we only have 2 wks to do it, but if we can rouse asleep-at-the-switch John Boehner from his sleep, we need to initiate impeachments proceedings AT ONCE. Let’s do MORE than just whine about Obama’s treachery; let’s take CONSTITUTIONAL ACTION!
    –Duncan J / Charleston SC