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  • October 25, 2014 at 3:17pm

    If you connected the VDG generator before turning it on, nothing would happen. VDG generators produce static electricity, which is actually very low current. The circuit will draw enough current to prevent the generator from producing voltage (it effectively shunts the voltage to ground).

    Now, if you start the generator first, then connect the charger…

    Zap! You will probably destroy the charging circuitry, unless it has some pretty good over-voltage protection. Even then, it’s likely to get damaged. Electronic circuits really don’t like high voltages.

  • [2] October 25, 2014 at 3:09pm

    Same here. Enjoyed it as well.

    For your link above…it’s too late for me. I’ve been zapped by various ranges of voltages, from below AC line (120 volts) to 25Kv. I used to repair TV’s and monitors. Even being careful, you still get zapped occasionally. I learned early on to ground the high voltage anode and leave it that way when replacing a picture tube lol. CRT’s have enough capacitance to hold a charge for quite a while.

    Again though, always remember the resistance factor. Modern alternators have a voltage regulator built in which provides an output between 14.4 and 14.5 volts DC when loaded by the car’s battery. Your body resistance is enough to prevent harm at this voltage level.

    For your link below:

    For electrocution to take place, there must be high enough current to cause damage and the voltage must be high enough to overcome your body resistance. This is why DC is less dangerous than AC. With DC, the limiting factor is resistance, which can be quite high. With AC the limiting factor is impedance. This means that AC will flow much more freely through the body (much like a capacitor, though it technically doesn’t flow “through” a cap). The impedance of the body will be quite low and high current will flow through.

    You will survive if it goes through your arm and leg. You probably won’t if it goes through both arms.

    That’s why it’s always a good idea to use the “one hand” rule when dealing with live high voltage circuits. Take care.

  • [1] October 25, 2014 at 2:36am

    conservitearin -
    There’s one aspect of the equation that you are missing – resistance (of the human body, in this case).
    Yes, there is a huge amount of current available. That’s the key word here – available.
    Now let’s say that you are getting ready to touch the battery terminals of a running car with sweaty hands. 250 Amps is available at 14.5 volts. Now let’s say for example that the resistance from your left hand to your right hand is 1000 ohms.
    Using Ohm’s law: 14.5 volts/1000 ohms = 1.45 Milliamps (.00145 Amps).
    So, despite having 250 Amps available – a very small current of 1.45 thousandths of an amp is all that will flow through your body. Not only will you not die, you will only feel a small tingling sensation at best.

  • October 25, 2014 at 1:36am

    Blah…I keep replying in the wrong spots. Scroll up please.

  • [1] October 25, 2014 at 1:32am

    starman57 -
    Actually an alkaline 9 volt battery can provide well over 10 amps, as I said. It won’t last very long though (yes, I have tested this).

    Certainly, the 9 volt battery method can work, as I said. It will work if the regulator is linear (unlikely); but it may not work right with a switching regulator. It depends on how low an input voltage the switching regulator will accept while still maintaining proper regulation. There is certainly the risk of a phone being damaged if regulation fails and the output voltage spikes up.

  • [2] October 25, 2014 at 1:13am

    conservitearin -
    You will not die by electrocution from touching a car battery even with the engine running (alternator charging the battery) AND while you are soaking wet.
    You might feel a tingle while soaking wet, but even then 12 volts (more like 14.5 with the engine running) simply isn’t high enough to overcome the resistance of the human body, which means that current will be quite low.
    The warnings you are referring to (regarding running vehicles) is in reference to the high voltage produced by the ignition system at the coil and spark plugs. It hurts, but won’t kill you unless you happen to have a heart attack. It’s actually low current.

    E – Electronics
    C – Computer
    h – technician

  • [2] October 24, 2014 at 11:07pm

    Thankyou, 49Panhead.

    I wanted to add, but didn’t have room:

    Early electric chairs were powered by high voltage DC. Quite often the person wouldn’t die, but would just end up badly burned. Finally, they got smart and switched to AC.


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  • [5] October 24, 2014 at 10:16pm

    The 12 volt lighter/charger socket is typically fused at 15 or 20 amps, depending on the car (there may even be some that are fused at 10 amps, but I don’t know of any).

    Of course I’ve touched 9 volt batteries to my tongue. There are actually several reasons that touching a 9 volt battery to your tongue won’t electrocute you:

    1. It’s low voltage DC. Although your tongue is wet, there is still a significant amount of resistance present, which limits the current.

    2. In order to be electrocuted (which generally results in the heart stopping); you need to pass current through your heart. Two close terminals on your tongue don’t do this. You can even cut an AC cord and stick the two ends on your tongue without being electrocuted. You will likely burn your tongue pretty good, so I don’t recommend it.

    3. Due to the resistance of your tongue, you would need a much higher voltage than 9 volts to push enough current to do serious damage to it.

    Your last point is partially true. It actually takes enough of BOTH to kill. In this regard, getting “zapped” by a high DC voltage is much safer than getting hit with a high AC voltage.

    A human body has fairly high DC resistance. It requires very high DC voltages in order to pass enough current through the heart to stop it. This is also why most people don’t die when struck by lightning (lightning is DC).

    AC passes through you easily because of body capacitance, which = high current = heart stoppage.

  • [9] October 24, 2014 at 9:23pm

    This is bad advice and may not work at all.
    1. The car charger is designed for 12 to 15 volts input – NOT 9 volts. 9 volts in may not be enough for the charging circuitry to function (of course, this depends on the charger and phone).

    2, Even if the charging circuit does function, it may not regulate the charging voltage properly which could damage the phone. A fresh Alkaline 9 volt battery can provide well over 10 amps of current.

    3. Yes, there’s a chance it will work fine. However, I’m not going to do this with my phone.

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  • [31] October 16, 2014 at 6:07pm

    “Hopefully the groin shot means he won’t be able to reproduce AGAIN…”
    Hope ya don’t mind that I fixed it for ya.
    BTW Blaze – this website has the crappiest sign in that I’ve ever seen. Half the time you aren’t signed in when it SHOWS THAT YOU ARE and it will remember your PASSWORD but NOT your NAME. Who in the Hell set this up?
    Please fix this nonsense. Feel free to check out how OTHER web forums work in order to get a clue. Seriously, this is PATHETIC for a website that is owned by a very popular media personality. It’s in YOUR best interest to make this website easy to use for those of us that wish to participate (trolls excluded). Please fix this.

    EDIT: I was replying to stloocardsfan. Notice how my post SHOWED UP ELSEWHERE. Do ya’ think you might be able to fix this issue as well?


  • [12] October 13, 2014 at 8:03pm

    1. Mozilla Firefox
    2. Adblock Plus

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  • October 9, 2014 at 4:08pm

    They are all connected (Google, CIA, NSA, etc.). There is no true “opt-out” option.

    In fact, the NSA is and has been “sitting on the wire” (using a splitter) for major backbone providers for quite a long time. The internet was set up this way.

    Unfortunately, if you want to use the internet it’s important to understand that ALL network data is being captured and stored; no matter what they claim.

  • [1] October 6, 2014 at 7:57pm

    The key word “rapper” means that I have very little interest in what he has to “say” and absolutely no interest in hearing his “music.”

  • October 4, 2014 at 6:23pm

    I wouldn’t go THAT far. However, I don’t like tattoos. That’s probably why I don’t have any.

    The interesting thing here, is that I’m a male with LONG hair. Some people REALLY hate that people choose to look a certain way that doesn’t “conform” to societal “norms.”

    Seriously, look at commercials or TV in general. Long haired males are made out to be criminals and/or stupid (a certain insurance commercial with a guy wearing a wig is a good example of this).

    I’ve got news for the uninformed – some of us are a lot smarter than the average “sheep” and we choose to look different. It really has nothing to do with being ‘against the man’ or society in general. It’s simply that we tend to look how we like to look – which is different from most people – as seen on TV.

    I play guitar and have for quite a few years. Long hair just feels natural to me and (most) women actually love it. They say it feels good on their thighs if ya’ know what I mean. I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive women of that.


  • [6] September 28, 2014 at 4:39pm

    As much as I despise the POS pResident that is currently occupying the White House; I can’t condone him being shot, nor any of his family members being shot. I just don’t think that is right.

    However, I certainly hope that he suffers immensely for what he has done (and will do) to this country – not to mention race relations – which he has set back 100 years.

  • [8] September 28, 2014 at 2:17pm

    Evidently, the White House doesn’t have bullet-proof glass.

    Why not?

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  • [23] September 26, 2014 at 4:17pm


    He’s made enough that retirement should be an easy choice for him.

    Seriously, how many ‘regular’ people have this option? I don’t have anything against him for being well paid or rich, but I think that he and his family can survive pretty comfortably for the rest of their lives.

    Most of us cannot do that.

  • [4] September 26, 2014 at 3:52pm

    The EPA has nothing better to do.

    Of course, those crappy coiled fluorescent light bulbs that have more mercury and don’t last even as long as a typical incandescent bulb are not a concern for them.

  • [3] September 26, 2014 at 3:32pm

    I found her.

    See the two girls kissing the one girl on the cheek?

    Ann is the one to the right and just behind them. She wearing a dark sweater with the “large white collar” looking design.

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  • [4] September 26, 2014 at 3:24pm

    She isn’t a lesbian you nitwit.

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