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  • December 11, 2012 at 7:12am

    “Today’s income tax rates are strikingly low relative to the rates of the past century, especially for rich people. For most of the century, including some boom times, top-bracket income tax rates were much higher than they are today.
    Contrary to what Republicans would have you believe, super-high tax rates on rich people do not appear to hurt the economy or make people lazy: During the 1950s and early 1960s, the top bracket income tax rate was over 90%–and the economy, middle-class, and stock market boomed.”
    During every low-tax period in this country, the USA always had an economic bust in the housing and stock market areas. Low taxes can not sustain any long term economic development. Taxes today are at the lowest this country has ever seen. And tax incomes compared to GDP are way off standard and average ratios. Tirckle down is total hog-wash the republicans have turned most of their supporters into economic slaves. Now that the Republican base is growing smaller, these Republicans will resort to scare tactics to retain their low-tax rates. We must have higher taxes on millionaires and above, somewhere in the 60%+ range. History shows that when Tax rates were higher on Rich people the Economy did very well with long lasting results. And every time tax rates fell an Economic bust followed. Don’t believe me go check into the history of tax rates for the facts, see for yourself, don’t trust Republicans to tell you the truth.

  • December 10, 2012 at 1:53am

    Most of You Christians are so Far from What Jesus practiced it is unreal. “Let he who is without Sin cast the first stone”. Jesus and the prostitute, Jesus and the Beggar, etc…. And what is so Laughable is that the Republicans Candidate(Romney is LDS/Mormon) is considered to be apart of a CULT by most Christian organizations…lol… So So Hypocritical. That’s why the Republicans were beat by Possibly the poorest performing sitting President ever. Republicans basically have absolutely No Practical Platform to reach out to any voters. Let’s see the Republicans believe that Rape is OK, Gays should be all rounded up and Killed, Start Wars with no basis of Truth, Low or No Taxes for Billionaires, And the most important of them all when a fellow Republican has progressive leanings Throw them under the Bus and ride back and forth over them again and again ;ie Herman Cain/Newt Gingrich. Republicans are a Joke Party, and from what I see on this site most of you Christians are all Hypocrites…..what happened to Love thy Neighbor as thy Self ?

  • November 9, 2012 at 12:43pm

    Wow, while I don’t necessarily agree allowing people to cut in line but it could be an honest attempt to not let the situation to get out of hand. Usher is a big celebrity and standing in line would create a bit of chaos if allot of people started coming up to talk, get autographs, etc. What’s the Big Frikkin deal here ? This surely doesn’t demand allot of the Racist comments, even one person posted the “N” Word. people get over it Obama won, the Repubs had the worst candidate ever, also Repubs were talking about Rape being justified. OMG where is the Irony, did you stand up for women when Akin and Murdoch were saying Rape was OK ? There is a reason Obama won and Romney Lost, it is because we do NOT need more Racism, or Rape comments, or Billionaires trying to buy the white house. I even saw one post about how they wished the economy got worse, are you for REAL ? You want things to get worse just because your candidate Lost. OMG I hope You didn’t Vote that kind of thinking is CRAZY ! I am beginning to think that this site is full of Racist, Hate Mongers, and Religious zealots. You should practice what you preach…

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  • November 9, 2012 at 12:19pm

    Could it be that the Author has an Agenda I think so. If you would do just a tiny bit of historical research you would see this article is just an inflammatory article trying to whip up intolerant anti-Islam Hate. Over 2 Million People every year go to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage to these Holy Cities, no non-Muslim can even enter this 100 sq/mile area. The Saudi Government has it’s hands full every year trying to house, transport, these Pilgrims. The Logistics are a nightmare, every year lots of people are crushed because of such a dense population of people in such a small area. This pilgrimage encompasses that they have to walk about 15 miles to 3 different Holy Sites in less than a weeks time. You have over 2 million people sleeping in tents, and at one point they must sleep out underneath the stars with no roof over their heads. The Saudis transport, house, secure, and put on what is in essence like 20 super bowls in a short time frame. They are trying their best to make the Haj pilgrimage safer and a better experience. What right is it of ours to tell them what to do and how to run their Religion ? Yet Another example of why Muslims distrust and some even hate us, we constantly stick our noses where they do not belong. Mind your own business, keep religion out of Politics and eventually the Muslims might start to trust us. How can we expect Muslims to like us when we constantly try to tell them how to pray and live their lives ?

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  • November 9, 2012 at 11:53am

    After reading thru most of the comments I am just Shaking my head. Just about all of You Blame the Voter for this Election when in fact you should be Blaming the Established Leaders of the Republican party. They practically Hand Picked the absolute Worst Candidate EVER in Romney. Of Whom has Offshore Accts, Did some very Underhanded investing and made $100′s of millions of dollars all from Government back loans, ie handouts. Most of you want to blame Welfare, FoodStamps, but in fact the Super Rich get more Handouts from the Government than all the Poor getting Government subsidies. You can’t criticize a Mother on Food Stamps when the CEO of GM gets paid $100/year when the Government Bailed out his company due to his inept business practices of building Massive gas sucking SUV’s that no one wants. You also call for Small Government but Stick your nose in Gay Marriage, Marijuana use, Abortion. On the one hand You Preach to People and want to let Religion enter into Government but then on the other hand you call for Small Government. You can’t have it both ways, the GOP needs to stick to Small government and Stay out of Peoples personal business, let the states decide how they want to handle these personal rights issues and stick to what the GOP is known for Small Government practices. The GOP is also OWNED by the SUPER RICH, the Koch Brothers OWN the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a total Joke, it is just a Front for an Unlimited PAC to lobby for Lower Taxes on the Billionaire

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  • November 2, 2012 at 11:54pm

    Glenn Beck is a BlowHard pure and Simple a Sensationalist Radio Hog. If most of you think that Romney would have done a better job then OMG how blind and dead are you. What just yesterday Romney said he would do-away with FEMA. Oh Lordy and then today Romney said he was mischaracterized or something about his comment about getting rid of Fema. Romney is like a Flag blowing in the wind, just give him a second and he will change course and have a different opinion. The man has no values or character. he has OffShore Tax Free accounts..No Presidential candidate ever has had offshore tax haven accounts, never. Now mind you I am NOT an Obama or Democrat supporting person. I am voting for Gary Johnson, if you want change real change then dont waste your vote on Obama or Romney, there is only one choice and that is Gary Johnson. Johnson has more experience than both Romney and Obama put together ! A vote for Johnson will hopefully give him at east 5% of the vote because he full intends to run in 2016. If he gets 5% of the vote this election then he can get Federal money for his campaign. Go ahead if you want a Plutocracy then vote for Romney. If you want to take your country back then kick all the bumms out and get someone NEW that can get something accomplished rather than feed the Special Interests.Vote for Johnson in 2012 and then watch him win in 2016 !

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  • November 1, 2012 at 2:15pm

    Sorry but I had to add this, the Term Sharia Law…Sharia Law has NOTHING to do with Islam or the Koran. Sharia Law is a CULTURAL Value system that is very Barbaric, Islamic Law is absolutely the opposite and mirrors our Values here in the USA. I am a Christian by birth and want to show and inform people, I have no bias except the truth and let people make up their own mind. just remember Sharia Law, has Nothing to do with Islamic Law they are vastly different. If you look on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website on the front page it explains how they “Muslim Brotherhood” are Opposed to Sharia Law ! Now some extremists in the Muslim brotherhood have their own group which yes being extremist are going to call for extremist laws, would you not expect that ? But the main “Muslim Brother” organization does not call for Sharia Law. Yet another prime example of a journalist twisting the true story around to meet their agenda ! Which is far from the Actual Truth…

  • November 1, 2012 at 2:07pm

    I just read this on another Middle East news site and I quote
    “On one hand, the release was meant to ease pressure from the Salafi movement, who criticized the Brotherhood in recent for backing down from their intention to base Egypt’s new constitution on Shariah law.”……see be VERY Careful What you read, and Who you read it from. Do NOT Take as FACT what Every Journalist writes as they too have an Agenda ! A Religious Christian Extremist Journalist will absolutely wan to INCITE their readers Against Islam, just as there are Extremist Muslims, there too are Extremist Christians !!!!

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  • November 1, 2012 at 1:55pm

    Of Course an Islamist Extremist Group is going to call out for EXTREME Laws. Why is this news ? Where is the Balance to this story ? When 100 people in Egypt get together and they are all Extremist Islamics then you would expect something like this from them. If Anyone knows Egypt’s history; they Egypt was one if not the first Islamic country that Modernized. Back in the 70′s Women walked the streets of Egypt with mini skirts on. Yes; Egypt has slowly crept back toward a more Religious based country since the 70′s but Egypt is a far cry from say Iran. Egypt’s President recently was in Iran and Lambasted the Iranian government for putting Religious laws before Iranian governmental law. And Egypt’s President was a founding member of the Muslim brotherhood. This article isa blatant attempt by a Christian Journalist to INCITE Religion against another Religion. This is WHY most foreign Islamic countries look down on the USA, as we INTERFERE with these countries Way Too much. Let’s mind our own business and then and then can we expect these other Islamic countries to mind their own business and not hate the USA like some of them do.

  • October 31, 2012 at 10:47pm

    I have a Question about this, and if you too ask the same question this Benghazi-Gate might be put into some Light. This Question is…WHY would the Prez NOT want to send troops/help to the Consulate ?????? I am NOT Defending Obama at all ! But what is the MOTIVATION if he really was asked for Help and He Denied that Help ? As in any unknown an investigator firstly looks into MOTIVE..maybe you can shed some light on Obama’s MOTIVE for Not wanting to send Help..Let me know what you think.

  • October 28, 2012 at 2:13pm

    Whilst this particular Event in time is just Disgusting to say the least in how Pres. Obama handled it and then how he lied continually after the fact; I must say some of your comments about Mitch Romney are Naive at Best ! A Mitch Romney discussion has no place in this particular occurrence. Pres. Obama for whatever reasoning dropped the ball big time here, that is the Important Question of WHY did not Obama send Help to the Embassy, it just do not make any reasonable sense to deny them help. The facts are slowly coming out that show that Obama did Lie and then try to Cover it up, but again Why Not Send Help ? As for entering Mitch Romney into this discussion just goes to show your ignorance and near sightedness. There is only the tiniest bit of difference between Romney and Obama, think I a crazy just take a look at the facts of their positions regarding the Patriot Act, NADA, Drone Bombing, etc. And as even one of the above posters went on to laud the Tea Party as the only True Americans, what a Joke of a statement. The Tea Party has been Co Opted by Big Business and the Extremists such as the Koch Brothers and their PAC’s. I was a founding member of the Tea Party but since left it due to the fact that our original message statement has been forgotten. Wake up People, Obama is a Liar, but so is Mitch Romney too. Our Government already spies on us with the Stellar Wind program started by Pres. W. Bush. No other country spies on it’s own citizens more so than the USA !