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  • April 23, 2014 at 10:22am

    Great Job Desert & Whata!!!
    What I consistently find when I encounter a Cop hater, is that they have a sour stomach due to being caught and convicted of a crime; ” yeah, I robbed that guy, but the cop didnt have to cuff me so tight, and throw me on the ground!” Or it goes kinda like this ” I’m always getting pulled over, and I’m not doing nothing!” However, nothing is defined as music so loud your fillings rattle 50 feet away from the vehicle, gang tatts everywhere, multiple past arrests for drugs and violence, no verifiable place of employment, but always seems to have a wad of money in denominations of $10′s and $20′s, and oh yeah, a current Lonestar Benefits Card.
    I’m not denying that there are some BAD Cops. I’m not even denying that there are some BAD Departments. Usually the Mayor and City Council, elected by the people, create the policies for the city. So you get what you asked for. What I am saying is that crying police brutality in a global way just isnt accurate. There’s plenty of us on the job that dont behave badly, and I know far more people that have never had a negative experience with law enforcement than the contrary. I would bet you do too.

  • April 15, 2014 at 9:59am

    I’m kind of torn on this one. I agree with part of what Glenn is saying. The facts that I’ve been able to uncover leads me to believe that right or wrong he owes grazing fees by court order. The issue of whether or not the Fed has the right to manage state land is another fight all together, and has to be started at the state government level. I realize that he was given grazing privelges from his Father, who purchased them from his Father, but that covers the ability to occupy the property, not do business there. It’s like any other business. You rent/own a storefront, but in most cases, your landlord isnt going to pay for your utilities, materials, or any other consumables necessary to operate. If he werent grazing his cattle on free grass, then he would have to pay for their feed. Why should he have an advantage over other ranchers that OWN their property and absorb the overhead required to conduct operations?
    Here’s where I part ways with Glenn. I’m sure that we have folks equally as crazy as the “occupoopers”, but I didnt see any of that behavior during this incident. I saw folks passionate about their beliefs, and rights to free speech. As for the Militia, i somewhat question why they were there. I believe it was more about their 15 minutes of fame than altruism. If they truly were their for the reasons they say, then they would have declined all the interviews, and stayed on mission. I’ve never seen a SEAL or Delta operator do an interview DURIN

  • March 24, 2014 at 4:35pm

    First of all, what the heck is a milsim team? If you earned the rank, insignia, unit patches, no harm done. If you didnt, and you ARE representing yourself as a Soldier, as this douche did, then shame on you.
    It’s hard to claim ignorance, when you possess the necessary mental skills to obtain these items, display them, and then answer affirmatively that you are a Ranger.
    Lastly, let’s say that when asked, he answered “no, I’m just wearing this to honor the brave men and women who have served. I wish I could serve, and have tried, but it’s just not in the cards.” My gut tells me that the Vet would have cut the dude some slack, and probably asked him to at least take off the patches, because that could be read as a sign of disrespect. Look the dude probably gets free coffee etc. when he’s in uniform. When I’m on duty, local convenience stores give us free coffee, and fountain drinks. If a patrol car is in the lot, they’re less likely to get robbed, but people here in Texas go out of their way to show appreciation for military service, and I’m thankful for that.

  • February 27, 2014 at 9:32am

    Mt Rushmore is a stretch, but I like your reccomendation. Here’s another; graffitti his likeness in a New York City subway urinal, and call it Mt. “Flushmore.”

  • February 27, 2014 at 9:14am

    Good point!!!

  • February 24, 2014 at 9:20am

    Many years ago, I managed a family style restaurant part of a chain known for its’ homeade pies. This location was also designated the corporate test kitchen. One afternoon, a lady walks in with one of our pies in the box that she purchased the day before. She asked for a manager, and when I met her at the counter, she very quietly pulled me aside, opened the box, and showed me a condom hanging out of the filling of a half eated “razzleberry” pie. Naturally I was shocked! Immediately, I apologized,refunded her money, took her info, and asked if I could have a regional manager contact her within an hour. At that point she was very nice, and it appeared that she was somewhat embarrased even to bring this matter to me.
    It happened that the Corporate Chef was in that day. I brought the pie to him, and explained what had occurred. Within an hour and a half it was determined that a latex condom would not survive the heat when baked into a pie; especially that style of pie that had a heavy syrup content. All it took was a box of magnums, and a few pies to figure it out. When contacted and informed we werent going to do anything additional for her, she became irrate, and played the race card, lawyer card, and threatened a nationwide protest. It was priceless to hear my regional manager say that if she did pursue anything, we would in turn prosecute her. to my knowlege, we never heard another word.

  • February 6, 2014 at 1:05pm

    Sounds to me like he was on “Fry” or a case of excited delirium. Anytime you hear the words naked and suspect over the radio, it’s gonna be fun!! Last year I took a class on excited dellirium. The growling, and thrashing, combined with no clothes is what they said are the signs. The body temp goes up to 107 plus, and the brain shuts down voluntary actions. If you dont cool the person down, they said they will check out on you. Our county jail had 2 guys die of this in custody. They said that usually drug users past or present are suceptable to this, and it is brought on by hot humid conditions. Who knows.

  • February 3, 2014 at 6:21pm

    That’s right. Give him an eye gouge! I would pay money to see you do it. It hurts when being bitten through a bit sleeve or suit; i cant imagine what the pain would be like on bare skin. The four times I’ve been on a scene when a K-9 was deployed, was awesome. 2 of the four were “nut catches”, the other was on the tricep, and the last was a tackle from behind. Your theory may have merit if you can stage the scene, and strategize where you’ll be bit etc. But dont expect the dog to just stand there and let you gouge his eye, or break his leg. He’ll let go and grab something else until he can get to your neck. You cant equate the pressure of being bitten by a dog in play to being bitten as part of a trained responce.

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  • January 28, 2014 at 8:58am

    I have a feeling you may be right. You should read a book called Founders by Wesley Rawles. It’s an interesting read if you subscribe to this chain of thought.

  • January 24, 2014 at 2:17pm

    I just hope that during the gubenatorial debates, wendy forgets to sling that “face growth thingy” over her shoulder when taking the stage, and Abbott runs it over with his wheelchair!

  • January 13, 2014 at 11:09am

    I have kids. I also have special needs kids( plural ). I’m confused; why should’nt I be proud of them? Are you suggesting I lock them in the basement shackled and not allow them in public, so you dont have to see them? My kids go everywhere with me, but I dont stand them on a corner on display like street performers.
    As for the debt; I didnt spend the money, the government did. Are you suggesting that people stop having children because of the debt? I guess I dont understand your post.
    If I had been in that position, I would have left the store, contacted Panera, but I would not have contacted the local news. I would have given them an opportunity to fix the issue, and if they refused, then I no longer would spend my money there.

  • January 4, 2014 at 1:37pm

    @Take it.
    Did you mean to say ******, or CREEPY ASS ******? Isnt that what “Pizza the Hut” said during the Zimmerman trial? Which would be considered the appropriate use in this case?

  • January 4, 2014 at 1:33pm

    I think we should have Susan Rice appear on the Sunday shows, and blame the “Movie” for this comment. At least this time she would be telling the truth! Then a year later Hillary could say “what difference does it make!”

  • January 4, 2014 at 1:19pm

    I feel for the guy completely. And I hope that he can get some help with his repairs. I’m in commercial construction, and it looks like the cracked wall is a symptom of a bigger problem. The picture only provides a limited snapshot, but if you look at it, the wall portion appears to be sagging at that spot. Usually foundation problems are the culprit. The other possibility is a vetrical structural member has failed, putting more weight on that section of wall. In any case just repairing the brick wont solve the problem. I wish I was able to head to Kansas and try to help.

  • December 31, 2013 at 9:58am

    @American Capitolist.
    One word sums it up; HYPOCRICY.

  • December 31, 2013 at 9:54am

    In other parts of the world, armed revolt is the only way to steer the ship in a different direction. But we’re a “civilized” country. The only way I can see the tides turning is by getting rid of the radical polititions in BOTH parties. This alone will only account for about 20% of the fix. The remaining 80% has to be done with cleaning house in The Supreme Court (this is the hard part), and grass roots movements tasked at swaying public opinion. We could take a lesson from the progressives with regards to swaying public opinion. Take a hard look at the womens, gay rights, and civil rights movements. The same strategy borrowed from Saul Alinsky was applied, and produced huge results. Especially the gay rights movement; this is a miniscule group when compared to the whole population. Less than 1% of the country is gay; but their movement has impacted nearly every facet of our existence, and influenced countless pieces of legislation. Regardless of how you feel about the movement, you must acknowlege the success achieved, with such small numbers. It can be done, but it wont happen overnight.

  • December 30, 2013 at 3:36pm

    OK everyone. Let’s not rush to conclusions. I’m sure that it wasnt that bad, I mean only 5 people got arrested? It’s only a freak coincidence they all were a darker shade of earth tone. If you stop to analyze this, ultimately it’s our fault, it’s white America’s fault, bless their little hearts. As a society, we dont provide anything for these lovely children to do. What do you expect? They were bored! Just like 3 days ago in NY at the mall in Brooklyn when they rioted and stole, in Houston and other citys when they shut down interstates in protest of the Zimmerman verdict, and on the streets knocking out Jews and the elderly. They’re just BORED. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT! Society has turned its’ back on these innocent children! How could all of you be so cruel????

  • December 29, 2013 at 1:59pm

    Here’s my plan for thug eradication. Every major metro area with a sports stadium, adveritise a “last Thug Standing” event annually. Open the stadium, herd all the turds in, turn on the cameras, chain the exits shut, and “let the games begin!” Helo drop water, and limited food, but PLENTY OF WEAPONS AND AMMO.
    Let em fight it out for however long it takes, sell the live feed on pay per view, and wait until the last turd emerges. When it’s all done, crown the turd, give him a new pair of Jordans, and let him go on oprah.
    The city can use the revenue generated from selling the show to cable to repair the arena, and dispose of the trash. After a few years, the savings realized from the reduced crime rate and increased tourism revenues, will more than pay for the repairs. The upside is endless; host a world series event with the winners from each city, and further reduce the gene pool. I say we start with Detroit as the pilot city.

  • December 29, 2013 at 10:21am

    This photo released by the Connecticut State Police on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013, from a document titled “Sec 8 – Autopsy,”
    I’m with you. I’ve never seen a 5.56 look like that after landing in anything; much less what the title suggests their location was upon recovery.

  • December 25, 2013 at 10:43am

    @Black. I agree with your first paragraph. However, the second is a little over the top for me. According to the story, these SAME 20 folks protested alongside the rest of the organized thugs from Dec 5-8, and CLOSED this business during that time. They didnt seem to concerned about their job, or their boss. I hate to say it, but that’s what they get. It sucks that it’s Christmas, and that the familys’ of these irresponsible people will suffer, but decisions have consequences.

    The only thing I will pray for is the hope that these 20 people will learn a lesson, about unions.